The Fairy In The Cave House

Last night I remembered some of my last dream, unfortunately I could not find a good picture of a fairy for this entry; no, the fairy did not look like the one in this picture but her hair was styled in a somewhat similar way and/or it was short like this but she may have not had wings and I do not remember a wand and I do not know what she wore and her ears were not that pointy and she was only an inch or two shorter than the average woman about 5 foot 3 inches or 5 foot 2 inches or a bit shorter.

Anyway, important pieces of this dream are missing, I just remember being in a small house that appeared to be built either connected to a cave or in a cave; I think it was connected to a cave and the small cave looked mostly like a normal house due to decorations.

The details are foggy but I remember a woman a bit older than me being in this house as well, I think she was a news reporter and we spent some time getting to know each other a bit.

She seemed to be an interesting person that was focused on her career and we had some interesting discussions and actually had some things in common surprisingly, I remember starting to think about the possibility of starting a romantic relationship with her, but one day we met a fairy.

In the part of the house that I think was a small cave, a woman appeared one day, but I can not remember how exactly; I think she just appeared magically.

She was a bit smaller than the average woman, she had short brown hair, she seemed ageless even though she looked to be 18-23 years old, she had a very youthful vibe about her or however you say it, but I can not remember what she was wearing or if she had wings.

Some how we knew she was not human but she looked almost completely human, but I think her ears were very slightly pointed at the top; it was barely noticeable and she had a slight somewhat elf-like look to her face.

Anyway somehow we knew that she was a fairy and she probably even told us, but I can not remember, I just remember referring to her as a fairy in the dream and so did the other woman in the dream.

I am not sure if she could fly or not but I think she may have flew around a few times during the first few times we met her, but I can not remember; I just remember time in the dream jumping around.

At first the fairy would appear from the cave and watch and/or talk with us for a little while, and then she would disappear once she walked back into the cave.

The other woman and I seemed to treat the fairy sort of like a novelty at first, if that is the correct word, and did not make a big deal about it oddly; also it was odd that the new reporter did not try to do a news story about the fairy, but I think we must have promised the fairy to keep her a secret.

Eventually the woman who was in the house with me started going off to work her news reporter job often, so I was left alone at the house more, and so I started to spend more time with the fairy.

And oddly I started to feel a connection with her and we actually got along very well, we were so compatible and comfortable around each other that I could actually feel the connection between us literally; it was not exactly a romantic or sexual connection or anything like that, but just a strong connection.

The fairy was always cheerful and I could feel a sense of constant youthfulness when she was around, and I had the feeling that she was actually very old even though she did not look like it; I felt that she probably never aged.

The fairy never tried to harm or seduce me or anything, she just treated me like a very special friend that she had an odd connection with and I treated her the same way.

I remember wondering about the fact that we called her a fairy, I do not know much if anything about fairy legends, to me she seemed so human even though I knew she was not.

As our connection grew stronger I remember one day both of us just laying together sleeping, in a non-sexual way of course, and I just felt at peace along with the strong feeling of this strange connection that I had with the fairy like we were meant to be together somehow.

I started to wonder about this situation since before I had thought about started a romantic relationship with the news reporter, but now I had this strange special connection with the fairy, so I felt that I needed to make a decision; So I chose the fairy, but wanted to talk to the news reporter about it first.

But my connection with the fairy was odd, it did not exactly seem to be romantic or sexual, but it felt like we were meant to be together and just being around her felt great; but I did not know exactly what kind of relationship would that be or could be yet, and she was not even human.

As I laid there with the fairy relaxing and trying to sleep with a perfect sense of peace or should I say, completeness?

I decided to get up and go find the news reporter to talk to her about the situation, even though I would have rather lay there forever with the fairy, so I told the fairy that I was going to find the news reporter and that I would be back.

The fairy was barely awake and was very relaxed so she just nodded to me, meaning okay, and so I left the house.

Outside it was sunny and there was a small park near the house, and I saw the news reporter giving a news report about something; so I walked over to talk to her once she finished.

After she finished, I greeted her and asked her what she was reporting and she told me that she was covering a brief story about people having fun in the park.

I am not sure if I told her about the fairy situation or not, I just remember seeing two groups of people in the park lined up next to each other, and they were all people who I had went to high school with; so I went over to talk to them after I finished my talk with the news reporter and she left to finish working on her news story at the news station.

The two groups of my fellow classmates were about to have a race where one person in each group would race to one side and back, and then the next person would do the same thing; it was a relay race.

I remember AM, JS, AR, and a few other people were on the left side and I think MW and a few others were on the right side.

AM was the first person on the left side to start the race and he easily beat his opponent putting his side in the lead, but the last person on his team was AR and she lost the big lead that they had, and she barely won the race by an inch or two but they still won.

They started to celebrate and then as we all started to talk about the race, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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