John Jr Beats Chucky To Death With A Baseball Bat | James Bond And Friends | The Classroom In A Store | The Alex Jones Breakdown

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John Beats Chucky To Sleep With A Baseball Bat

Last night I barely remembered my first dream, all I remember is that I was walking down a sidewalk of some nice neighborhood in some unknown city, and as I was passing by a nice two-story house; a woman came running out of the house screaming for help.

She said that a doll with a knife was in the house trying to kill her and her family, and so I ran into the house quickly to help.

As soon as I entered the house I looked around for a weapon and found a small baseball bat behind the door so I picked it up, and then I asked the woman to point in the direction where she last saw the doll with the knife; I guessed that it might be Chucky.

Chucky may be the one of the only villains that was a re-occurring villain in my dreams, and I a was once afraid of him in real life .

I got over my fear of Chucky, and eventually killed him in two or three dreams; but I was not able to find & kill  him in the last dream I had with him in it.

In the many years since I got over my fear of Chucky and killed him in several dreams, I vowed to keep killing him every time he re-appears in my dreams.

Anyway, I ran into the kitchen and standing in the kitchen with his back turned to me was Chucky; I instantly ran at him with my baseball bat with no fear ready to kill him once again.

Chucky turned to me smiling and holding a big kitchen knife, I quickly hit the knife out of his hand with the baseball bat and then I front kicked him to the ground, and then I started to repeatedly crush his skull with the baseball bat over and over and over and over again.

His head was not breaking or going completely flat, his body seemed to be like a doll that was made of a slightly stronger material than usual, so his body was not breaking & only his skull only partly caved in.

After the first hit I guess he got knocked unconscious or died, because he was not moving or talking, but I kept hitting him anyway.

The woman then told me that he probably was dead, I paused for a moment looking at her & then said that I was not going to take any chances, so I continued to beat Chucky to death with a baseball bat to his skull over and over and over until I woke up or until another dream started.

James Bond And Friends

The second dream I remember started at night-time I think and my brothers, James Bond, a woman with red hair, and I were driving to some expensive hotel or something on a special mission to take something.

We were driving on the outside of a city that was like a fictional version of LC but bigger, and the hotel was on a quiet road.

We were expecting a lot of private security guards to be around, so the plan was to sneak in and get out without being seen.

We drove into the parking lot and were surprised to see no security guards outside, so we parked near a dumpster and got out.

James Bond was in the lead, I was behind him, my brother GC & CC were in the middle as our backup if needed, and my brother D&D & the woman with red hair were the look outs.

We started to climb up the railings of the hotel and I followed Mr. Bond to the window of a room, he opened the window and we went inside.

To our surprise no one was inside, but suddenly we heard something fall outside the window on to the metal railing, and we heard my brother D&D arguing.

I looked out of the window and saw that one of them had almost slipped off the building, and they were arguing about it & the woman with red hair was trying to get them to be quiet.

My brother CC got mad and told them to shut up, and I then went inside to tell Mr. Bond the situation.

We felt that our cover was about to be blown so Mr. Bond pulled out a pistol, and said that if our cover is blown that we would have to kill everyone that got in our way; he said that he hoped that it would not come to that, and I hoped in my mind that it would not either.

We waited for a moment expected security guards to burst into the room, but no one came to our surprise, so Mr. Bond continued to open a safe or something that was in the room.

After taking what was in the safe we left the room, got into a vehicle, and left without anyone seeing us; we still were surprised that we had not seen any security guards.

The Classroom In A Store

The third dream I remember is the most unclear, it took place near the music store in the shopping center in D, in a place that has been in several of my dreams.

This time the store seemed to be mostly empty & small, and I was attending a class but there were no desks.

We all sat on the floor and there were some other people there that I knew, and some that I did not.

I am not sure what kind of class was it or what the teacher taught, I do remember a female teacher being there, but most of the dream was just us students talking.

Different students had stuff on the floor with them like guitars, CDs, book bags, and other random things.

I remember one student I knew had left the building at one point, and left his stuff on the floor by me; one of the items was a box of old cassette tapes and for some reason it reminded me of something my old friend JC would have.

I think time in the dream jumped and I remember another student coming into the class that I knew, and eventually I left the class.

I went into the parking lot and then the next dream scene began.

The Alex Jones Breakdown

In the parking lot I saw Alex Jones and he told me that he was going to speak at a convention or something, and asked me if I wanted to go see the convention.

I had nothing else to do and was curious to see what wild things he would say at the convention, so I said that I would go to the convention.

He invited me to ride with him to the convention in his red truck, I said okay even though I rather had driven in my automobile, but I said why not?

On the way to the convention he started talking about this and that, mostly about some of his exploits, he seemed to like talking about himself.

As we drove near the school board building, his truck started to stop, and it broke down in the field near FB church.

I suspected the battery was the cause so he opened the hood and it did seem to be the battery, so he told me to get the tools out of the back of his truck.

He wanted me to disconnect the battery, but I do not like dealing with things that can easily shock me, so I told him to do it.

After disconnected the battery he then did something to the cables, and then told me to take the battery out so I did.

During this whole process he seemed to want me to do all the work and I started to think he invited me just to use me as an assistant to do all the stuff that he did not want to do.

I told him that the automotive store was up the road and that I would walk, and get him another battery.

I wanted to use that time to think about what I should do after I help him get his truck started again.

Should I walk home or go on to the convention?

But then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂