Creatures In The Dark | The Anthony Bourdain Show

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream Fragment: Creatures In The Dark

I had this first dream fragment the night before last and the picture above is not a good representation of the creatures I barely could see in the darkness, they appeared to be a grayish color and looked like a combination of human/alien/gargoyle/or something; they either had four arms or two arms and two wings, and they seemed to hunch instead of stand up straight.

Oddly I only remember me and a few men and women walking toward some building, I think we had guns but I can not remember, it seemed like we were some sort of team.

We appeared to be trying to clear the area of something and look for supplies and a place to stay, it was like this area was abandoned, but things did not look destroyed.

I always wonder what is going on in dreams like this, it is like the beginning or most important parts are missing or censored, either things looked devastated or just abandoned or people are fleeing and/or fighting; these dreams are mysteries never showing me what happened to cause this or what is causing this, etc.

Anyway, we went into this warehouse-like building and I do not think we fought anyone, but we may have; I just remember us looking around making sure the place was clear.

We went into one part of the building that was dark except for light that may have come from a few windows in the roof, the room was somewhat like a big kitchen with several freezer rooms or something, but I doubt the freezers were turned on.

In the room as we were checking it I noticed something behind the glass of one of the freezer rooms, actually all of them, it was completely dark in the freezers so only the reflection of light from the room allowed me to somewhat see what I saw; and what I saw was disturbing/scary.

I saw what appeared to be a bunch of creatures awake and waiting in each freezer room, I felt that they could not come out into the light, so they were waiting until night-time.

It was so dark that I could barely see the creatures but I think they looked like a combination of human/alien/gargoyle, they hunched like gargoyles and either had just two arms and two wings or four arms, they were grayish colored with alien/human-like skin, and their head may have been more like deformed scary humans from the film I Am Legend or something.

I was so scared by them that I felt that we had to leave the building immediately and find a place to hide before night-time came, so I told the others to leave quickly without telling them why, since they had not seen the creatures yet.

I wanted to leave quickly and quietly, hoping that the creatures did not notice us, and so we ran; the others hesitated at first but then they followed me.

I explained what I had seen once we left the building, we then found an abandoned house that had a basement and we started to decide what we should do; but I woke up.

The Anthony Bourdain Show Dream

I had this dream last night and it sure was an odd dream in some places, but a nice dream in other ways in its realism, but at the same time odd in other ways.

This dream started with Anthony Bourdain filming a show in what appeared to be D and I was his guide and/or my dad, it started with Mr. Bourdain stopping at some big truck that actually had a small store on it in the storage area and I followed him.

Inside there was a husband, wife, and young daughter that were the owners; Mr. Bourdain had come to buy something for a friend, a male sex toy called the Fleshlight; this alone makes this dream very odd and I never had a dream with a sex toy yet alone a male one, very strange.

Anyway, he did not know much about it so he asked the owner about it and then he bought one, a blue one with blue storage case.

The wife and daughter noticed that the blue attracted too much attention so they recommended black, so they took it and started to find a black one with a black storage case for him; I just stood at a distance feeling a bit uncomfortable/strange and shocked about the situation.

After that Mr. Bourdain was supposed to go exploring around town somewhere and my dad was supposed to show him the way, so I had to drive him to where my dad was, which we thought was the building by FB Church.

We walked toward the building and there was a woman outside and she told us to go inside and inside we saw people sitting at tables, some signing in, and this appeared to be a seminar that was about to happen.

We saw a sign that said relationship seminar or something and we looked around to see couples mostly, so we instantly knew we were in the wrong place and my dad was not there, Mr. Bourdain commented that he did not feel right and I agreed so we decided to sneak out when the woman who greeted us was not looking.

She walked outside to check for anyone else that was looking for the seminar so we ran, it was funny, we then hid behind a bush waiting for her to go back inside so that we could run to my automobile; but two other women came to talk to her and they started to walk toward the bush that we were hiding behind, so we moved a little further away from it to hide.

As they walked past us, they did not notice us, and so we started to sneak toward the parking lot; but then something happened.

I heard a dog, a group of women, and then a soccer ball landed by me; so I picked it up to return it to the owner and a group of women all with blond hair & a dog was with them, came over toward me.

They appeared to be soccer players just playing around and were having fun, so I threw them the soccer ball and started to walk toward the parking lot, but the sun was so bright that it was practically blinding me.

I could hear the women around me laughing and kicking the soccer ball, and somehow the ball kept coming to me and I would throw it back instead of kick it; oddly I could not see the ball unless I was holding it because of the brightness from the sun but somehow I caught the ball each time the women kicked it to me, even though I could not see it.

It was like I just knew and they would laugh every time I caught it and threw it back, I told them that my eyes were sensitive to the light and that I could not hardly see because of the sun, and that is why I was throwing it back instead of kicking it; they just laughed and continued to follow me kicking the ball, I have no idea were Mr. Bourdain was during this because I could not see really except for mostly bright light/the ground below me/and some of the legs of the women kicking the ball closest to me.

I almost forgot to mention another odd part about this dream, after I told the women that my eyes were sensitive to the sunlight, I said that I should have gotten transition lenses but I said the word wrong ; as I was about to correct myself one of the women corrected me and I then said it correctly, and I thanked her, this is quite realistic to have myself messing up a word in dream, usually I talk more clearly than real life in my dreams without errors.

But then I woke up and that was the end,
-John Jr 🙂

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