Zombies In The City Of LC

Source: Wikipedia

I will begin this entry with a dream fragment from last night, I only remember the end of the dream.

I was in a fictional version of downtown LC walking on the sidewalk to a store, everything looked very similar to my other dreams with a fictional downtown LC, there were not many automobiles & the place seemed to be designed more for walking.

In the store I saw my mom, which was a surprised, so I stopped to talk to her and then I remember leaving the store to go to a building that I think was a school.

I must have been to this building before earlier in the dream, because I knew there were zombies in it probably, so I opened the door slowly.

Inside I saw a men’s restroom on my left, down the short hallway was a door that led to the main parts of the building, and on the left of that was a corner which was hidden from my view.

Everything was silent and so I quietly went into the bathroom to check for zombies before I used the restroom, but as I started to look around the bathroom for zombies, one crawled halfway into the bathroom from outside the door but it got stuck.

I put some stuff by the door to stop it from getting all the way in, the zombie was ugly and appeared to have broken legs; it was slow & weak.

I was more worried about more zombies coming and worried that some might have hidden in bathroom, so I started to look for a weapon, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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