Too Human? | John Jr In Switzerland?

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Too Human?

I had this dream fragment the night before last, and I do not remember much of it, and it is not very clear.

I remember a woman going to see a man in a dark room, I was not in the dream but I could see things like a camera person, and a group of men were watching all of this from a hidden room and/or cameras.

I can not remember the beginning, but I do remember the woman talking to the man or actually he was doing most of the talking, it was like she was sent there to ask him questions or something.

The man seemed a little crazy or something, so the woman tried to keep him calm, and he talked with her for a while as she asked some questions; I think.

At some point the man tried to explain something to her about not actually being human and that he and/or she were robots or something, the woman was confused and did not know what he was talking about, and the man started to act very strange.

At some point he ran out of the room and the men in the hidden room sent soldiers or something to kill him, so they shot him as he ran toward a lake, they shot him many times; so his skin started to come off and his body was robotic like a terminator or something.

He fell partly in the water and I guess his body shutdown, the woman was shocked and confused, and I think the men in the hidden room started to ask her questions over an intercom system.

At some point I heard the men say to themselves that she does not even know that she is not human and that she was too human, so they needed to destroy her, so they sent the soldiers or whoever to kill her too.

She tried to run the same direction the other man had run, but they shot her up too, and she fell next to the dead man/robot.

Some of the men then came out of a secret room to view the bodies and said a few things to each other, they said that she was a hybrid, but she was too human; which was dangerous, so she had to be destroyed.

I am not sure what they meant by hybrid or what she was mixed with, but these men said that they would just have to try again until they find the right combination or something; then I woke up.

John Jr In Switzerland?

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which involved me and an old classmate LT and a few others being in Switzerland, I think.

One part of the dream involved us being in several classes, it seemed that we were new, but everyone was learning in English and all the class assignments were in English; it was as if this was the period where they learn English, and I imagine during another period in their school careers they would also learn French and German maybe.

I do not remember what we were learning or talking about except I do remember the topic of Race coming up, and the controversy over so-called interracial marriage/dating and those couples having kids and what life is like for them in public.

Me being a person that does not believe in Race on a biological level and I am against Race socially, personally, this topic annoyed me; as it would in real life, but it also caught my attention since I was curious about how people in this country felt about this issue.

At some point in the dream there was an emergency, something to do with soldiers, a possible attack or war or something; so everyone was being moved to new and secret areas.

I remember going through hallways and maybe tunnels, some of the tunnels may have even went through mountains, but I am not sure.

I think I heard some fighting in the distance, but I could be wrong, at some point I seemed to have taken a leadership-type role over the group somewhat; I was trying to think up ways we could survive, even while not knowing the situation.

At some point we took a break and/or reached a somewhat secure area, so I left to find supplies and/or weapons, but I came across a group of police officers or something about to storm/invade a room.

They had guns, armor, and looked serious; somehow they thought that I was sent to take charge, so they gave me a gun and some armor, I think.

They then waited for my orders, so I told everyone to get into position and to not shoot anyone, unless we get shot at; so we kicked the door in and went inside.

We caught a group of men by surprise, they were in a circle talking with all of their guns on the ground, well maybe most of them.

I quickly told them to not move and told the police not to shoot, I then went over to the guns on the ground, there were a few Uzis, shotguns, pistols, and 2 incomplete assault rifles.

I picked up the Uzi which had an extended stock, I put my pistol in my pocket and used the Uzi as my main weapon.

I was scared and not exactly sure how to handle the situation, the group of men probably still had some pistols in their pockets, and so I wanted to calm the situation.

I started to tell the group of men that we were here on suspicion of criminal activity, even though I had no idea why the police were here exactly, but that was my guess.

I told everyone to be still and relax, as I tried to think about what to do; my plan was to have the group of men searched for weapons and I would talk with them while the police searched the room for whatever they were looking for, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂