8-26-2009 | Dream Fragment | Masenko!

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Last night I only remembered the end of my last dream, all I remember is being outside of some unknown building in some unknown place.

It was in the day time and I was in a parking lot near a small field, and in the parking lot was a building with what appeared to be a bank & maybe a few other places connected in one tiny shopping center or building.

I was about to do something but I can not remember what, I just remember going into the field and I saw a little tower that was about the height of a two-story house.

I guess I was about to climb up the tower or something, and some guy walked over from the parking lot & started talking to me; which annoyed me.


Guineafowl + NF’s Uncle + Cheetos Falling From The Sky = ?

Last night I only remember parts of a strange and somewhat unclear dream I had, which was confusing.

I am not sure how the dream began but I think it started with the uncle of my online female contact from Germany NF who was being very mean to her and her cousin, and for some strange reason he was a talking Guineafowl during some parts of the dream instead of a Human & he was a Human again during other parts. (I think that was NF in the dream, if so it would be the first dream that she has been in completely as a full dream character, but it may have not been her)


The Open House | John Jr Gets Kidnapped

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Here are two dream fragments I had almost a week ago, both dream fragments are from the end of both dreams.

The Open House

The first one is the most unclear and I only remember being at a nice house that was for sale, and the owner & her son were having an open house so that people could view the house.

I remember going to look at the house for some reason, even though I doubted I could afford a beautiful house like the one in the dream, and other people were there viewing the house as well.

For some reason I noticed that the owner was acting like she did not like me for some reason, but her son did not act like her and started to show me around the house & tell me about it.

He was like a fake version of C, and looked like he was only in 8th grade.

As we all looked around the house, the owner would sometimes give me a mean look or tell her son to go do something to interrupt my tour.

After a while I was about ready to leave, but somehow as I was walking out of the house I only had underwear on, somehow my clothes disappeared.

I was confused, embarrassed, and did not want the others to see me so I tried to sneak away without anyone noticing me but somehow the owner noticed me.

She came outside and started yelling at me about ruining her open house and that if I did not leave & never come back, she would call the police.

I got mad and told her that I did not do that on purpose, that I did not know where my clothes had went, and that I have tried to be nice even though she had continued to treat me badly for some unknown reason.

I did not feel like talking anymore, so I probably told her, “beep you!”, and walked off in my underwear; then I woke up. 😀

John Jr Gets Kidnapped

My second dream fragment starts off after I got kidnapped, I do not remember how or why, I just remember escaping into an abandoned house from my kidnappers.

I think I was in an automobile with the kidnappers but I saw an abandoned house, and I jumped out of the automobile to escape.

There were about 6-8 kidnappers and they all looked similar.

They wore long shirts, big long necklaces, baggy pants, hats, and other Hip Hop / Rap style clothing; they looked like annoying thug / rapper / generic BET (Black Entertainment Television) music video character wannabes or something, which was even more annoying. 😀

Some of them had guns, but I managed to run into this multi-floor house before they could get their pistols out.

The house was old and some parts had collapsed, but I kept running higher up the stairs to the top floor, and went through a window in a room to escape back outside before they could see me.

I ran through a trail that led to the S inn or whatever in D, and I went inside telling the woman at the counter that I had escaped from some kidnappers & that I needed to call 911, she told me to use the telephone across the room.

I ran over to the phone and ducked under the counter, and called 911.

I quickly told them the situation and then ran into the parking lot to hide under a car, because I felt that the kidnappers would come looking for me soon.

I was right and the kidnappers came right after I had gotten under the car, they ran into the hotel with their guns and ran upstairs to look for me.

I stayed under the car waiting for the police to get there, so I could describe the appearance of the kidnappers and show them which automobiles were theirs; but I woke up before the police got there.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Women With Swords

Last night was my first time remembering part of a dream in a few days, but I only remember the end of the dream so things are not very clear.

The dream took place during the night at an unknown compound/complex/castle/or some place, and I was on an unknown mission.

I had somehow gotten past the security that was guarding the outside of this compound, and I was sneaking near a window on one side of the compound.

I had no weapons or armor, and so I think that my mission was to get some information and/or an unknown object; but if only I could remember the beginning of the dream, then I would know what was going on.

As I was about to climb through the window, I heard two voices, and so I ducked below the window to hide.

Suddenly a small strange-looking man, who appeared to be a scientist and probably the leader of the compound, came into the room with a man, who appeared to be the head of security, and he looked like the Colonel Koobus Venter from the film District 9 with the bald head.

The room they were in appeared to be a small storage closet and/or office and they were talking about something but I can not remember exactly what they were talking about, but I know that they were getting close to talking about some information that would have helped me with my unknown mission.

As they were talking I started to hear gun shots, the sound of swords hitting something, and battle screams/cries.

The bodyguard pulled out a pistol as the scientist/leader hid in a corner, and then the bodyguard stood in the entrance of the door to guard it.

The bodyguard started to shoot at something, but he got shot & he fell, and it sounded like he had gotten shot with an assault rifle.

I stood up to look through the window and through the entrance to the storage closet, I saw a woman with long red hair wearing old style metal armor with a sword, attacking some guards; and the bodyguard who was laying on the floor shot was actually still alive, to my surprise, and he tried to shoot the woman with red hair but someone shot him again.

The woman with red hair defeated two guards who had assault rifles, and she only had one sword!

She moved pretty fast and she dodged bullets very well, and she easily defeated both of the guards, while showing no fear.

She then walked past the entrance of the storage closet but did not check the room, and in the distance I saw what appeared to be two men wearing all black ninja style armor with their faces covered & they had assault rifles.

The bodyguard was still alive, once again to my surprise, and he tried to shoot at them but the two men shot him again & he finally died!

I then decided to climb into the room through the window to get the bodyguard’s pistol, so I did, and the scientist/leader was still hiding in the corner of the storage closet but no one had come into the room to check it yet to my surprise.

The pistol looked like the black Luger-style pellet pistol that one of my little brothers have, and then I decided to take a risk & walk out of the storage closet to tell the people that the scientist/leader was hiding.

I walked out of the storage closet into what appeared to be a main hall / throne room with a staircase on my left with another woman with long hair wearing old style metal armor with a sword guarding the top of the staircase.

In front of me was one of the men wearing all black ninja armor with an assault rifle guarding the right corner of the room.

On my right was a throne with a woman sitting on it that appeared to be my age and she looked just like the woman with red hair, except her hair was somewhat blonde to my surprise, she looked like her hair should have been red; I assumed that she was the leader and that the woman with red hair was her sister & second in command.

She was wearing a simple blue Celtic-like medieval style dress with no armor or weapons that I could see and she had just put a crown on her head, and was sitting down on the throne looking completely relaxed & confident.

Standing guarding on the right corner of that side of the room was her sister with the red hair standing there with her sword in hand pointing down to the ground, as she stood there looking fearless & confident.

On the left corner of that side of the room was the other man wearing all black ninja style armor with his face covered with an assault rifle guarding the only ground floor entrance to the room.

I noticed that none of the women had guns and all had old style clothing & armor, and looked to be more powerful than the men who all had guns & modern light weight ninja style armor.

To my surprise none of them seemed to be worried as I walked into the room with the pistol, which I kept down so that they would not feel threatened, and I told them that the scientist/leader was hiding in the storage closet & that they should question him since he probably knew a lot of information & I told them that I was not associated with this place & that I was on a solo mission.

I spoke directly to the woman on the throne, who had just finished talking with her sister with the red hair.

The woman on the throne said very well and told one of the men to get the scientist/leader & arrest him, and then I told the woman that she should make sure that the building is secure because I felt that there were hidden rooms in which guards might be hiding.

I told her that after securing the compound that they should use it as a stronghold and be ready to defend it from possible reinforcements that may be sent to reclaim the compound.

I also told her that I needed to complete my mission and that the scientist/leader probably had information that could help me, and I told her that I would help them.

She then told her sister and the others in the room to take the scientist/leader with them to question him as they secured the compound and prepared the defenses.

I began to worry that they would torture the scientist/leader, I do not support torture so I was thinking about asking them not to harm him, but treat him kindly which I felt would work better.

I was afraid to ask so I stood there making faces that probably revealed what I was thinking, and as the sister with red hair past me she looked at me with her look of fearlessness & said: “Do not worry, we do not support torture, and then she told the others that no harm was to come to the scientist/leader.”

Her and the others walked up the stairs with the scientist/leader leaving the leader and I alone in the throne room.

The leader stood up and I was about to tell her that she needed some armor & weapons, and that she needed a few bodyguards & I was going to tell her that I would be willing to help her with security.

I was a bit afraid so I decided to wait for the right moment, and I still was not sure if she had a weapon or not or if she had armor on under her dress.

She did not look as tough as her sister and looked slightly fatter (a bad choice of words, I know) than you would expect a warrior type to be, but I felt that she was probably the best fighter of all of them; looks can be deceiving.

Before her or I could say anything, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Three Survival Challenges?

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Last night I had a dream that had at least three parts to it, but I can only remember parts of the dream, so it is not that clear.

Part 1

I think the first part that I remember took place outside in some unknown place near some old ruins that had some water not far from them.

I was with a group of other people and I think we were doing some sort of challenge as part of some new student orientation or something for college.

The ruins had an ancient Roman / ancient Greek style to them and the area was pretty nice for some old ruins and we were split into different sections of the ruins.

We were all placed in a certain part of the ruins based on which country we were citizens of, then we were asked to pick a country, I picked France so I was moved to another section all alone.

There was grass and some other plants in some areas and my area was nice & quiet and closer to the water.

On the ground you could barely see shapes in different colors, which represented countries, and my country France was in blue.

I guess our mission was to try to conquer as many countries as we could or at least defend our country from getting conquered, I am not sure, I just remember the challenge beginning.

It was like the Total War video game series, certain spots on the ground were the game map, and I/we were the leaders making the moves on the board.

We could even enter the game map, like it was a real world, it was interesting.

Since no one was in my area, my plan was to conquer all the countries in my section as quickly as I could and then start preparing to defend or invade some of the other challengers.

I went into the game map and was actually in my country France, but it was a small country and was in an almost Middle Ages (Dark Ages)-like period.

I quickly asked a few of my generals about the country next to us and asked if we could invade them now, they said yes so I told them to start the attack now.

I went back above the game map as the battle started to watch and the other countries army was about the same size, actually I do not think any of the countries near me were actually countries, I think they were just settlements that did not belong to any country.

The battle started and the battle was going pretty evenly, so I looked for an opening on the battlefield and then jumped into the battle to lead my military to a quick victory.

I told the generals about a weak spot I saw and order them to attack there with part of our forces while I attack from the front lines, and so the new attack began.

The other military quickly broke ranks and the front line troops & I forced them to retreat, then I told the generals to finish securing the area and prepare for the next battle, and I went back above the game map.

I wondered if my military was strong enough to conquer our area in time before some of the other challengers came with their militaries, and I worried about a possible battle with the United States (USA).

They had the most challengers and the biggest country that I had seen before the challenge started, and their country was in the area next to my area & I was with their team until they asked if we wanted to pick our own country; before I could scout out the next place to attack, the dream switched to another scene.

Part 2

Now some of the challengers and I were in the field near my parent’s house and our next challenge was to live in this makeshift cabin, and survive or something like that.

I can not remember this part of the dream much at all, I think we all had to work together for food & supplies, but that is all I remember; then the dream switched to another scene.

Part 3

This scene was the worst, me and a few other people appeared to be in a cave out in some snowy & icy area like Antarctica or something.

Our challenge was to survive for a certain amount of time and once again I believe it had something to do with college orientation or getting into college like the other parts of the dream.

I think there was two women, a man, and me at first but one of the women gave up & left.

The weather was terrible it was cold and snowing hard, and we were forced to stay in the cave due to the storm.

I remember going to sleep and waking up with a bad wound on my leg, which caused me to have to walk with a limp, and I had no idea what had happened.

The other guy left shortly after we woke up to go find supplies or something, and so me & one woman were left.

We talked about how we all might not survive and how our situation looked pretty bad, and we had no idea where we were or what had happened to my leg.

We needed food and other supplies, so I started to think about preparing to scout the area outside if the other guy did not return, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂