11-3-2009 | Dream Fragment | Surfing Lesson+Dead Sharks+Michael Jordan+Old Man On A Ladder=?

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Last night I remembered most of my last dream which was somewhat strange but detailed in some areas, the dream started with me outside near a small beach/lake.

The weather was gray and appeared to be somewhat cold and a man my age with a full surfing wet suit or body suit and a surf board was walking in front of me toward the water.

He told me to follow him, it appeared that he was about to teach me how to surf, to my surprise there were waves in the deeper end of the lake.

I was afraid to get into the water but I did anyway, but I stayed cautious and walked slowly, I must have had a wet suit or body suit on too.

The water was very shallow at first and the water was dirty like the normal lakes in L, but I could see into the water a bit since it was shallow.

On the right end of the lake near the edge I noticed a dead shark that was probably 5 foot long, that made me even more afraid, so I stopped walking.

We were on the left side of the lake and the water level was below our ankles, so we were not far out yet, I told the man that I just saw a dead shark and was afraid that there may be some living sharks in the water; he was not worried at all and told me that I had nothing to worry about, and told me to keep walking and relax.

I started to slowly walk again while looking around very cautiously and we finally reached a water level drop point where the water level would raise to our waist, but I was afraid to go that deep so I stood on a rock that was under the water to look around first.

I noticed a small fish and/or crab and/or some water creäture on the rock as well, so I tried to scare it off of the rock by pushing my foot toward it, but it only backed up a few inches.

I then looked to my left to look for any signs of sharks or other dangerous creatures, and then I noticed another dead shark that was about the same size as the other one; that made me even more afraid and cautious.

The man was already in the waist deep part of the lake while I was still standing in the ankle-deep part, and he called me over; I told him that I did not think it was safe to surf out here and he told me to relax and that the weather was great for learning to surf today.

He told me to come into the deeper end because I could not learn to surf in the shallow parts, for some strange reason I decided to go into the waist deep water, even though I was scared and knew it was not a good idea; I basically told myself this may be the only time I get a chance to learn to surf, so I jumped into the deeper part.

I then started to follow the man deeper into the water while nervously looking around for danger and just as the man got far enough out to climb on his surf board, another man called him to come start cleaning, so we got out of the lake.

I felt better once I got back on land, and I noticed that along the left side of the lake was a walkway that led to a small building and on the small beach part there was another building; that is where the other man had come from.

The man appeared to be a janitor and I guess the man who was about to show me how to surf was one of his assistants, because another man my age also came to help start cleaning around the two buildings.

As they started to clean Michael Jordan walked from the building by the beach toward the janitor and he greeted him like they were old friends that had not seen each other in a long time; it appeared that Michael Jordan used to work as a janitor at this building in the past.

They started talking and then I noticed my dad and an old man who looked somewhat like my grandfather walking from that same building by the beach; they were talking and the old man seemed to be a carpenter.

I told my dad that Michael Jordan was here and that he used to be a janitor here, I told him how odd that seemed to me, but I also found it interesting.

I followed my dad and the old man into the building by the beach, I think there was a small gym in this building, and we walked through it to the other side.

On the other side was a courtyard with some old people, a few middle-aged people, and a few kids talking.

To my surprise the old man was about to start working on the top part of a building, so he climbed on the top of a ladder and started working while balancing on the front of his toes; I was shocked by how this very old man could do something like that, so I stood there watching in surprise.

Then an old woman who looked like my ex-step-grandmother came over telling him to get down because it was dangerous, she appeared to be his wife, he ignored her so she tried to grab the ladder.

I then told her not to grab the ladder because she might knock him down but she did not listen and tried to grab the ladder, but I moved in her way.

She then started yelling for him to get down and she started to panic and cry.

Then a group of old women came to help her and the woman once again tried to grab the ladder, but this time she did it wildly while crying and yelling along with the other women who were now joining in.

The old man seemed to not notice any of this and I was afraid for his safety and about five old women were surrounding me trying to grab the ladder, so I got mad and desperate and yelled at them while pushing them back and swinging my arms to make them back up.

They backed up still making a lot of noise and grabbing toward the ladder, I told them to calm down before they knock the old man down and hurt him, but they would not listen.

Then other people started coming over to watch and/or join the old women, the situation was now out of control, so somehow I started to control the dream a bit.

I told myself that I rather do indirect security being the eyes and ears instead of the direct security dealing with all the people, so I started to walk off and imagined that some other people would come help me secure the area; then two men my age, probably the two men from earlier, came to hold some of the people back.

I stood in the middle of the courtyard looking around for threats and ways to secure the area, and more people started to come to help me as I gave out orders to help hold the people back and set up a safe zone; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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