NF And Portals

Last night I only remembered some of the end of my dream and not the beginning until the middle of the dream, so things are unclear.

I think the dream involved me being in D and there were various portals around the city that allowed you to go into other parts of the city almost instantly and some of them led to places I had never seen before, the portals were mostly clear and were shaped almost like circles, so they were hard to see.

I went into one I guess and it went straight to a small room that was almost like a classroom but I do not think it was one, the room was mostly dark except for the light from a movie that was playing on a screen on the wall.

There were several people sitting down watching a movie or something, I think it was either in German and/or a film about Germany and/or a film made in Germany, there was a table closer to the screen and NF was sitting there watching the movie or whatever; NF had longer hair instead of her short hairstyle.

Further from her were two other table that had a rail that separated their tables from NF’s, and at the table closest to NF I saw a former classmate of mine that liked me in high school.

I had hoped that the classmate had not see me, so I tried to sneak to NF’s table and sit with my back facing my former classmate, hoping that she would not see me.

I wanted to talk to NF, but I was afraid that the classmate would see us talking and maybe try to either verbally and/or physically attack NF, so I wondered what I should do.

NF did not seem to notice me yet, she appeared to be very focused on the movie and she was enjoying it, it was interesting watching her for the moment.

I felt that my former classmate was watching me from behind and I felt that she could stab me in the back with a knife if she wanted to, so I was a little nervous and at the same time I was afraid for NF’s safety if I talked to her and at the same time I felt like getting NF’s attention by touching her on the arm or by starting to talk to her or something.

As I tried to figure out what to do, I felt a possible connection with NF and wondered if she felt the same way, but I just tried to pushed those feelings and thoughts aside and tried to hide them not wanting to risk facing those feelings and to avoid the possibility of getting hurt if I tried to share how I felt only to be rejected.

I decided to deal with the situation by leaving the portal so that NF could enjoy the movie and that my former classmate would not know that I even knew NF, and I would come back later to talk to NF when my former classmate was gone.

I then left the portal which took me somewhere near Pizza Hut and then I got into my automobile to look for more portals, hoping to find a quiet place I could show to NF later without having to worry about my former classmate being around or anyone; I was hoping to find a nice place to be away from many of the negative things in the outside world, the kind of places you usually only find in dreams.

It is funny that I was trying to find such a place, even as I was in a dream, hahaha.

I drove up the road looking for more portals, but since they were hard to see, I decided to park my automobile and walk around looking.

I found another portal by the field near Burger King I think, but it only took me to the other side of the street or something like that, so I walked all the way near FB Church.

I saw another former classmate of mine named SB that was wearing a work uniform and looked like he was taking a lunch break from work, I tried to avoid him seeing me but as I was doing that another classmate of mine named AJ saw me.

AJ looked like he had just finished work and was walking home, but someone offered him a ride, he saw me walking and asked if I needed a ride; I told him thanks, but I had my automobile nearby and I was just taking a walk.

He said okay, got into the automobile, and left; I then looked around wondering where some more portals could be, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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