Secrets Of The Gods?

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, I will try to put some of the pieces together.

I think the dream started with my mom outside of a city built into a tall mountain or something, there were narrow walkways with no rails, so you could fall to your death if you were not careful.

Something happened, but I can not remember what exactly, I know there were some people or something sneaking into or attacking this city or certain people or a person in this city.

I was a kid and had one brother, there was a female voice narrating like this was the beginning of a movie.

I think the female voice said that sometimes a God or certain Gods, I think she said Gods, as in male deities; shared knowledge, abilities, and/or objects with a certain person or people.

And many of those people used what was given to them for self gain/selfish purposes and/or to do negative things instead of helping many other people and/or to do positive things.

I am guessing that a God or several Gods came to that city during the night to share some knowledge with a person or several people, and somehow my mom accidentally heard or was somehow accidentally received some or all the secret knowledge that was given that night.

I think it was said that somehow my brother and I would probably have a short life, probably as a result of certain people trying to find what the secret knowledge was by force/taking it from us & killing us.

I could be mistaken, maybe the female voice said deities, but I think she only said Gods; as in male deities, so either no Goddesses were involved in this or they did not exist, I think they existed but did not get involved in this since it was unfair and it usually had a negative result on humanity.

Maybe the narrator was a Goddess, when I think about it, and maybe the Goddess(es) tried to stay neutral and not interfere; while various God(s) do not stay neutral and do interfere.

My guess is that during the night my mom was walking my brother and I somewhere, a God or several Gods had just shared some secret knowledge with someone or several people, but I think a few people attacked the person or people who had received the knowledge after the God or Gods left, and maybe one of those people who was attacked was dying & passed the knowledge to my mom and/or my brother and I.

The dream jumped to the age I am today but I think I was still in this mountain city, the next thing I remember is being with a group of people, some armed with guns and others with mêlée weapons.

We were traveling through a swamp-like area either looking for something and/or avoiding something, I can not remember, I just remember being attacked several times but we survived.

We found a two-story building near a stream of water and I saw something strange near it, so some guy with no shirt and tattoos and I went to check it out.

Something pulled my gun into the water magically with no hands or anything, and then I saw a misty version of the guy with no shirt and tattoos in the water, and it jumped out of the water with my gun.

Either the real man with the tattoo died or got shot by the fake version of him, I am not sure, I just remember trying to take the gun away but the fake version of him was too strong, so I pushed it and ran toward the building screaming for the others to shoot it.

It tried to shoot me but missed and it started to chase me, but the others shot it, and it died.

At this point we were freaked out and stopped to talk, I do not know what happened, but the next thing I remember is almost everyone was dead and/or some of us ran.

Vin Diesel was one of the people with us and another big man with strange armor and a gun, they were trying to catch me, and we had a shootout.

I was the only person left in the group besides them and one person that ran, but I do not know what happened to the others.

I think Vin Diesel and the guy with strange armor found out that I was one of the people who had the secret knowledge that was given by a God or some Gods at the beginning of dream, and their goal the entire time was to get that knowledge.

Oddly I did not know what the knowledge was, but I felt that it was hidden in my memory and I felt it was hidden in my brothers memory as well.

As I was running for my life I found a door, I think one of the women who was in our group had escaped through the door earlier, I was trying to escape but they got there first so I ran to hide, since I was out of bullets.

Suddenly my mom came out of the door and so Mr. Diesel and the man with strange armor took her hostage, they told me to give them the secret knowledge or they would kill my mom.

At first I wanted to give them the secret knowledge but I did not know what it was exactly but then I felt strongly that it was too dangerous to share with certain people, so I sadly refused, and they killed my mom.

Before they killed her Mr. Diesel explained part of his life story, he was dedicated to finding the knowledge, abilities, and objects given by the Gods so he could share it with all of humanity.

He felt that it was wrong that only certain people were given these things and that they often only helped themselves and/or hurt others with it; so him and some others throughout history have hunted these people down, probably stealing the things from them and killing them.

He felt very strongly about his mission and he felt his mission would help all of humanity while getting rid of certain people who used the things/knowledge from the Gods to take advantage of others/for their own selfish reasons.

After killing my mom they started to walk toward where I was hiding, they needed me alive until they could get the secret knowledge that I had, but suddenly someone who was in our group earlier, was in the room that I was hiding in.

He was hiding there before I had gotten into the room, and he had a gun, so I asked him to help me escape.

I told him to run at Mr. Diesel and the other man shooting, forcing them to take cover and both of us would go through the door.

He agreed and started shooting, the plan worked, and we made it to the door; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr