10-20-2009 | Dream Fragments | Justin Timberlake At The Gas Station | DH’s Job | John The Secret Agent | JC’s Swimming Lesson

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JT At The Gas Station

I had this first dream fragment two nights ago, I had the second dream one night ago, and I had my last two dreams last night.

This first dream fragment was very short and unclear, I just remember being at what I think was a gas station out in the middle of no where, and I think I was near the gas pumps.

I think someone pulled up to the gas pump to get gas and it was Justin Timberlake, but he had his old hairstyle from his Nsync days.

At some point we started talking when he realized that I knew who he was, and he started telling about some of his techniques to avoid being noticed.

First he said he was using his old hairstyle to make people think that he was just a Justin Timberlake wannabe, he was driving an old somewhat dirty car to blend in, and he was out in the middle of no where because sometimes he liked to go hang out in smaller cities to avoid being noticed.

He told me that recently a crazy fan had noticed who he was and he managed to escape from her, and that is how he had made it to this gas station; but he was still afraid that she was after him.

I think he was planning on driving to another city to go to a club, bar, and maybe a few other places; he tried to convince me to go, but I am not the type that goes to clubs or bars.

I did start to think about going just to see how the average celebrity acts at clubs and bars and etc.; but I woke up.

DH‘s Job

The night before last I had this dream fragment, which I think took place in a fictional version of LC, some how I saw DH somewhere and he told me that he had a job working at a television station.

So me and my brothers went to see what it was like, it seemed that DH worked with the technical crew that helped record the video/audio, set up the equipment, and did the editing.

DH was pretty busy and was giving out orders and adjusting things as he tried to talk to us about how he had either finished college or was about to finish.

It seemed that this was a very nice job for him and so I congratulated him on his job, and we left so he could get back to work.

In the dream I did not have a job and I had not started college again, so I was wondering what I was going to do and wondered if I could get a job at the television station too; but I woke up.

John The Secret Agent

Last night I had this dream fragment that seemed to involve me working as a secret agent or something, but I am not sure who I worked for or what my missions were really about.

I just remember the dream jumping around showing brief parts of some of my different missions and how I managed to escape getting caught.

I think I was wearing a slightly over sized black suit with tie in all my missions and some of my missions took place at hospitals, stores, businesses, and maybe a few college buildings.

I think that I looked at secret documents or items in some missions, copied some of those things & took pictures in other missions, and maybe I even took some of those items in a few missions; but I can not remember exactly.

I seemed to be very good at my job and I would pretend to be confident, and I would try to blend in with other people around.

In a few missions I would even small talk with some security guards before I carried out my mission, some times I pretended to be a security guard, sometimes I pointed the security guards in the wrong direction or told them false information that made them search the wrong part of the building, sometimes I pretended to be a worker or bystander, and I used other tactics as well.

I seemed to enjoy testing the security and my own skills, so I did risky experiments to fool the security and see how good my skills were.

After several missions no one knew who they were after, they did not know what I looked like or even if I was a man or woman, so I started to see more & more security guards after each mission.

Several of the places I had already completed missions on had hired Morgan Freeman to handle their security and he had increased security at all of my targets, so my last mission of the dream was my hardest.

I had to use a combination of several of my techniques to trick the security and I managed to complete my mission, but I had to escape.

I actually saw Morgan Freeman walking through the hallway telling the security guards to lock-down the building and to check everyone, starting with the bottom floor and to work their way to the very top, which is the floor that I was on.

I knew I could not escape through the first floor at this point so I managed to get to a quiet area on the top floor and I jumped out of a window, right before some security guards had heard me open the windows but they did not see me.

I fell into a sidewalk with many college students walking around and so I walked with them to blend in until I made it to a corner, and then I headed toward a large parking garage to get in my automobile to leave.

On my way back to the parking garage I almost was spotted by Morgan Freeman, who had come out of the building with a pistol pointing at the parking garage, so his back was turned to me and he did not see me when I ducked back behind the building to hide.

He realized that I would probably be headed toward the parking garage when I escaped, so he was ready to shoot me before I could leave, but he still did not know who I was or what I looked like.

Another security guard came to tell him something, but Morgan Freeman almost shot him because he did not hear him walking up to him.

The security guard told Morgan Freeman that I had probably escaped already, so Morgan Freeman sighed and felt that I had already escaped.

He then got angry and started talking about how he was so close to catching me, how it was embarrassing that he had so many security guards this time but I still escaped, he complained that they did not even know what I looked like or even if I was a woman or man,  he started to think that maybe I was a woman and that is how I kept going unnoticed, and he continued his angry rant.

After a while he calmed down and vowed that he would find out who I was and that he would catch me one day.

So I decided to do something risky, I walked from my hiding spot toward the parking garage and stopped to say hello to Morgan Freeman and the other security guard.

I asked them if someone’s car had been stolen and they said no, so I told them that it was good that they were there to help protect the area and I thanked them for their hard work, I said goodbye and walked toward my car; Morgan Freeman was still too focused on trying to figure out how I had escaped so he did not even suspect that I was the person that he was after.

I drove off smiling and laughing, and surprised that I had managed to escape right in front of them once again; then I woke up.

JC’s Swimming Lesson

My last dream of the night took place at an indoor swimming pool that was similar to the one in S, and JC was there and on the other side of the pool and AM was there with a few young woman.

AM appeared to be in a beginners swimming class with the other young women, and they were just mostly talking and sometimes they would practice a bit.

JC was swimming back and forth across the pool faster than some Olympic swimmers, and so I asked him to show me how swim that fast.

He did not know the name of the swimming stroke that he was using but he described how to do the swimming stroke, and so I then tried it and I swam faster than I ever have in real life.

I tried swimming across the pool two times and then I challenged JC to a race, and lost, but after losing I noticed that the water in the pool was almost gone; which I found odd.

The water level had dropped to below our ankles right after we had reached the other side of the pool, and I saw AM and the other young women walking off.

AM said that the pool was being drained and that it was time to go, so we started to leave, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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