Looking For My Lockers And The Dorm


File:School lockers, National University of Singapore.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though these are two separate dream fragments, I will combine them since they are so short, since I can not remember much of them.

Last night I had two dream fragments the first involved me returning to an unknown school to get my stuff out of a locker, there I met a former classmate AK, we talked and searched for my locker.

I think this school had been in another dream or two, so I knew I had a locker but I just could not remember where it was, neither did AK.

The school had an auditorium with a lot of family members/friends of students, along with some students, it appeared that there was going to be a special assembly before school starts; so this was going to be the first day of school for the year, I guess.

As AK and I searched for my locker we came into the auditorium by mistake and walked through the stands were people were sitting, trying to find another exit that led to another part of the building, and at some point I remember having some little kids start talking to me.

I walked to the top corner of the auditorium to look for a door and some kids were playing, with a parent watching near by, and one of the kids was a little girl and she jumped on my back as I was searching for a door; I do not like walking around people’s kids that I do not know so it was very awkward and annoying when the little girl jumped on my back.

I tried to be nice and so I just leaned back against a chair so she could get off my back and then I walked off, and then AK and I found another former classmate WG; WG talked to us for a moment and we sat down, I then noticed there were a lot more people in the auditorium now.

It appeared that the assembly was getting closer to starting so I asked WG to help us find my locker, and then we left to search the rest of the school; but I woke up.

The next dream fragment took place in what I guess was a college dorm or apartment, and I think my roommate was a former classmate LN; I think she was my roommate.

I only remember walking around the dorm with nothing to do and I saw one of the rooms open, and inside was a guy my age having problems getting something to work so I helped him.

He had a computer, TV, game console, and some other stuff like that so I spent a bit of time talking with him about that.

At some point I remember LN calling me, she seemed to be bored and wanted me to come back to the room, so I left to see what she wanted; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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