10-8-2009 | Dream Fragment | John Versus Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps starting a race, Santa Clara, C...
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Last night I had several dreams but my memory of them is mixed together, and I only remember fragments of most of them so I will combine them all.

I know the first dream or dreams involved a gathering of several members on my mom’s side of the family, and they were meeting up at my grandfather’s house.

I only remember going from my parent’s house to my grandfather’s house several times in the dream or dreams, and during one of those trips I was in my grandfather’s yard waiting for someone to open the door to his house; when suddenly I realized that I was naked for some strange reason.

It was like my clothes had just disappeared or something, fortunately no one was outside, so I started trying to look for anything to cover myself and eventually I found a towel or something hanging outside, so I used that.

My uncle CE opened the door and asked me to take a package to my mom, so I headed back to my parent’s house with the package and I was going to get some more clothes once I got there.

The next thing I remember is wearing swimming trunks as I walked to a recreational pool area, that had several pools and an interesting sitting area that had a water fall moving over all the steps/sitting areas.

The sitting area was a bunch of steps covered in moving water that over looked all the pools, and I saw groups of people about my age and younger talking in this area so I walked over there.

For some strange reason I ended up talking to Michael Phelps and I knew it was him, even though he did not look like himself exactly.

Some of the groups of people recognized him and watched him as he talked, I do not remember what he said, but I remember challenging him to a swimming race for some strange reason.

In real life I can barely swim to save my life, I am one of the slowest swimmers of all time, I can not swim on top of the water very good, and I swim better under water, but the water pressure negatively affects my endurance.

Anyway, he accepted the challenge so we walked down to the pool as the other people watched.

We did not agree on any particular swimming stroke, so any style was acceptable.

We got into the pool and then the race began across the pool.

I tried to swim on top of the water using the common swimming stroke and Michael Phelps was using that same stroke as well.

I was losing very badly, so I started to swim under water which helped a bit, but Michael Phelps had already won the race before I was even 25% finished; I did better than I had expected so I did not feel bad about the race.

I congratulated Michael Phelps on his victory and then I headed back to the sitting area to rest; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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