Charlotte Gainsbourg + College + Lucid Dream= ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which ended shortly after the dream went lucid, sadly; that was my first temporary lucid dream in months.

I can not remember the beginning exactly, but I think I was at an unknown college and had went to several classes, and in one of my classes I had seen several people such as: Charlotte Gainsbourg, KB, TD, and a few other people.

I know I talked to several of them, but I can not remember what we talked about.

I know I left class and went to see my mom, who was in a dorm room or hotel, that appeared to be close to the college; I saw my cousin ME several times outside the college.

My mom sent me to a store several times and so I saw ME at the store, outside the college, and even in the college; he was not attending the college, he was just visiting some friends.

My mom seemed to be only temporarily staying at this dorm or hotel, and seemed to be trying to decide how much longer she would stay; also ME did not know where I was staying and did not even know that I was attending the college.

My mom’s room was the same as several dreams that I have had with a fictional M college and/or unknown college, and the floor had brown carpet & walls & reminded me of B a bit.

After leaving my mom’s room I went back to the college hallway, and I noticed Mrs. Gainsbourg at her locker, so I stopped to say hello.

She appeared to be sad and I asked her what was wrong, but she said that she did not want to talk about it; and she kept trying to hide her face.

I tried to cheer her up but she told me that she wanted to be left alone, and then she walked off.

I decided to follow her & look to see if she was crying and then I saw a few tears fall from her eyes, and so I started to walk close beside her; she told me once again that she did not want to be bothered, and so I told her that I would not bother her & I would just walk with her.

I walked looking straight ahead pretending to not notice her, so that I would not bother her, and after a few seconds she glanced over at me & seemed to no longer be defensive.

She then held my hand as we walked through the hallway as other people walked & talked, and then I told her that it was okay for her to cry instead of holding it in & that if she did not want to talk about it now, that was okay.

She then stopped, looked at me, hugged me, and started crying; I told her to go ahead & cry, and that she would probably feel a bit better afterward.

She stopped crying after a moment and I wiped the rest of her tears away, and then she looked at me like she was about to kiss me; I then thought to myself, isn’t she married?

Then she stopped, realizing what she was about to do, she told me that she would see me again during our next class, and then she walked off.

I felt intrigued and wondered how I should handle this situation, but I had to use the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom.

As I was in the stall urinating, I heard KB and her brother AB talking & they both walked into the mens bathroom.

KB knocked on my stall door and then pushed it open, my back was turned to her so she could not see anything, and I asked her what she wanted.

She started telling me that she had seen Mrs. Gainsbourg and I in the hallway earlier, and she was about to give me an angry lecture about how she was married & that I should keep my distance.

I left the bathroom to walk into the hallway as KB continued to lecture me and then I started to notice something odd about the hallway, I can not remember what it was exactly, but I think that the other people walking in the hallway were re-winding.

I think I would see the same people walking & talking past me, and then some how they would rewind & the same people would walk past me doing the same things; I then realized it was a dream, and then the dream went lucid.

I decided to start controlling the dream quickly before I woke up, but first I decided to try a trick I read, I rubbed my hands together to help stop the dream from fading; which actually helped and I could feel my hands while I did that.

I saw a woman walking in the hallway and made her stop just by thinking it, and then I decided to try changing her into a different person by just thinking it; she started to change, but I did not know who to change her to.

As I stopped to think, the dream started fading like someone had just thrown water on a fresh painting, so I tried to rub my hands together again but it was too late.

I woke up, but kept my eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep, I could see some colors from the dream like dripping paint but I could not shape them back into the dream; so I woke up completely.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


The House / Building Security Job & A Several Week Old Dream Fragment

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, I know the beginning of the dream involved me walking around a large multi-purpose building that has been in several of my dreams in the past; it usually has security guards and president George Bush & other politicians had meetings there in another dream, so there a lot of security.

This time nothing very special seemed to be going on, but there were still security guards wearing suits walking around, they looked like fake United States Secret Service agents about my age, that probably did not even have guns.


John The Bum | The Police State

Dream Fragment John The Bum

The night before last I remembered part of one dream and most of another, the first was a very short dream fragment that I remember starting with me waiting in line for something.

I do not know where I was or what I was waiting for, but I do remember seeing a few people who I went to high school with like: TC.

TC and a few other people were talking to me while I waited in line and I think they or a few other people had cut in front of me in line, and the line was very long; if I had to make a guess, I think we were waiting for free food or something free.

After a while I decided to go outside and I sat on the ground near the entrance of some restaurant, I had some memories in the dream that had something to do with the military and I felt kind of like a bum.

As I was sitting there a woman with several kids was about to go into the restaurant but one of the kids, a girl, saw me & said ewwwwwwww (or however you spell it, the sound of disgust)!

I thought to myself, I must be uglier than I thought.

One of the other kids, a boy, told her to stop being mean & then he asked me if I had been in the military.

I told him that I had almost went into the military but I did not, and then his mother told him & the others kids to come on into the restaurant.

I knew there was more to my story in the dream, my guess was that some unnecessary war had started at some point & I was to be drafted, but refused to fight in an unnecessary war that was against my morals; so they put me in jail for several years.

I guess that I had recently been released from jail and had no home, job, money, and was a bum living on the streets; also I probably was looked downed on by many people because I did not follow the government/military in their unnecessary invasion of another country; I woke shortly after the family had went into the restaurant.

The Police State

This dream and the other have a similar theme, which I will talk about at the end of this dream.

This dream started with me being a member of what appeared to be a SWAT-like police force that was about to attack a compound on the outside of a city.

We had light-medium swat-like body armor and assault rifles, and we all were on foot as we began the attack.

The compound was basically a small community of very small two-story houses in what appeared to have been created by a group of people who left Eastside to avoid the unnecessary abuse of power by the government/police, so they moved outside the city to be left alone.

The people in the compound were all armed with guns and were using their windows to shoot at us, but the windows had no glass yet since they were still not finished building the houses; I saw several people from Eastside in the compound and I even saw several rappers, like Master P, for some strange reason.

The shootout was intense but was like the film Gamer somewhat, I was on the very front of the attack force and we were almost surrounded by houses, so we were taking fire from many sides.

My strategy was to keep moving and keep firing at the windows so we could get to cover points, my plan was working and I was real good at shooting, so I had shot many people as I crossed the courtyard of the compound.

I managed to get to the end of the courtyard and started shooting the people on the second floors that were giving my team a hard time, and then I decided to head back toward the entrance to clear one of the first buildings since one team was having a hard time clearing that building.

Like before I had to shoot in different directions as I moved to avoid being shot and keep the people near the windows from returning fire.

I made it to the outside of the first house to help that one team that was having a hard time, and through the windows of that house I saw TC and Master P and other people I knew from Eastside.

They were trying to move the wounded people and dead people into their house, I started to feel sorry for them and questioned why we were attacking these people.

I felt it was because of drugs and a few other things, which may or may have not been true, but either way these people were not bothering anyone & so why were we attacking them?

I stopped shooting at them and told the others to stop, so they stopped while the people in the house tried to help the wounded people in the house.

I saw some of the people in the house look at us police officers with a look of anger and it looked like they just wanted to be left alone, yet here we police officers were attacking them; even when they left the city to be away from us and to not cause problems.

I felt that they were trying to start a community that would not need the current government/police/military so much or at all, so they could be more independent and enjoy more freedoms; not anarchy but just more freedoms since the government/police/military was taking more & more freedoms away.

I realized this and decided to quit the police force, so I started to walk away, thinking of what I would do.

My plan was to come back later and help any survivors & others learn how to defend themselves better, and help them build a balanced community away from the current government/police/military that was becoming more & more controlling of the people.

I wanted to train them for defense only, not for invasion or revenge, but for protection from those that come to unnecessarily attack people for control; I woke up as I walked & started to think up a plan.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Adolf Hitler’s House + Nudity + Sex + College + Apartment + High School + A Semi-Affair= ?

Normally my dreams censor themselves and usually do not have nudity or sex or extreme violence, but last night I had a rare dream that had all but one of those three; I will not give too many details so do not worry.

As with any of my dream fragments, parts are missing and unclear, so I will try to put the pieces together.


The Unknown Hunter Group

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream and it is pretty unclear, but I will try to put the fragments together to hopefully make some sense.

I remember seeing a group of people with light modern-day body armor, assault rifles, small futuristic night vision goggles on their head or helmets, advanced communication devices, GPS devices, and more inside of some unknown building that reminded me of a cinema (movie theater) / hotel / school.

I was either not in the dream yet or I was, but was just observing them at first.

This building seemed to be only a one story building and it had a few long hallways with a few turns, and rooms here & there.

There were no more than about 10 people in the group and the group had men & women in it that were a bit older than me, and they split up to search the building.

They appeared to be hunting something and were working together like a somewhat trained advanced special forces team or something, but in this case it was more like special hunters.

They were communicating through advanced communication devices probably built into their helmets or in or on their ears.

After a while I started to see the movements of one of the hunters that was alone, she reminded me of Motoko Kusanagi (The Major) from Ghost In The Shell a little, but she probably did not look like her that much though.

She was going to explore the darkest section of the building alone, she appeared to be very confident in her abilities, and a few of her fellow hunters told her to wait for them but she refused.

Over their communication devices a few of her fellow hunters were telling her to keep them up-to-date on her progress and to use her night vision when necessary; her night vision glasses were built into a helmet or visor, they were like futuristic glasses that she could pull down over her eyes if needed.

As she was walking to the dark part of the building, something strange happened, she sort of froze and started to walk slowly toward the darkness like something was hypnotizing her or she had seen something; someone over the communication device told her to put her night vision on, and that seemed to have snapped her out of the daze/haze/trance that she was in.

She then walked away from the darkness and then tried to walk into the darkness again, her plan was to put her night vision on right after she ran into the darkness; but once again she went into a trance-like state until someone told her again over the communication device to put her night vision on.

I guess the other hunters could see video footage of other hunters if they wanted to, because somehow that person that kept reminding her about putting on her night vision, and they somehow knew that she did not have it on; I guess each hunter also had a video recording device too.

The woman stopped and realized that something seemed to be effecting/affecting her, which started to worry her a bit, but she seemed to be the confident type that likes to do stuff on her own so instead of waiting for help; she ran into the darkness alone.

She pulled her night vision glasses over her eyes a few seconds after she first went into the darkness, in the darkness she could barely see in the hallway, but she could see a trash can & chair in the hallway near a door.

This part of the hallway only had one room, the woman was getting scared, which shocked her because she appeared to not be used to feeling that way.

She walked into the only room in the hallway with her assault rifle ready, which had a flashlight on it, and she could see lockers; she pulled her night vision glasses back so she could use her normal vision again.

The dark room appeared to be a big locker room with lockers, showers, stalls, etc; she cautiously started to search the room and noticed some human shaped objects on top of some of the lockers, the lockers were taller than her, so she had to look up to see & she pulled her night vision glasses back on to see.

She thought that they were statues at first but a few of them moved & jumped deeper into the room, so she ran back to the door of the room and pulled her night vision glasses back & turned on the lights, and suddenly she saw several people (well they looked like humans, but maybe they were something else); she then shot one and the others ran deeper into the locker room.

She was breathing heavily now and ran deeper into the room to chase the people, but suddenly she noticed why they had went deeper into the room, they were getting guns from a room; a few started shooting at her and she shot back & shot one, and then she ran back to the door asking for backup over the communication device.

At this point I was in the dream and I ran into the dark hallway, and saw her run out of the room shooting; somehow I had an assault rifle but I do not think that I had the other gear that they had, but I could be wrong.

I saw one or two people try to come out of the room, but she shot them, and then the woman & I went back into the room to push the rest of them back until our backup could came.

We went into the room using the lockers as cover and started shooting at the people, which made them scatter and stay deeper in the locker room; to my surprise there were more people or whatever they were, in the locker room now & our shoot out reminded me of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare a bit.

Our backup came and we shot the remaining people or whatever they were, and then the hunters said that the building was now clear.

We all went outside as they called the owner of the building to tell him that the building was clear now; on the outside it appeared to be afternoon and the outside of the building was a quiet area near an apartment that was near a neighborhood.

Outside we had several automobiles parked and the owner came to thank and/or pay the hunters for their service.

The hunters were packing up some of their gear into their automobiles and checking some computer device as I stood near my automobile and talked to a woman my age who was parked next to me, she seemed to have been outside the whole time watching our automobiles and handling the communication system or something; it seemed that her job was the technician and secretary.

She wore glasses and did not seem to have any weapons or armor, and she had a car all to herself while several of the other hunters all shared automobiles.

It seemed that I was either a new member to the hunter group or I was just following them trying to learn more and/or help; I think the second one is probably more accurate.

The woman with glasses was telling me something but I can not remember what, I just remember all of us driving off to get supplies or something at Walmart in D.

On the way there I got a call from the woman with glasses and she told me that we had a new situation to deal with, some man had unleashed some humans or whatever they were from a book.

I remember seeing a clip of a man who was acting weird and had some unknown religious beliefs, and had drawn or had a book with sketches of I think 6 people or whatever they were.

He was talking to himself about his religious beliefs and about summoning the 6 beings in his book to do something.

Somehow they came to life or came into the real world, and so the hunters & I had been hired to kill them & stop the man who had unleashed them.

First we needed some more supplies and then we were going to travel to find the man & the 6 humans or beings that he had unleashed, but I woke up.

I guess those people that we killed before may have been beings that were summoned from paper too or whatever, so I am not sure what they were but they looked human.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂