8-12-2009 | Dream Fragments | The High School Banquet | And A Man Who Looks Like The Big Show Mixed With Kane Versus A Woman But Somehow I Am Temporarily That Woman?

Kane at WWE SmackDown. Allstate Arena, Rosemon...
Kane at WWE SmackDown. Allstate Arena, Rosemont IL. Taken by myself, rotated and cropped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The High School Banquet

Okay, I had this first dream the other night and the second dream last night.

My first dream is only a fragment and I can not remember the beginning, I just remember walking into a building that appeared to be a school gym.

The lights were dim and near the entrance were some people I went to high school with that were a few years younger than me.

I greeted them and I kept walking further into the gym to the basketball court and on the left side of the court was a room, and further past that room was an open room in the corner.

In that open room in the corner I saw parents dressed in suits & dresses standing near a table with food, and they appeared to be waiting on something so I turned around and I walked into the other room.

In the other room were all the people who(m) I graduated with from high school or at least a lot of them, and they were wearing dresses & suits as well.

I stopped to talk to them and I saw my former classmates MW & RB, and I started making jokes & I said a few words to MW.

MW actually talked back, which she does not do that often in my dreams, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

I guess I decided to join them and help them get ready to go in the open room where their parents were to start the banquet, but the dream switched to another scene.

I was now at the BB parking lot with a few people I went to high school with such as my former classmate TT and a fake version of my former classmate JD, and we were waiting near a van that had Mrs. B’s (a teacher and head of the quiz bowl club when I was in high school) next-to-youngest daughter in it; and it seemed that we were waiting for Mrs. B to drive us to a Quiz Bowl competition or something like that.

At some point Mrs. B came walking across the parking lot to the van as we were starting to walk in another direction, and so I yelled Mrs. B’s name several times loudly to get her attention but she did not respond.

She appeared to not be in a good mood or she just did not hear me, I had the feeling that it had something to do with RB’s (my former classmate/Mrs. B’s daughter) marriage for some reason.

At some point we all got into the van and we drove to the parking lot of Dollar General, and then we started to wait again; and so I started talking to my former classmates TT & fake JD again, but then I woke up.

A Man Who Looks Like The Big Show Fused With Kane Versus A Woman But Somehow I Am Temporarily That Woman?

My dream from last night is odd, but in the dream it did not seem odd.

I can not remember the beginning, I hate when that happens, and so the most important parts of the dream are missing.

All I remember is seeing a young woman and her friend going to confront a man standing at his locker; but I was not in the dream yet.

They appeared to be in a school, probably a college, and the young woman looked like detective Olivia from the TV show Law & Order: SVU mixed with news correspondent Catherine Herridge.

I think that the two young women had either saw a crime or were told about a crime that this man had committed, so they decided to confront him about it.

The man was tall and he looked like the entertainment wrestlers The Big Show mixed with Kane but younger, and he was standing by his locker.

The woman told him that they knew about what he had done/did to someone and she threatened to turn him in to the police, and so the man looked at her with an angry face/expression and he started walking toward them.

The woman & her friend started to back up/away, and suddenly the man pushed the woman into a room and he walked into the room and he locked the door; and so her friend was left in the hallway alone.

At first I was seeing all of this like a camera person & I was not in the dream, but after the woman got pushed into the room I started to see things from an above head view like I was in the air near the ceiling and then my view zoomed in on her.

It was like I was a floating camera or something like that and once my view zoomed in on her, I became her (so the fight scene that I am about to mention has/had me as the woman/I became the woman or I somehow possessed the woman, and so I was somehow in her body/her at this point); but in the dream I did not find this to be odd/strange and the transition was very smooth & so I did not seem to notice that I had become someone else.

The man threaten that he would attack me if I told anyone about his crime(s), but I still refused, and so he tried to attack me.

The room looked like a small empty dorm room with nothing in it, and so I had space to move around.

I quickly punched him with a one-two punch combination in the face and then I hit him with a flying knee to the face, but that did not hurt him to my surprise.

I was shocked and I realized that he was too strong for me to defeat so I started to back up in shock, and then I decided to try some dirty fighting techniques.

He started his attack again but I kicked him in the groin and I scratched him in the eyes, and then I tried to run but he tripped me.

On the ground I punched & elbowed him a few times and then I went for a choke hold, but he kicked me through the only window that was in the room.

The window was big and fortunately we were on the first floor, so the ground was right there when I fell, and so I was not hurt very badly.

I was stunned and before I could get up, the man put his foot on my chest, and I could not get up.

So I tried a knee bar submission on him, but his legs were too strong and it did not work.

He started to push down harder on my chest which hurt and once again he told me to promise not to turn him in to the police for his crime(s); and so I decided to surrender and I agreed to not turn him in to the police if he did not hurt me, my friend, and who ever he had attacked or whatever at the beginning of the dream.

He agreed and he let me get up, but then he grabbed me by my throat and he lifted me in the air with one arm & he walked back into the room carrying me in the air by my throat with one arm.

I was choking and once again he warned me that I better stick to/follow my promise, and then he let me go.

He opened the door and then he grabbed me by my throat one more time & he gave me one last warning, and then he walked away.

My friend came running over and said that we needed to get help & turn him in to the police, but I told her that I made a promise not to turn him in to the police.

I made my friend promise to be quiet about it and that I had a plan to try to help the man change his beliefs/behaviors away from unnecessary violence, but then my view started to float back into the air near the ceiling and I was no longer the woman anymore and I was myself again.

Then I saw her talking to her friend about her plan as they walked in the hallway, it seemed that she was going to try to become the man’s friend & slowly try to help him change some of his negative behaviors/beliefs, but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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