Guineafowl + NF’s Uncle + Cheetos Falling From The Sky = ?

Last night I only remember parts of a strange and somewhat unclear dream I had, which was confusing.

I am not sure how the dream began but I think it started with the uncle of my online female contact from Germany NF who was being very mean to her and her cousin, and for some strange reason he was a talking Guineafowl during some parts of the dream instead of a Human & he was a Human again during other parts. (I think that was NF in the dream, if so it would be the first dream that she has been in completely as a full dream character, but it may have not been her)

During one part of the dream I went outside because on the news there were reports of Cheetos falling from the sky all around the world, and no one knew how this was happening; some people thought it was aliens, some thought it was the government, and some just had no idea.

I went outside and I saw Cheetos all over the place and some were still falling from the sky, and there were other people outside watching.

A person near me said that she wondered what they tasted like and for some strange reason I decided to taste one, and to my surprise it tasted like a real Cheeto, but a bit softer; I actually was able to taste it in the dream, which is rare.

Then NF and/or her cousin walked up to me talking about how they believed that their uncle had been secretly video taping them in their room, and how he had still been treating them badly.

I decided to go investigate and face their uncle about the situation, without letting him know that I was investigating the situation.

They told me where he was so I walked to where he was, which was outside somewhere near a giant mushroom that was taller than a three-story building.

For some reason their uncle was a Guinea Fowl again instead of a Human, and he was being mean to some people near by.

I kept trying to talk to him but he kept yelling at me and would stop to yell at the other people near by, and he kept saying a lot of mean things.

After a while he started to walk off, so I followed him and tried to talk to him as he walked, and he finally had calmed down enough to talk normally.

I found it slightly odd that he was no longer Human and wondered how did he change again, but I did not find it as odd as I would have in real life; I woke up before I could finish talking with him.

The end,
– John Jr 🙂

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