The Education Center Dream Fragment

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember parts of my last dream, which started in D in the BB parking lot.

For some reason some government agents and/or the military were after me & someone else, I think it had something to do with some small artifact I found.

The other man that they were after appeared to be a spaceman and he led me to a small spaceship in the open area next to the parking lot.

Some soldiers started shooting at us, but the spaceship that we were in teleported to the elementary parking lot.

I woke up some time later, teleporting seemed to have knocked me unconscious, the spaceman led me to a group of woman who were standing in the parking lot.

Most of them were about my age, but a few were older and appeared to be teachers, they greeted us.

I think the spaceman said that I would be safe with them and then he left in his spaceship, and then two of the woman who seemed to be in charge brought me a paper.

They said something about this being an education center or something, and they taught people here a variety of things for either free, a low price, or you would pay them back in some way in the future.

They tried to teach a balance of different subjects and they had a high success rate, they had already picked which classes that they recommended that I take.

On the paper I saw they had put a musical instrument class, a class on several religions including Christianity/Hinduism/Maybe A Few Others, other standard high school/college classes, and she even noted that I wanted to learn another language & somehow she knew that French was my top choice; even though I had not told them about that before.

I heard them mention uniforms and I think they had simple uniforms that were a combination of Eastern & Western style clothing, I think they even gave me a uniform that was folded up in plastic along with my schedule of classes, and I told them that I would look at it & think about it; they said that I could start tomorrow and then I walked to my parent’s house.

I told my mom and showed her the stuff they had given me, I think she had already talked to one of the women on the phone already, and she started to talk about the uniforms.

Next, I remember walking toward the library and in a fictional field where the volleyball court should be, I saw a building that was under construction, and some other people who were also from Eastside were working there.

As I passed by one of the women were complaining about her job and quit, and I thought about asking if they wanted to hire someone else for the job, but I decided to wait until I make a decision about the education center situation; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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