9-9-2009 | Dream Journal | John’s Automobile Gets Stolen At The Cinema?

Inkheart (film)
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The night before last I remembered my last dream, which started with me at a cinema with my direct family (mom, dad, and brothers).

We were trying to decided which film or films that we would watch, and I remember seeing Inkheart listed as one of the films that was playing & we may have even watched it; even though I did not want to, but my mom will not watch films rated past PG usually.

I remember leaving the film reminding myself to not watch any films with Brendan Fraser as the main character at a cinema again, and just watch some of his films on DVD.

On the way to the parking lot I looked around and did not see my automobile, so my family & I started to search around, and after a while I went to ask the security guard if she had seen anything.

Outside of the entrance of the cinema was a little booth with a female security guard/ticket person that was younger than me, and her job was to watch the parking lot & sell tickets & answer people’s questions about the films playing.

She told me that she had not seen anything unusual, but that she often gets distracted from watching the parking lot by customers.

I then told my family to try searching one more time and then I took a moment to start thinking about the many possibilities of what may have happened and I tried to trace my past memories of where I parked/etc.

I started to get worried and my mind started rushing through many possibilities as I tried to stay calm and use my detective skills, but as I was doing that I woke up.

I then looked out of the window in the real world to make sure my automobile was still there, and it was still there; then part of my brain finally relaxed and realized that it was just a dream.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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