A Comedy Banquet | Elevator | Musicians | An Outdoor Toilet

Last night I remembered 4 dream fragments, I think I had 5 dreams, but I only remember fragments from 4 of the 5 dreams.

Dream 1

The first one I remembered started with me at a comedy banquet with comedians from TV and the internet such as: Lisa Nova, some members of Saturday Night Live, and others.

One of the comedians had comedy plays/skits made that we were going to do throughout the banquet, and several members of the audience & I were chosen to be part of it as well.

We had a brief rehearsal and then began our performances in the banquet area, there was no stage, just a room with tables & chairs with food & drinks; so we were performing in & next to the audience.

I can not remember the story line or skits exactly, but I know that we took a few quick breaks & did a few quick rehearsals.

After a while we finally finished the performances, which were pretty good at some points but somewhat boring overall, and then almost everyone started to celebrate by joining the rest of the banquet; but I left the room to explore.

Dream 2

The next dream fragment I remembered is of me in a hallway waiting for an elevator to come, and DH came up to wait on the elevator as well.

I greeted him and then the elevator opened, as we walked into the elevator a woman our age walked in as well.

She looked at us like she recognized us from somewhere, and I felt that I had seen her before.

She asked us if we were Jewish, and DH said no.

Furthermore, she asked us if we knew 2 nuns and DH said no, but then I saw a memory from another dream with DH & I donating some items to 2 nuns & the woman in the elevator was there.

So I told her that yes, we did know 2 nuns, and I reminded DH of the memory I had just saw.

The woman apologized for her behavior, back in my memory she stared at DH & me with an angry face, and ignored us when I said hello.

She said that back then she did not know much English and when she had first seen us she did not like us for some reason.

I told her it was okay, and then the elevator opened again, and I said goodbye to her as we left the elevator.

Dream 3

The third dream fragment that I remembered did not even have me in the dream, I was just seeing something that appeared to be a TV show.

The show was about to briefly show a few lesser known music artists that were going to be in this episode talking a bit about themselves; discussing some of the causes that they supported, and they were going to do a few songs.

A brief introduction began of the first music artist who was a woman from Africa, I can not remember what her name was, they gave a brief introduction of her which showed a clip of her singing in English.

Her English was not that great, but I could understand her.

The next music artist was Pauline Croze from France, and they gave a brief introduction of her which showed a clip of her singing a song in English as well.

She was playing some ancient looking guitar that looked like a mandolin / lute in one of her music clips, which I found odd.

The show then began, they were going to sit and talk with each music artist separately one at a time, so the woman from Africa was first.

The host greeted her, and she sat down in a chair, but I woke up.

Dream 4

My fourth dream fragment that I remembered took place in my parent’s yard outside, for some strange reason I was sitting on a toilet, which was in the yard out in the open.

I could see automobiles driving through the neighborhood, which made me uncomfortable, and I wondered why was the toilet outside.

After I finished I was waiting for a moment to wipe, but automobiles kept passing by and one even parked at our neighbors house, and someone was looking in my direction.

I got tired of waiting, I decided to just pull my pants up and go inside to wipe, and as I started to walk toward the house my brothers came outside.

One of my brothers was acting annoying, I said something to him, and he spit on my shirt for some strange reason.

So I wiped it off as I walked toward the house, wondering what was his problem; then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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