Cleaning The Pool | A Creation Story

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Cleaning The Pool

Last night I had two dream fragments that I remembered partly, I lost some of the dream fragments due to being awakened by a mobile phone alarm clock.

On the first dream fragment I remember being in an indoor public pool, that seemed to have been in a tall room that was a multi-purpose room with stadium-like seating that went around part of the room and the room was several floors high.

I think there was a projector screen on the wall near one of the long ends of the pool, the pool was a rectangular shape.

Near the other long end of the pool was where the stadium seating was, which was behind the direction that I was facing.

On my right side on one of the short ends of the pool were kids and some adults talking, playing, and there may have been tables on that side.

On my left side on one of the short ends of the pool was Pauline Croze sitting near the pool working/creating something, and I either helped her work/create a bit and/or I just helped her clean up; I am not sure.

I do know that I was still in the pool and I started to clean up stuff that was in the pool, some of it probably was not even hers.

I do not think she spoke English in this dream and she spoke in French, but I do not think either of us said much, instead I think we mostly just focused on whatever we were doing.

I remember going under the water and doing most of my swimming that way, as I collected stuff in the pool, and set it outside the pool.

I remember Ms. Croze occasionally watching me as I swam around cleaning the pool, she appeared slightly interested and/or amused, as she continued to work/create something.

I used this cleaning time to practice holding my breath and I tried to impress those that were watching, and after cleaning the pool I continued to swim around underwater holding my breath.

I would jump up in another part of the pool to breathe and surprise those that were watching, since I swam under the water, they would not know where I would jump up next.

There were a few other people in the pool as well, the pool was actually pretty deep, and at some point I noticed some of the people sitting in the stadium-like seats.

I saw my dad up there and a woman asked to use his mobile phone or something for an emergency, my dad was in a slightly bad mood and was annoyed at first, until my mom told him that the woman wanted to use the phone for an emergency; but a disturbance caused me to wake up and in the real world a mobile phone alarm clock was ringing loudly, so that is what woke me up.

A Creation Story

The next dream fragment was confusing, odd, and interesting.

I think I may have been in this small mall with a few other people and I walked to a quiet part of the mall were there were a few tanks, and one tank had a strange small Komodo Dragon-like creäture in it.

A woman near me I think, said that it was a custom life form / artificial / or whatever created by a female, and that same female was in a tank nearby.

I was confused but I think both tanks may have had some information written on them about it, anyway, we went to the next tank and I was expecting that the female would be a Komodo Dragon-like creäture as well or human but it was a fish tank.

The female was now a fish-like creäture, this next part is confusing, but I think the female spoke to us; a fish speaking to me in a dream, am I a Fish Speaker now? 😀

Anyway, I think she tried to somewhat explain how she created the Komodo Dragon-like creäture and how she made herself into a fish-like creäture; I think she said that she would share the secret and/or help show us how to make ourselves a new body and/or to create something.

Here is an unclear example of what I think she said, even in the dream this was not clear or explained completely:

“I think she said that you had to go to a certain area to do the ritual or whatever, I think you needed dirt and/or a certain kind, I think you needed a living animal and/or a dead one depending on what you were trying to do, and I may be missing a few things but I think some ritual or something would be performed and you would move your soul/spirit/whatever to a new body and/or move another animal soul/spirit/whatever into a new body or your old body or a newly created body.”

I think the dirt or whatever would be used to create a new body or creäture, if you wanted to, but maybe if you just wanted to do a simple body switch; then it was not needed, maybe.

I am not sure if she ever used the words soul/spirit/ or whatever but these are the only words I can think of to explain it, that does not mean that it was supernatural because this process seemed mostly or partly natural/part scientific.

Anyway, she only briefly tried to describe the process, so nothing is clear and my memory is flawed; she said that she would explain things in more detail if we helped take her to the an area or the area where she could switch into a new body or something.

She may have even said that it was possible to make a new body that will live many more years than a normal human body, but I think she preferred bodies with shorter life spans or something; I could be wrong, but I think this was mentioned.

The others and I took a moment to decide if we should help her, I was confused and cautious, so I was partly undecided.

I think a man who seemed to know a lot about the topic came and said he would help us, and would explain some things; so we loaded up the fish tank and drove to a long bridge that was like a fictional long version of the bridge that goes to LC fused with the one that goes to NO.

As we were driving the man started to tell us what he knew about the female and the process, but I woke up as I drove.

That was an interesting dream, that reminded me of my Lady In The Puddle dream a bit.

Both dreams seemed to have a creation theme in them, with a female character being the main creation character with a male character as a helper.

In the first dream fragment Pauline Croze was creating something and I helped and in the second dream the female had and was going to create something and the unknown man was going to help.

My memory is not clear so I wonder what or who the female was supposed to be?

Did she use to be human?

Was she a Goddess?

What was she?

It seemed that she had switched and/or made new bodies throughout the years, so she probably never used the same body and never was the same species or something.

How old was she?

Where did she learn to do all of this?

I wish I could have made more sense of what she tried to briefly tell us, because I probably made a lot of errors in trying to explain it.

Either way it was interesting.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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