Adolf Hitler & The Burning Building

Adolf Hitler & The Burning Building

Last night I had at least 4 dreams but the first two seemed to be somewhat connected and the second two were somewhat connected, so I will combine them into only two dreams.

I only remember fragments of these dreams, but the first one started in some mall-like place at a store I think, I can not remember much; I think I was either shopping and/or a worker at a clothing store.

All I remember after that is being in a burning building with no windows and I think that I was sent into this building to pretend to be one of Adolf Hitler’s guards or soldiers or helpers or whatever.

Hitler was all alone and everyone had left him, the building was burning down, and Hitler seemed to be having a nervous breakdown (mental breakdown) or something.

The dream felt intense, he was showing a lot of different emotions and I could feel some of them; he was talking to his self, yelling, knocking things down, and trying to walk toward me.

I had a pistol that could shoot bullets or shotgun shells, and I used it several times to keep him back; I think I even shot him a few times to stop him from grabbing me, but it did not hurt him really, it only made him fall down or back away from me.

I felt that there were people outside the building and their job and my job was to make sure that Hitler did not escape, and that he would die in the fire of his own building.

I kept walking around the house as Hitler continued to walk toward me talking to his self, yelling, knocking things down, crying, and sometimes he even started talking to me.

I felt sorry for him but at the same time I was somewhat afraid, he was acting crazy and switching between so many emotions, that I can not even describe them all but I could feel them and hear the things he was saying.

It seemed that he had failed and could not accept it, and had completely lost control of himself; all his emotions were pouring out randomly in a constant wave.

He walked around this burning building constantly and sometimes he would try to walk closer to me, but I would back away and use my pistol when necessary.

I could see parts of the building falling and knew that soon the building would collapse, so I tried to led Hitler to the middle of the building and I would try to sneak out of the building as he continued his tantrum thinking that I was still there; it was pretty easy to led him to the middle of the room because he kept walking toward my direction every time I backed away.

I eventually led him to the middle of the building and I started talking to him as I slowly left the room, and I stood outside of the room talking to him for a moment until he stopped following me.

He walked around the room talking and he thought that I was just standing outside of the room listening, so then I used that as my chance to escape the building as it was collapsing.

I escaped out of a door that looked pretty strong and outside I think I saw a general in The United States military or someone who appeared to be high ranked in some organization; and I told him that the building was collapsing now and that Hitler was in the middle of the building.

He said that his team had the building surrounded and would watch it completely burn down, if Hitler survives; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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