British Intelligence Agents? | John Vincent “William One Sac” Crawford

British Intelligence Agents?

This dream did not have me in it, it took place in some building that appeared to have only one floor and an underground vault or something like that, the vault seemed to be used as a quarantine area.

A group of men and women that appeared to be British Intelligence Agents or some kind of secret agents came into this building.

It appeared they had come to respond to something, a group of some other agents had quarantined themselves in the vault, so the new group of agents had come to see what had happened.

Somehow the new agents were able to see inside the vault, probably with video cameras that were in the building, and they saw that all the agents inside were dead.

I think their skin was damaged, and it appeared that maybe a virus or something had killed them, so they stopped to debate the situation, and then one of the agents walked from somewhere with a book.

This agent was a man who appeared to act like a bad guy.

He had a book that may have had something to do with what killed the other agents, and the agents told him to put it down and that no one was to mess with the book.

The agent appeared to have probably used the book, knowing it was against the rules.

He seemed to want to use the book for his own purposes, he started to argue with the other agents, and then left without permission.

The other agents then went back to debating the situation, but then one of the agents started to feel sick, so he went to the vault to quarantine himself.

The other agents started to get worried and angry at the one agent that left the building.

They felt that because of him using the book or whatever that the agent in the vault would die and maybe all of them.

They wanted to go catch the agent that had left, but they had to figure out what was going on first; but then I woke up.

William One Sac?

I forgot my other dreams because during those dreams I kept trying to remember the first dream, but I do remember some of my last dream.

It took place out in the countryside at a nice little country-style house with a nice sized yard with many of my brother’s pets there, it appeared that my parents now lived there.

I was in the yard doing something when an automobile pulled up and a man got out that looked like John Vincent “William One Sac” Crawford, and he walked over to talk to me.

It was daytime, my dad was somewhere outside working, and Mr. Sac told me something about how he only told certain information to people who passed his test.

He said that he usually starts a basic conversation with someone and depending on their responses, he decides if they are ready to hear what he has to say; if not, he does not share certain information or something like that.

We started to walk and talk, I cannot remember much, except during one part we stopped by some logs on the ground.

We saw a few grub worms in one of the logs or a worm, and he dug them out.

He killed them and apologized or something like that.

He said that he only killed animals that created an unbalance and/or did not help reduce cockroach (roach) populations or something weird like that, I think.

Then he started to talk about politics and said something about The United States Presidential Election Of 2008 and the years of the presidency of George W. Bush, and then asked me some questions.

Then he said that I passed the test, and we started to walk again, as he prepared to start sharing some information with me, an automobile drove up.

A man got out, greeted us, and told Mr. Sac that it was time to go.

Mr. Sac wanted to stay longer, but the man suggested that they go, so they stopped to talk about it.

I walked off to give them some privacy, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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