An Attempted Murder Cover-Up Affair

File: Rinya waterfall.jpg
Description: Waterfall of branch Rinya

Last night I remembered parts of my last dream, unfortunately the dream is unclear due to the fact that I was awakened by outside noise, and so I forgot parts of the dream; this was a strange and awkward dream.

I was not in this dream at all, but I could see things like a camera person.

I remember seeing a woman who looked like Lucy Lawless, and she appeared to be an employee at some business place where everyone was dressed up.

Not only that, but I think she was having an affair with another worker that looked like David Duchovny.

I am not sure if she was married or if he was married or if they were both married, but I do know that it was an affair.

Mrs. Lawless had a friend that also worked in the same office, but no one knew about the affair, not even her friend; but one day the friend somehow found out about the affair.

I think the friend either heard them talking privately in one of the office rooms and / or she saw them kissing or something.

When the friend told Mrs. Lawless that she now knew about the affair, Mrs. Lawless told her not to tell anyone and asked her if she had told anyone.

The friend agreed not to tell anyone and said that she had not told anyone yet, so Mrs. Lawless told her friend to meet her outside after work.

After work, every one had left except Mrs. Lawless & her friend, and the sun was somewhat close to setting.

The parking lot was small, the office building was a small, modern looking building that looked like the apartment building in my other dream that almost involved an affair.

On one side of the building, the side that probably almost no one used, there was a river.

Mrs. Lawless told her friend that she had some private information about the affair that she wanted to share with her, so they walked over near the river to talk.

I think Mrs. Lawless then picked up a block of wood and then beat her friend to death with it.

Then she took all her clothes off, so she could get rid of some evidence.

She had already planned to kill her friend ahead of time, so there was even a wooden raft by the river that she had made so that she could put the body on it.

Then take it down the river to hide the body, she also probably had already put that block of wood on the ground earlier to use it as the murder weapon.

Mrs. Lawless then put her friend’s body on the raft and started trying to drag it into the river.

The entire time, she did not look like she felt bad for murdering her friend, she actually looked like she enjoyed it.

Right before she pushed the raft into the river, she heard a dragging noise, and walking toward the river was Mr. Duchovny dragging the body of a dead man to the river.

The dead man looked like an employee at their job, and he was still dressed up in his business clothes.

Mr. Duchovny and Mrs. Lawless then both seen each other and were surprised to see that they both had just murdered someone, and both were going to try to hide the bodies in the river.

Mr. Duchovny said that the man he killed was one of his friend’s that also worked in the office, and that he had somehow found out about their affair, so he killed him.

Mrs. Lawless then told her story, and then they loaded both bodies on the raft after Mr. Duchovny got rid of his friend’s clothes.

Both of them also got on the raft and started to float down the river, they both seemed to be enjoying themselves and the dead bodies next to them did not even seem to bother them.

They even took their clothes off and started having sex next to and over the dead bodies. (Now that is freaky and disturbing,
even for a dream)

The river was heading to a waterfall, so they got ready and they both got into the river, while still holding to the raft.

The waterfall went to a dead-end drop, that led to nowhere, and you could see nothing but a rock wall.

So no one would ever find the bodies unless they came to the end of this waterfall for some strange reason.

As the raft was about to go over the edge, Mr. Duchovny grabbed a rock with one arm and the raft with the other, so the raft would not fall completely over the edge.

Mrs. Lawless held onto the raft, and she made sure that the bodies fell off the raft and over the waterfall.

After the bodies fell, she almost fell as well, but she held onto the raft as Mr. Duchovny pulled the raft near the rock that he was holding onto.

Mrs. Lawless managed to reach Mr. Duchovny’s hand, she let go of the raft, and he pulled her to the rocks.

Next to the rocks was a narrow ledge that they could walk on to get back up-stream, so they climbed to it.

I guess she also had their clothes from the raft because they were dressed again after they climbed out of the river.

They both left, then the dream jumped to the next day, and they were both walking on the narrow ledge back to the waterfall to see if the bodies were still there.

To their surprise they did not see the bodies, after looking around for a while, they noticed a naked man and a naked woman walking out of a small cave that was next to the bottom of the waterfall.

They were the two friends that they had thought they had killed.

Mrs. Lawless and Mr. Duchovny were shocked and just watched their two friends from a distance.

They noticed that their two friends could not talk exactly, they only could make mumbling noises and hand gestures to communicate, and they appeared to have completely lost their memories.

Mrs. Lawless then seemed to no longer be worried about the situation and laughed, but Mr. Duchovny seemed to be worried.

He started to think that they should help their two friends back over the waterfall and take them to a doctor.

But Mrs. Lawless said that would be too risky, and someone could find out that they had tried to kill them if they both went to take them to a doctor.

She also said that they should leave them down there because they could not escape from down there on their own and even if they did, their memory of the attempted murder was gone.

They would probably be put into a mental institution for the rest of their lives, since their brains seemed to be so damaged that they were acting somewhat like Neanderthals.

She actually was enjoying the situation and suggested that they come every so often to bring them water, food, and supplies so that they would not die; if that would make Mr. Duchovny feel better.

Mrs. Lawless then got the idea that she would treat them like pets and try to get them to do stuff for her own entertainment.

Because they were acting almost like children and / or mentally handicap from the brain damage from the attempted murders.

As Mrs. Lawless stood there thinking about how much fun she was going to have and Mr. Duchovny stood there looking like he regretted what he had done; I woke up.

That sure was an odd, awkward, and disturbing dream.

They murdered their own friends just to cover up an affair, that is crazy.

If this dream had any special meaning, which I am not saying it did, I wonder what in the world would it mean?

The end,
– John Jr

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