10-3-2009 | Superman Public Enemy The Dream

Superman confronts Lex Luthor at LexCorp Tower
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Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, which may have been my longest lucid dream yet, well the dream did not go lucid until the middle of the dream; the dream was inspired by the film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which I had watched with my brothers before going to sleep.

Yesterday I practiced a few techniques to help myself have a lucid dream such as:  looking at my hands several times throughout the day and asking myself if I am dreaming, reminding myself before I went to sleep to keep rubbing my hands together once the dream goes lucid to help stop myself from waking up, and I reminded myself to remember the dream after waking up several times.

To my surprise the techniques worked, my last dream started without me even in the dream, but I could see every thing like a camera person.

I think the dream started at a building that had bars on the window and it looked somewhat like a military barracks or something, and there were lots of bunk beds.

Inside were people who I think had super powers and/or were developing super powers, and Lex Luthor was there.

I can not remember what was going on exactly but I think the people with super powers had to stay at this building, almost like they were being quarantined, but I did not see any security guards or soldiers guarding the area.

Lex Luthor was making a plan to get a group of people with super powers to join him, they were going to escape, and slowly take over the world pretending to be heroes; Lex Luthor had the power to make his body fit into small places and others could as well if they were touching him, and he could fly.

Mr. Luthor was trying to get one man in particular to join his group, but the man refused, the man looked almost like Superman but was wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt.

One night as everyone was sleeping, Mr Luthor and his group left the building, and he came back to kidnap Superman while he was sleep; at this point, somehow I was Superman (who did not even know what his full powers were yet).

Mr. Luthor made his body squeeze through the bars on the window and he pulled me through the windows, and flew off with me.

He took me to the top of a building some where and flew off, and then I heard police sirens in the distance; I looked around and noticed that I was in a fictional version of LC across the street from K-mart.

Mr. Luthor had somehow set me up for a crime that I did not commit, so I could get arrested and he would not have to worry about me stopping his plans.

Police officers started to surround the building and a few started to shoot at me, so I decided to try to fly away and so I ran and jumped off the building.

To my surprise I started to fly and then I looked at my hands, and asked myself if this was a dream; instantly I knew it was a dream and I could feel my body laying in bed so I started to rub my hands together to stop that feeling.

It started to work and I flew across the street to a store, I reminded myself to not try to control the rest of the dream so soon to avoid waking up, so I decided to just control my own actions instead; at this point I felt over-confident and powerful.

I walked into the building, somehow knowing that Mr. Luthor and his group were hiding there, and I walked over to Mr. Luthor.

I decided to pretend to go along with Mr. Luthor’s plan, I told him that I would pretend to be the villain, while him & his group would pretend to be the heroes; the dream was still lucid but I did not try to change things around me, to avoid waking up.

Also there was a large chunk of Kryptonite headed toward Earth from space, but only Mr. Luthor knew that it was Kryptonite, others thought it was just normal chunks of rocks or something; Actually I also knew what it really was, but Mr. Luthor had no idea that I knew.

I guess that I was the only person strong enough to break the large chunk of Kryptonite into smaller pieces, so the Earth would not be damaged as much, and so Mr. Luthor wanted me to break it into smaller pieces before it hit the Earth; he knew the Kryptonite would probably kill me or at least weaken me, so he was looking forward to getting rid of me so he could be certain that I would not stop his plans.

I pretended to not know that it was Kryptonite and I agreed to break it into smaller pieces, and then I left to warn my family & friends; I felt that since this was a dream that the Kryptonite would not kill me so I was not afraid, but for some strange reason I did not just kill Mr. Luthor and his group, it was like I just wanted to see what would happen or something.

Mr. Luthor believed that once the Kryptonite pieces land all over Earth that several things would happen such as: many people would die, many buildings would be destroyed, some people would lose their powers, some people would gain powers, some people would be mentally affected & would act strange, Superman/me would die, the Kryptonite would change some ecosystems on the Earth and it would actually start growing on the Earth, and in the chaos his group would slowly gain more power pretending to help the Earth, while at the same time slowly taking over it.

I flew to a neighborhood where I/Superman lived with his/my wife and three kids, and I somehow had a black jacket & put it own to hide my blue shirt with the Superman symbol on it; which I somehow magically had.

Before I could walk to my house, a woman who I knew in the neighborhood stopped to talk to me, she seemed to interested in me and asked where I had been; she did not know that I was Superman or that I had powers, so I told her that something was going to crash into the Earth, and that she needed to go into her house now.

I then ran to my house to warn my wife and kids, who were surprised to see me, and I greeted them all & told them the news; I told my wife to get the shotgun, lock the door, and stay inside.

I ran outside and the sky looked strange with weird colors, and the large chunk of Kryptonite could be seen; I can not remember what happened exactly but I remembered what happened after the pieces hit the Earth.

The Kryptonite made me feel slightly weak, even more powerful, and I felt like it was changing my personality; it was strange.

I went to make sure my wife and kids were okay, which they were, and for some reason my wife was acting strange too; she was yelling at me talking about how I had disappeared for a long time without telling her where I was, I guess that had happened when I was at the building with other people with super powers.

The woman I had talked to earlier came over to talk to me again as my wife yelled at me, but I told her now was not a good time, and I told my wife to relax & I would explain things later; then I flew off.

I went to find my parent’s and brothers, and they were driving in a van to Taco Bell so I stopped to join them; I explained the situation to them as we waited in line, but we noticed that the building was dark & a police car came, so we left.

There was a traffic jam in the road and police were trying to control the traffic; the panic had started and I could see fires in the distance.

I knew that chaos had slowly started throughout the world and that Mr. Luthor’s group’s plan had begun; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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