The Dark Chronicles Of Narnia

Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, some of the key parts are unclear so I will have to make some guesses and try putting the pieces together.

I remember driving my automobile with at least two other people in there with me and we stopped at a gas station to get gas.

At the gas station we saw one of the workers cleaning up trash outside and a few guys that were pumping gas were making fun of him, they were calling him a nerd and other stuff like that.

Eventually they started to throw trash at him and he continued to ignore them until he finally got tired of the attacks verbal & physical, and so he kindly asked the group of guys to leave him alone.

The leader of the group walked over to him and started pushing him, and threatening to beat him up; so the two guys with me and I went to stop this.

We walked over and told the group of guys to please leave him alone and please pay for their gas & leave, the group’s leader then used his mobile phone to call for backup.

Suddenly groups of dirty trucks and a few cars surrounded us in the parking lot, and a bunch of people got out; they were young men & women my age that looked like the average modern-day country Louisiana citizen that lives on the outskirts of the city but they come to the city often to hang out.

Some of them probably had guns in their automobiles and maybe even on them, seeing that we were way out numbered another worker at the gas station came out to help us.

The group’s leader started to talk to us now that he had the advantage and we tried to tell him that we did not want a fight, but he was not listening.

I was surprised that the group had not attacked yet, I think the only reason they did not attack was because two of the people with us were from Eastside, and that seemed to scare them a little.

As the group started to get more confident they started getting closer to us like they were preparing to attack us, but suddenly two cars drove up and a few women & men came to help us; they were friends of somebody in our group.

The leader of the other group was surprised and even though they still had us out numbered, the leader told his group to leave and told the gas station worker that they would be back once we left the gas station; then they all drove off.

The worker thanked us and I thanked the women & men that had come to help us, they were all about my age and they decided to join us on our trip to where ever we were going.

The dream then switched to one of the most important scenes in the dream, but it is unclear, so I will make a guess of what happened based on pieces that I can remember.

There was this nice multi-story house on the side of a road in the same unknown city that we were in and the neighborhood did not have many houses, it was more of a bigger road with a few small businesses & only a few nice houses that were somewhat spread out on the road.

This house looked old but strong and inside the house something was happening on the top floor; I was not in the dream but I could see all of this happening.

The only thing I know is that the characters Peter Pevensie & Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles Of Narnia were there, and they had two older brothers there too.

Something attacked all of the brothers, but Peter escaped, this part is unclear but here is my guess: there was a portal to another world in the house & some voice called the brothers to come inside the portal, and when they went inside they were attacked & their bodies were taken over or possessed by some creatures but Peter escaped back into his house.

The other brothers were either killed and then their bodies were taken over or the creatures somehow possessed them or the creatures captured them but were able to shapeshifted into them.

The creatures now could look like Peter’s brothers and could also shape shift to their true form, and they now were able to cross the portal to our world and so they ran into the house to chase Peter; for some reason they needed all the brothers for their plan to work.

My guess is that once they had taken all four brother’s bodies those from their side of the portal could freely come into our world when they wanted and the house would now be theirs.

My guess is that creatures from their world would slowly take over people’s bodies without other people knowing & one day they would take over our planet with a stealth invasion that would take many years with their kind reproducing to increase their numbers on the Earth.

Peter managed to escape the house and ran to the parking lot where my group and I were, and he was in a panic & asked us to drive him away so we did.

He asked to use one of our mobile phone’s to call his mom and he warned her not to go back to the house until we said it was clear and he told his mom to run if she saw his other brothers, because they were impostors.

He told us to drive to his house because the creatures had left to find him and so we did, and we got inside the house locked the doors/windows & searched the house.

Once it was clear he called his mom and she came inside as well, and we locked the doors & windows.

For some reason the creatures can not break into the house since the last brother was now refusing them entry, but once they took his body the house would be theirs & the portal would freely open between both worlds.

The creatures did not know that we were back at the house, Peter’s oldest brother was the leader of them or should I say the creäture that took the body of Peter’s older brother was the leader.

Eventually they figured out that we were at the house and drove up in a van on the other side of the road across the street waiting for us to try to leave the house; they knew there was not enough food or water for us to hide in the house for too long, well not enough food, we had enough water.

Eventually we came up with a plan, it is blurry but I remember Brendan Fraser knocking on the door, and we let him in.

He had come to make a distraction and we then all ran outside, got in separate automobiles, and then drove off in different directions.

The van with the creatures then started trying to chase us and find Peter, after a while Mr. Fraser & I jumped out of an automobile & ran to the house.

Mr. Fraser had a bomb and wanted me to connect it to the creatures van as he distracted them the next time that they came toward the house; the others were driving around the neighborhood in circles to lure the creatures in the van to us.

Eventually the van finally came near the house and Mr. Fraser jumped out in front of the van, and I ran behind it & placed the bomb on it & then I ran for cover.

Mr. Fraser ran too and then pressed a button and the van blew up, it was a great explosion.

Surprisingly there were not many people around the neighborhood that came to see what happened, and it took the police a long time to come.

We all were finally glad that was over but we were not sure how we would explain this to the police once they came, and we were not sure of what danger remained on the other side of that portal; but I woke up before we could finish talking.

The end,

-John Jr

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