8-26-2009 | Dream Fragment | Masenko!

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Last night I only remembered the end of my last dream, all I remember is being outside of some unknown building in some unknown place.

It was in the day time and I was in a parking lot near a small field, and in the parking lot was a building with what appeared to be a bank & maybe a few other places connected in one tiny shopping center or building.

I was about to do something but I can not remember what, I just remember going into the field and I saw a little tower that was about the height of a two-story house.

I guess I was about to climb up the tower or something, and some guy walked over from the parking lot & started talking to me; which annoyed me.

As he was talking I noticed a small group of people with ski masks, bullet resistant vests, and assault rifles go into the bank or whatever it was.

I hid behind the tower and told the guy what I saw, and the guy looked from on top of the tower as I looked from below the tower.

The bank or whatever had glass windows and one of the people robbing the bank saw the guy on the tower looking, so he came outside to the tower alone.

I ran from the other side of the tower so that I could attack the robber from his right flank once he went after the guy on top of the tower, and I told the guy on the tower to hide.

To my surprise the robber jumped from the parking lot high into the air straight to the top of the tower in some super basketball-like jump, it was amazing.

I was on the high point of a hill by the building and decided to run & jump into the air as well to tackle the robber before he could attack the man in the tower.

Time slowed down as the robber jumped and I ran at normal speed & jumped very high & then I was also in slow motion.

The robber threw a chain and hit the guy in the tower from a distance, and right before I could tackle the robber out of the air, time went back to normal & I missed the tackle.

I fell to the ground below the two-story tower and now the robber was on the tower with the guy, who was down after getting hit with the chain.

I knew I could not get up there in time to help him and doubted I could defeat the robber, so I thought to myself that it would be nice to be able to shoot fireballs, and so I tried to shoot fireballs & it worked.

I started shooting small fireballs very fast with both hands at the robber, but the robber flew into the air and dodged all of my fireballs.

I felt I did not stand a chance, so I decided to do a special attack, I started to fly into the air as well and pretended to do a Masenko fireball.

That tricked the robber into trying to dodge the attack so then I did a real Masenko fireball (I said Masenko for a Dragon Ball Z dramatic effect/affect) into the spot where I knew he would dodge/move to, and my Masenko fireball hit the robber.

I can not remember if he blew up, got blew away by the blast, or fell; I just remember waking up a few seconds after my attack hit the robber (I am not sure if the robber was male, female, or what due to the ski mask & armor)

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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