10-6-2009 | Dream Journal | The Crazy Pre-War In Iran | The Mall

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The Crazy Pre-War In Iran Dream

My second dream was another odd dream which started with me at my parent’s house talking with my mom and my aunt VE about the possible soon to be war in Iran.

I was talking about how do not think there should be a war in the first place and I hoped that one did not happen, but as I was explaining things the room faded and we were outside in a strange place; then my mom & aunt VE disappeared.

There was a military officer wearing the older jungle camouflage talking with another soldier about preparations for the possible war in Iran.

There were some men my age that appeared to be new recruits there too, and it seemed that he was going to use them to make a unit.

I tried to tell him that he should stop the preparations and that a war was not necessary, but he was not listening.

Suddenly a bald man on a horse wearing a cloth tunic with a leather tunic over it rode up, he had a short sword & spear, and looked like an upper class soldier from the time period of Alexander The Great or earlier.

He came over to the military officer, the man was acting like he was the best warrior in the known world or something; I can not remember what happened exactly during this point.

I do remember all of us being in Iran near a small entrance that led to a small arena, but the time period was in the past back before the Roman empire for some strange reason, even though the military officer & most of the recruits were wearing jungle camouflage clothing.

The military unit was lined up outside of the entrance and there were two hoplite-like guards at the entrance, and the man with the bald head walked up & the soldiers began to cheer & chant like he was Achilles or something.

Once again he was acting like he was the greatest warrior in the world and I wondered why did he not have better armor or a shield or helmet.

It appeared that he was supposed to walk to the arena to fight the best warrior in Iran, and this might decide the winner of the war instead of there being a full-scale war.

I turned to look around and wondered how could this guy be the best warrior in the USA, he looked like he could not really fight, but I reminded myself that looks can be deceiving; also I hoped that the fight would prevent the war.

When I looked back the man with the bald head was gone, and a man with long hair that looked a bit like a woman had taken his place at the entrance; but in the dream I still thought that this was him for some strange reason. (I think that this new man was just a decoy to prevent someone from attacking the man with the bald head as he walked to the arena, so he probably snuck/sneaked into the arena while everyone else watched the decoy)

I walked over to the decoy to help guard him as he walked to the arena, because I felt that someone was going to attack him to injure him so that he would lose the fight. (Remember I did not know that he was a decoy in the dream, but after waking up I realized it)

The decoy was scared and looked super weak, and only the two hoplite-like guards & I escorted him to the arena, for some strange reason. (Probably because he was just a decoy)

There were many people blocking our path, it was like a market-like area with many people around doing different things, and so we had to push people out-of-the-way.

I kept telling the two guards that we needed to clear the path first because the people were too close, and I felt that someone was going to attack the decoy.

Some of the people did not notice us as we walked but some people, especially the women, saw the decoy and started running over to him like he was a rock star or something.

They were grabbing him, kissing him, trying to pull his hair, and other stuff; so we had to keep pushing them back and I yelled at the guards to clear the area but they did not.

The decoy was scared senseless and was shaking, so I grabbed him and rushed him into the arena to avoid the crowd that was after him.

I told the two guards to secure the entrance to the arena and I would protect the decoy.

In the arena the seats were mostly empty and fighting area was just dirt, but there were some middle & upper class citizens standing in the fighting area talking for some strange reason.

I looked around wondering why the arena was so poorly secured, and I saw no guards, I started to wonder if this was a set up and wondered how in the world was I going to protect the decoy like this.

A group of women talking saw the decoy and ran at him so I started to push them back, but one woman got past me and started kissing the decoy.

The decoy tried to push her off and she bit him on the face, and he started to bleed; she tried to jump on him but I grabbed her and put her on my shoulder.

She kept trying to get down but I would not let her go, but as I was trying to stop her, a man ran up to the decoy and started jabbing him in the head with his finger or something; the decoy started to bleed near his temple.

I ran to help, still carrying the woman, but the attacker ran; so I chased him while still carrying the woman.

I was very angry at this point, and I hoped that the decoy was not injured too badly; I chased the attacker into a tunnel which looked like my grandfather’s house for some strange reason.

The attacker was trash-talking me as he ran but I grabbed him before he escaped through a door, but I was using one arm to still hold the woman on my shoulder so I could only hold him with one arm.

The attacker was annoying and kept trash talking me and said that he would tell his dad if I did not let him go; the attacker seemed to be about 18 years old.

He started to slip out my hands so I pushed the woman further on my shoulder (she was still trying to get down) and then used both arms to grab the attacker, I put him in a chokehold and was going to make him lose consciousness so I could carry him back to the arena along with the woman; but I woke up instantly.

To my surprise I actually had my pillow in a real choke hold, just like in the dream, which I found disturbing because the choke hold was perfectly locked in like they teach it in The United States Marine Corps Basic Training; that could be dangerous, attacking something in a dream but actually also attacking something/someone next to you in bed.

Fortunately it probably was only for a few short seconds and this is a very rare occurrence, but I still do not like that it happened and hope it does not happen again.

Dream Fragment: The Mall

I had this dream fragment the night before, it took place in a fictional unknown shopping mall in an unknown city, I only remember that I went to this mall in the dream 2 or 3 times during the dream.

The mall had no windows and there were people, but not as many as a normal mall.

I went to a few stores and walked around, and people were acting normal; there were even kids playing as their parents watched.

I remember seeing someone who looked almost like JC, but his hair was too blond, I said hello JC but the man looked at me like I was crazy; so I knew it was not him.

I know I left the mall and came back several times, but I can not remember those parts of the dream; that is all I remember.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


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