11-30-2009 | Dream Fragments | The Surprise Attacks, And Bash Versus Basha

An early Masonic version of the Eye of Provide...

Dream Fragment: The Surprise Attacks

In this first dream fragment I only remember either walking or driving up a road that led to what I guess could be called a saloon, and up the street near the saloon were some dangerous looking men that looked like wild west bandits and part modern-day thugs; this whole dream was like the wild west mixed with modern times.

The men stared at me with death stares so I just walked into the building ignoring them, inside was a man sitting behind a desk and to the right of him was a restaurant, behind the restaurant was a bar, and behind the man at the desk was a hallway that led to other areas in this building.

I went up the hallway and found an area where people could sit, talk, and read; I remember reading an electronics sales paper and talking to a man who was sitting to me, I may have known him from earlier in the dream but I can not remember.

To my left was two women about my age and they were talking, one of them started to ask me about the sales paper that I was reading; she looked like a thinner better looking version of B (I think that was her name) from the YC with longer blond hair; she also sounded and acted like B.

She was flirting with me and asking me about some of the electronics in the sales paper, even though her flirting started to pass my comfort level, I still went along with it for some reason but at the same time I kept my guard up.

She was starting to physically flirt and was getting closer to the point where I was going to have to say something to protect my personal space, but suddenly as she was flirting and acting nice, she just started screaming and attacking me for no reason.

She was verbally and physically attacking me, she was saying something about something that supposedly happened, I guess we had met earlier in the dream or she just mistook me for someone else.

Either way I quickly blocked and dodged some of her physical attacks, as other people started to watch, I was shocked and embarrassed; so I quickly thought up a way out of the situation.

I pushed her to give me time to escape, grabbed the man who I was talking to earlier to pretend that he was the one getting attack and that I was either saving him or stopping him from attacking her to avoid the embarrassment on myself, and then I ran to escape dragging the man with me pretending to be trying to save him or pretending to kick him out of the saloon.

Anyway, my plan worked but once we got outside and as I was explaining to the man why I had dragged him out of the saloon, the group of dangerous men outside started to pull their guns out; they had handguns and sub-machine guns.

I ran to a motorcycle and told the man to get on, and then the men started shooting at us for no reason as I drove off.

The man on the motorcycle fell a few times as we tried to escape because he would not hold on to me as I drove, neither of us was comfortable with the idea, but he had to hold on to something to stop from falling off of the motorcycle as we drove and as I dodged bullets.

We managed to get away so I stopped to see if either of us had been shot, I was surprised that neither of us had not gotten shot, and then we started to decide where to go next if the men came after us; but then I woke up.

Dream Fragment: Bash Versus Basha

This dream is confusing and incomplete, it was a dream that felt like it was split into three parts, the first part was them most unclear but I think I was playing basketball with BH and some other people; but that is all that I remember on that part.

Next I remember seeing TD and watching a play with a woman who looked like Celine Dion, Mrs. Dion character had some inappropriate roles in the play that were borderline pornography, which shocked TD and I; so TD talked to Mrs. Dion after the play and convinced her to stop playing those roles, Mrs. Dion said that it was her husband making her do those roles, but she would no longer do them now.

I think TD and I left or she stayed with Mrs. Dion, I can not remember, I just remember the second part of the dream happening; me and maybe TD went to a fast food restaurant and saw my cousin DW.

DW was sitting with two other people and he was filming one of them speaking, as we sat down to join them, and for some reason I started to see things from the view of his camera.

DW was filming and asking questions to a man in front of him at the table, the man looked and sounded somewhat feminine and talked in a strange coded way and wore some jewelry or something with strange symbols similar to the All Seeing Eye; I think the jewelry was a black non-metal ring with something that looked like an eye with a few lines above it possibly representing light or something.

Anyway, instead of answering DW questions, the man started to question DW about things in a strange way; I remember him mentioning something about confusion.

At some point the man got up to go to the bathroom or something so I went to talk to him on the way there about his strange questions, that is when I noticed the ring or whatever it was with the symbol and there could have been more symbols and jewelry, but I am not sure.

The man told me something about a fog or really a skin of confusion that DW had, that had something to do with female/femininity/whatever.

I remember leaving but I am not sure who all came with me, but I do know that the man came too, on the way he was explaining a few things in weird coded ways; I remember thinking about something involving a what-if situation about if I were a woman.

I think I thought that it would probably would have not been so bad if I had been born a woman and I think I thought maybe it would have been better if I had been born a woman in this life or if my life starts over again or something strange like that, which makes no sense to me really, but I think I remember thinking strange thoughts like that as this man explained things in coded ways.

The thoughts were not that I wanted to be a woman or anything and had nothing to do with my sexuality or anything, it was just thoughts showing that maybe it would not be so bad if I had been a woman than I had previously thought; it was just one of those strange what-if situations, I like thinking about many possibilities and what I think they would be like sometimes.

This man was strange though, next I remember reaching a place that looked like my grandfather’s yard after we had crossed a city bridge that oddly had no one else on it, and I saw Lafayette from True Blood talking with someone.

The man with us started talking to Lafayette I think, and then Lafayette started talking in a more manly way that he does sometimes oddly, and then TD and I met someone named Basha I think.

She told us about some how she did not like Bash and stuff like that, who I think was supposed to be Mrs. Dion but she was now my age with long blond hair and looked nothing like herself really.

At some point TD left to find Bash and later Bash saw me listening to Basha, and thought that I had joined with her or something, so she got mad at me.

I tried to tell her what was going on, but she just walked off, and then a gathering was about to happen; this area was a camp for people about my age or something.

It seemed that Bash was the elected leader of the camp or something and I guess Basha wanted to lead and was jealous, I felt that Basha might try to attack Bash but Bash seemed to always have one or two women with her most of the time so I guess they helped protect her and may have been her advisers too.

As the gathering was about to start everyone was lining up and it was getting darker outside so there were lights in different areas near the ground, I tried to talk to Bash but she ignored me again and walked off, so I asked TD to go tell her Bash that she misunderstood what was going on.

As someone started to speak two men in front of me suddenly attacked someone in line and then took out two sticks, so I tried to stop them, but one of them hit a light bulb that was on the ground lighting up our line; I yelled no and turned my head to avoid being blinded, but I felt my arm burning when the light bulb exploded.

I heard screams of pain and fear, and then some men in other lines started to burst light bulbs and attack people with sticks; the light bulbs were about the size of basketballs or bigger and their explosion could blind and burn the skin.

It appears that Basha had gathered some people together to launch an attack on the camp and take out Bash, and take control of the camp.

My arm felt burnt but I checked TD to see if she was okay, which she was, and then we left to find Bash before Basha and her henchmen found her.

Basha was nowhere to be seen, but I could see chaos all around us, some people were blind and screaming, some had burnt skin and were in pain, some were being beaten, and so forth.

I saw Bash standing the line furthest from our line and she was covering her face like she had been blinded, and her line was probably the last to be attacked, so TD and I ran to get her away from the camp before Basha or her henchmen could see her.

Bash said that she could not see and that her face was burning, I could not see the burn damage since she was covering her face, so I picked her up and TD and I started to run through the chaos.

At this point I felt very protective of Bash and was worried about her safety and the damage caused by the explosion, and the many other victims; things were so crazy that I did not look at the burns on my arm but I could feel the pain.

As we ran, I was already ready to start planning on how to save some of the victims, organize a team, and attack Basha and her henchmen; but I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

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