8-12-2009 | Dream Fragments | The High School Banquet | And A Man Who Looks Like The Big Show Mixed With Kane Versus A Woman But Somehow I Am Temporarily That Woman?

Kane at WWE SmackDown. Allstate Arena, Rosemon...
Kane at WWE SmackDown. Allstate Arena, Rosemont IL. Taken by myself, rotated and cropped. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The High School Banquet

Okay, I had this first dream the other night and the second dream last night.

My first dream is only a fragment and I can not remember the beginning, I just remember walking into a building that appeared to be a school gym.

The lights were dim and near the entrance were some people I went to high school with that were a few years younger than me.

I greeted them and I kept walking further into the gym to the basketball court and on the left side of the court was a room, and further past that room was an open room in the corner.


The Reunions

Last night I once again had trouble remembering my dreams, and only managed to remember a bit of my last dream, which is pretty blurry & confusing.

I think the dream had two different story lines going on and they mixed together at some point.

I remember one of the story lines involving what I think was a couple with a daughter & android / robot, and the wife & android / robot had been separated from the husband & daughter for several years.

I think the wife & husband had a daughter, and made a female robot to help them take care of the daughter but before the robot was finished somehow the husband & daughter got separated from the wife.

I am not sure if they ran away or what, but the wife probably finished the female robot on her own and used it to help her find her husband & daughter.

The robot looked just like a real woman and seemed to follow all the commands that the wife gave.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not at this point, I just remember the wife & female robot searching for the husband & daughter in some building several years later.

The husband & daughter appeared to be on the run and possibly trying to avoid being found by them.

Eventually the wife & female robot found them, and the wife introduced them to the female robot, who had never seen them before.

The husband seemed to want to run, but the wife convinced him that they were not there to hurt them and that they just wanted to reconnect the family again.

She told her husband that she had used the female robot to help her take care of her elderly parents, and search for them for the last few years.

The husband seemed to finally be tired of running away and decided to join his wife again and reconnect the family, and as this was going on, so was another story line.

The second story line was about three women and two men who were being brought together for a reunion.

The first story line had ended with a reunion of a family, and now this story line was about a reunion of friends.

A television company was doing a documentary on this group of people who had been sent to Russia for some special athletic(s) camp back when they were kids, but the people at the camp treated them very badly.

They were all citizens of The United States (USA) when they went to the camp in Russia, and had to stay there.

Some of the things they suffered were beatings, mental torture, starvation, imprisonment, and a few other things.

The television company was covering this even though it had happened back when they were only kids, now they were adults, but had not seen each other since they were kids.

The television company brought them together to one building so they could meet each other again, get interviewed, and enjoy themselves; it happened to be the same building were the husband, wife, daughter, and robot were at.

Several of them got along very well one was a man who reminding me of a stereotype of a man from Italy that enjoyed messing / flirting around with a lot of women & just having fun and one woman who was there that acted about the same way but had a bladder problem & was very flexible or double jointed; these two spent most of their time just making out and following the lead of the others.

Another pair was a man who seemed to be leader type that was into business & organizing things and another was a woman with the same personality; they spent their time together planning things and leading the group.

The last person was a woman who did not have a match and she seemed to be different from the others & reminded me of myself, and I was in the dream at this point & spent most of my time talking with her.

She actually reminded me of Pauline Croze a bit in appearance and seemed to like talking about some of the random things I like to talk about.

After the television crew finished making the documentary they sent us all to France to relax.

I remember being at a small outdoor apartment or something, that had a dock & was next to a nice river-like water area, and I could see a street & walkway near by.

It seemed like a nice little town with shops and out-door markets, it probably was in southern France, and we all were outside.

One couple was making out as usual on the balcony of the place we were staying at, the other couple were making plans while sitting on the porch, and the last woman & I were walking & talking by the docks close to the water.

It was nice and relaxing, and the scenery was amazing; I wondered if we were going to live here and I hoped so, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


8-4-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Small Virus Outbreak

Wheelchair parts (rear)

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which took place in an unknown city & an unknown area that I dreamed about at least once before.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream but I do remember being at some apartment building walking through the hallway with one or more people.

I think we were trying to catch a pet or pets that were infected with some virus, I do not even know what kind of animals they were, but they were not very big.