A Female Shapeshifter?

photo 2011 taken by Doug Kline
File:Anime Expo 2011 – Neytiri from Avatar (5917372893).jpg

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, the image above from the 2009 movie Avatar is somewhat similar to what the female character looked like, but not the same; this is just to give an idea of what she looked liked.

Anyway, the dream started with me and maybe a few of my brothers fishing at a small lake in some unknown area, and something took my cork under the water.

I set the hook (hook set / setting the hook) and started trying to reel (if this is the right word) in the fish, but my reel was not working properly; so the fish was pulling my line.

Eventually I managed to start reeling in the line, after a somewhat long struggle I got the fish close enough to land to grab it.

It was a very long strange fish that would slightly remind you of a dragon-like fish or a Gar (garfish) or something.

I was shocked, but I wanted to get the fish out of the water, since this was the biggest fish I had ever caught.

So I asked one of my brother or brothers to help me get the fish on land, and one of them helped me.

At some point something strange happened, somehow the fish turned into a blueish colored female humanoid about my height with somewhat long hair, and she also had a few other colors to her skin.

I think her skin was tougher looking than human skin, maybe somewhat reptilian / human-like, and she was naked but since her skin was rougher looking, you could barely notice.

Perhaps she looked somewhat like a Na’vi alien.

I tried to look for something to cover her with, when suddenly part of her skin became like clothing with a top and dress-like bottom.

She seemed a bit tired after transforming and/or slightly confused, but she could speak English, I believe.

I do not remember what she said, I just remember my brothers and me letting her come to our house before anyone noticed her.

Time jumped around in the dream and different clips of different time periods were shown.

The female stayed mostly in our house because we were afraid that the government or something would try to experiment on her if they found out about her.

I think she only went out of the house a few times, in disguise, and I guess she told us about different things; but I can not remember anything she told us or what she actually was.

I do remember her turning back into a fish once, when she almost was seen by someone outside, but she was still able to turn back into a humanoid again; then I woke up.

Furthermore, I wonder if this dream is related to the dream with the female in the fish tank in my other dream.

I wish I could remember what she said in this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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