The Above Top Secret Underground Facility / Small City?

File: U.S. Bullion Depository.jpg
Description: You can see the security – Guard Towers, Guards, Wire fences and cameras.

Last night, I only remember parts of my last dream, but the dream fragments are a little scattered.

So I will try to put them together the best I can.

I do not remember the beginning or middle of the dream, I just remember being in some multi-story building with no windows and private security guards scattered around the building; that reminded me of Multi-National United (MNU) from the film District 9.

I am not sure how or why I was in the building or where I was going, important parts of the dream are missing.

Likewise, I think I was sneaking around from less secure areas to more secure areas for some unknown reason.

It seemed that the building had various levels of security for different areas and staff, and the people working in each area only knew about their area & areas below their security level.

Anything above their security clearance level was unknown to them, even the security guards had no knowledge of the above top secret areas, except those security guards in the above top secret areas.

Somehow I made it to the top secret area, I think a female security officer and/or a few other people helped me, but I am not sure.

The main person that helped me was a female security officer that had purple hair & who looked like the character from the game Uni / the character from the game The White Chamber.

She was not animated & she stood out from the other security guards with her more futuristic appearance.

On the top secret floor, the main security guard in charge looked like the Colonel from District 9, and I remember sneaking around to avoid him.

I think that the female security officer had told me where to meet her at.

It seemed that she was the security guard that guarded the entrance to the above top secret facility.

I can not remember the parts with me sneaking around or anything, except I remember making it to a room, but the head security guard saw me.

The female security officer was in the room waiting on me, it was an open room that was like the breakfast room at my grandfather’s house.

She was guarding this room which had a secret entrance to the above top-secret facility (which was underground).

Our cover was now blown, so she began a shoot out with the main security guard.

He tried to come into the room and when he did, his hand started to glow blue like there was a computer implant under his skin.

The wall started to open & behind the wall was a door which opened, leading to some stairs that led down to another door.

The female security officer managed to force him to retreat for backup, so then we ran down to the above top-secret facility entrance.

This is another part that is not clear, but here are my guesses:

1.  We had a shoot out with some security guards and saved a few people who were being experimented on, and they joined us to search the rest of the above top-secret facility.

2.  After the head security guard retreated for backup, a few people who also were sneaking around joined us, and we had a shoot out with security guards & decided to search the rest of the above top-secret facility.

3.  The whole dream we were trying to get into the above top-secret facility because we wanted to save some people.

4.  The female security officer caught me sneaking around but decided to help me because one day soon something bad was going to happen on the Earth; and the above top-secret facilities underground (that are scattered around the world) would be the safest places to live.

I am not sure which or which combination of these are correct, but I do remember seeing some scientists run once we entered the above top-secret facility, and we had a shoot out with a few security guards in there; I got a submachine gun from somewhere and a few other people joined us & they found some guns too.

The female security officer was guarding the entrance of the above top secret facility from the head security guard & his backup on the outside of the room, until one of us figured out how to lock the entrance.

I was busy clearing the many small rooms & hallways in this research facility, and soon a few other people came to help me.

I felt that this was just one part of a big underground facility and that the facility was actually an underground city meant to allow humanity to live on after a great disaster that was to come.

Furthermore, I also felt that this was just one of many small underground cities around the World that only a few select people knew about or would get to live in.

I woke up as I was still trying to clear the rooms & hallways that were all around like a maze, and as a few others were coming to help me; because I really did need the help.

The end,

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