8-4-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Small Virus Outbreak

Wheelchair parts (rear)

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in an unknown city & an unknown area that I dreamed about at least once before.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I do remember being at some apartment building walking through the hallway with one or more people.

I think we were trying to catch a pet or pets that were infected with some virus, I do not even know what kind of animals they were, but they were not very big.

One of the pets bit an old woman in a wheelchair, so we grabbed the pet and put it in a cage and ran into an apartment room, which I think belonged to Charles Barkley or some athlete; I could be wrong, this dream is very blurry and I have had problems remembering my dreams since last Tuesday.

We locked the door, because we knew that the old woman was now infected and would soon go crazy & start attacking people.

I think that we were trying to collect three infected pets before they infected other animals, and we had a cure/vaccine that we had made using soda & something else but we just needed some blood from an infected pet to complete it; so now that we had an infected pet we started to make the last cure/vaccine.

The athlete’s apartment was very small & I recognized it from another dream, also I could see the outside through the window & recognized it too, and I recognized the old woman from another dream; even though I did not realize it was a dream, I said aloud in the dream that I remembered this place.

The athlete asked why were we in his house, but we told him to be quiet because there was an old woman outside the door that was infected with a deadly virus.

We all quietly stood near the door looking at the small crack at the bottom of the door, watching as the old woman’s wheelchair started to go back & forth across the hallway, faster & faster.

She started to show signs of the infection and would soon go crazy & attack people, which would cause the infection to spread.

It was like a movie, you could see the shadow & parts of the wheelchair tires as they passed back & forth, and the old woman was starting to mumble strange sounds.

Soon the wheelchair stopped and then the old woman started to run back & forth in the hallway on foot, and we could hear her footsteps & her mumbling grew louder.

Then we heard her burst through the hallway doors to the outside, we then looked out of the window and saw her jump very high & attack someone.

We decided to grab the cage with the infected pet, a few supplies, the cure/vaccine that was almost finished, we got on some sled-like thing that somehow pulled itself, and went to find the rest of the pets before the infection spread even more.

Once outside we collected the second pet, but we could see that the old woman had now infected several people, and they were going around attacking people outside.

It was daytime and the outside area was like a court-yard and the place was more like a small community built-in one area with its own hospital, school, library, etc.

Our sled-like thing was pretty fast so none of the wild infected people bothered us, they were too busy chasing people, we knew that soon things would get out of control if we did not catch the last infected pet & finish the vaccine/cure.

We found the third infected pet trying to attack a young woman with red hair, and so we caught the pet but it had bitten her.

So we quickly took some blood from all three infected pets & mixed it with our soda solution, and gave her some to see if it worked.

We all waited to see if she would change, as we were waiting, we could see more & more infected people running around like crazy attacking people; surprisingly none of them were attacking us yet.

After a minute or two the young woman did not change and then a few infected humans ran at us, so we took the young woman with us and drove away in the sled-like thing.

In the main courtyard we could see that the situation was out of control, so we all took some of the vaccine/cure, and then tried to figure out how we would spread it out to the infected people; but I woke up as we quickly drove past a group of infected people who were running around crazily.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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