John Jr’s Daughter? | The UFO Fragment?

John’s Daughter?

I had this dream fragment the night before last, but I barely remember any of it.

I remember being at some school or college talking with a group of students my age, and I was mostly talking with two women that were friends.

During our conversation, one of the women had a secret that she wanted to tell us that had something to do with me and her friend.

She started giving us hints as we both tried to figure it out and one of the hints had to do with the mother of the friend, and I/me.

I then had a flashback of me and the mother of the friend, and we used to have a relationship, even though she was probably old enough to be my mom; I found that odd, but then I realized what the secret might be, so I looked at the woman with a facial expression showing I now knew the secret, and she shook her head letting me know that my guess was correct.

I could not believe it, but I felt that it was probably true, so I decided to explain what I thought the secret was.

I told her that I just remembered that her mother and me had a relationship at some point in the past, and that even though this makes no sense, I think that I am her father even though we both seemed to be about the same age.

I told her that I did not know this for sure and/or until now, but she walked off in shock, anger, and confusion.

I was confused and shocked as well, but I was worried about how she was going to handle this shocking news, and I was a bit mad that the woman had decided to share this secret/knowledge/information all of a sudden/suddenly, without preparing us first.

I then walked off to make sure that the woman was okay/fine, but I woke up.

The UFO Fragment?

Last night unfortunately I only remembered the end of my dream fragment mostly and the beginning to middle is almost completely forgotten, so the dream is very unclear.

I think the dream started in D near the park and the elementary school, and I think a UFO landed into the ground in an open field; the object went underneath the ground, so you could not see it, but I think it was pretty small and probably just a small remote-controlled drone or something or just a space rock either way it was just a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object, it could have been anything, I do not know what it was, that is why I used the word UFO).

I may have been the only person that saw it and I may have even dug it up, but I can not remember, I just remember the end of the dream.

I had what appeared to be a soda machine, and I was pushing it to a small apartment room or something, and I had the object from earlier in the dream, hidden in the floor of the apartment; but I was pretending that the object was hidden in the soda machine or what ever it was.

My apartment was on the first floor next to an exit that I think led to a parking lot that was connected to a fictional M or some college, so if I needed to escape, it would not be that hard to run away.

I felt that some people, who probably worked for the government, were after the object; so I had run, trying to avoid them in the dream, but I can not remember the middle of the dream.

I went into the apartment with the soda machine or whatever, locked the door, closed the curtains, and checked the room to make sure no cameras or people were in there.

I felt that the apartment was no longer safe and that I should get the object out of the floor, and leave the apartment to hide somewhere else; but before I could get the object out of the floor I saw two huge men through the crack of the curtain walking toward my door, so I hid in a clothing rack area near my bed.

The two men somehow had a key to my room and opened the door, they looked like huge hitmen that worked for the mafia & government sometimes when necessary or something, and they were dressed in track & field style clothing as a disguise and I felt that they had handguns with silencers.

They looked around the room, but fortunately they did not search the room well because they saw my wallet on a table, so they thought that I had run out the back door when I heard them coming.

They saw the soda machine or whatever, and they thought that I had left the object in there, so they left the apartment for some reason, probably to call their supervisors to find out what should they do next.

I then walked to look out of the curtain to see if they were gone, but I think one of them saw me, so they came back to the apartment, so I hid again.

This time they looked a bit harder around the room and one of them almost saw me, but he looked under my bed instead of in the corner of the clothing rack area.

They then left again, but I stayed hidden this time wondering what should I do next; I wondered what was the object exactly and why did the government want it and was it Alien or Human made or some other Earth species.

I even wondered what did the object look like, so I either had not seen it yet or I had forgotten how it looked, which is strange either way; actually I think I had seen it but my memory of it was unclear other than it was a silver color and not very big, it was probably between the size(s) of a food plate to the average sized human, but I can not remember.

The next part of the dream is unclear, but I think that the two men came back, and as they were opening the door I decided to attack them with a pillow and I ran to the parking lot for some stupid reason.

I did that, but I felt it was a stupid thing to do, so I woke myself up from the dream wanting to fix that mistake; so I woke up, and later went back to sleep.

Oddly the dream started back but this time instead of the two same men coming into the apartment, it was JB and I guess his bodyguard/friend, and they knew nothing about the object.

JB came to tell me something, but first I started talking to him about something, and then I predicted that he had come to tell me that he officially did not want to be my friend, which I already had predicted him and a few others would say, but I was just hoping that they would make it official, so I would not waste my time, and they would not waste their time.

I found it odd that he actually came to say that in person unlike the others, so I respected him for that and being honest, and then him and his friend/bodyguard left.

I then decided to look in the floor to see the object, but I can not remember what it looked like except that it was silver, I decided that I would leave it there at the apartment and never return there, so the government would still think that I had it; also I knew they would take the decoy which was hidden in the soda machine or whatever.

The dream jumped to the future where I was finally tired of running from the government, so I called who ever had chased me all of that time to make a deal, for some reason I was standing in the same spot where the object had landed originally, and I seemed to be tired and a bit older now.

I told them that I really did not have the object, but I would tell them where it was, but they must promise to leave me and my family/friends alone, and in exchange I would not tell the world what I saw; so I guess the object was alien or from some other Earth species, but I could be wrong.

They started to take a moment to think about it, and I started to wonder if this was the right thing to do; I felt that the world should know about this, but I did not want to sacrifice myself or my family/friends to share this information to the world, so I gave up.

I felt bad and like I had sold out, because the real me probably would have sacrificed myself to let the world know the truth instead of the lies told by the government, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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