12-17-2009 | Dream Fragment | USA/Afghanistan Welfare

Spread of the Neotaliban-Insurgency in Afghani...
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*Warning! My memory of this dream is incomplete, terribly written, flawed/error filled, so anything written here may be incorrect.*

Last night I vaguely remember a conversation I had in a dream with my cousin ME, I think I was walking in some unknown mall and I saw him, and we started talking.

I do not remember what all we talked about but I do remember us talking about the current economic situation, wars, politics, etc.

ME was giving surprising responses to my questions and was actually doing a good job of explaining his opinions.

I only partially remember part of one thing he said in reference to the war in Afghanistan: I think he mentioned that billions of tax payers dollars had been spent on the war, millions of tax payers dollars given to big banks/corporations, millions spent on rebuilding/training/etc. the country of Afghanistan, but some of us tax payers are now left without much money/no jobs/no aid/ etc.

I think he said that the current situation in Afghanistan to him was like that the USA government basically had Afghanistan on a welfare support system that would make the country too dependent on the constant flow of money from the USA, and if the USA stopped the welfare system things would probably crumble and/or other negative effects.

He said that he would rather the  government use that money on the citizens in their own country, but he admitted that if the same type of welfare system was started in the USA many USA citizens would also be negatively effected or something like that.

He also talked about President Obama, the USA government, and a few other things.

What he really said in the dream was different, clearer, and more logical; but this is the best I can do with my limited flawed memory, I know I did a terrible job of it, but at least I tried.

Anyway, what ever was said in the dream, it was interesting and a surprising conversation on several topics currently effecting many people in the World in the opinion of the dream character of my cousin ME; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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