12th Grade Again Or 13th Grade And Jenna Elfman?

Last night I remembered part of my last dream fragment, I do not know how it began exactly, but I remember being in either 12th grade again or some new 13th grade; somehow I had a small pistol, I am not sure where it came from, but I think it may have come from a gang or mafia or something at the school.

I just remember walking with my bookbag on in a building that looks like an unknown college that is in my dreams sometimes, and I was trying to find my locker and lock combination and trying to find a quiet place so I could hide the pistol in my bookbag; I think I had taken the pistol from someone to avoid them using it or something, I am not sure.

As I walked around I realized that it was time to leave school and get to the bus stop, but I still needed to hide the pistol in my bookbag; at some point while walking I managed to throw the bullets away in a trash can, but I did not have time to wrap the gun in an old shirt because people were walking around, so I had to keep looking for a place with no people.

I decided to look for a bathroom and eventually I made it to the first floor of another building that was ugly and not complete, it looked like an old damaged building that they were still fixing.

It was made of concrete that was not painted, some rooms did not have a complete ceilings, some rooms had holes in the walls, the building was dirty in many places, and some of the bathrooms had toilets with human feces and tissue in them; it was nasty.

I also had to use the bathroom I think so I tried to find a somewhat clean bathroom with no people in it, I remember seeing a female janitor in the hallway that was sweeping the hallway floors or something, and I found a bathroom that was somewhat clean but a former classmate of mine WG came into the bathroom as I was trying to hide the gun in an old shirt.

I managed to hide it just in time and then WG started talking to me, I tried to rush the conversation and I wondered why were we both back in 12th grade or was this a new grade, either way we both had graduated from high school years ago; so I found this odd in the dream, but I did not know it was a dream.

At some point I left and went into a locker room to make sure the pistol was hidden good enough, but then some people were in there or came in there, and this part of the dream is very unclear; I think it was inspired by the TV series Kings.

I think there was a general or king that was there with a guard or general with muscles and his son along with several other men were there; they were trying to figure out how to handle a situation.

I think the son had tried to over-throw his father’s government with his own group and had succeeded, but the father and his group took the throne back; so the father was trying to figure out what he should do to his son and his son’s group.

The son and his group were trying to decide out if they should fight for the throne again or accept their punishment, and for some reason I decided to try to help them decide.

For some unknown reason I wanted them to join forces and/or form an alliance with me and maybe another group, I can not remember why, but somehow I think they agreed.; so they decided to end their feud, they made an alliance, and I can not remember what I was supposed to do but I remember trying to make it to the bus stop.

The bus was already gone, so the next thing I remember is magically being down the street from my parent’s house in front of my uncle WC’s house and I had my bookbag, and I was walking home; somehow the dream went to a commercial or something with a man who looked like Simon Cowell from American Idol mixed with someone from the TV series The Office.

It was a video of him and an instructional partner showing some self-defense hand-to-hand combat, it started with blocking techniques, and then it went to a move that I remember very clearly; after blocking head punches sometimes an attacker will go for a body punch so the technique/move was how to deflect a body punch, counter, and attack.

He showed an example of an attacker punching at your chest, so you turn your body at an angle that makes the punch hit near your shoulder while moving your body with the punch somewhat deflecting the punch away from your body, at the same time you grab the arm of the attacker, and do a trip take down and start attacking the attacker; I felt that this was a nice technique/move and wanted to practice it, so the commercial or whatever ended and I was back on the street.

Then magically I was showing someone else the move and then the man in the commercial came walking up the street watching me show the move to someone, some how the man in the commercial felt under-appreciated or something and maybe even incorrectly thought that I was trying to insult him.

I remember him making some negative comments and I tried to explain to him that I thought that his technique was good, as this was happening more people were around watching, and at some point I asked the man how many books had he written; he said 40-something, I was surprised and impressed, and I told him but he still was being negative.

I then remember starting to walk back to my parent’s house when I think someone, probably the man from the commercial, said something negative about me and suddenly Jenna Elfman appeared or walked next to me from out of no where.

She looked back at the person and said: “At least John’s wife does not buy all of his clothes for him, pick out all of his outfits, and decides what he is going to wear each day!”.

For some strange reason I instantly made a sound that my brother’s and I use to instigate (if that is the right word) a situation, and I instantly knew and felt that Jenna Elfman was my wife and it was like we had been married for a while and we were comfortable together.

I then realized that I wished that she would pick and/or help me pick out outfits since I have bad fashion sense and I hate many of my own clothes/my style/my lack of style, so I told her out loud about that, but she was too busy looking at the man from the commercial and did not hear me.

It was like we/her & I were a team and even though she was defending me, it was in a funny way, if that made sense; I do not think she was in the beginning of the dream so I am not sure how I knew that we were married or how I felt that we were or how I was so comfortable about it or where she even came from, which I think is a bit strange.

She stood next to me still looking at the man waiting for him to reply and then she pointed to my bookbag and asked me to hand her the small bottle of Dr. Tichenor’s mouthwash, and she held her hand waiting for me to hand it to her as she turned back around to look at the man.

I told her that I did not know that there was a small bottle of Dr. Tichenor’s mouthwash in my bookbag and I asked her how did it get in there and how did she know, but she was still paying attention to the man and did not hear me; I found that odd, but I found the bottle and handed it to her.

I then realized that I could use Dr. Tichenor’s mouthwash in my custom mouthwash which is equal parts water, hydrogen peroxide, and now I could add some Dr. Tichenor’s; as I was telling her this out loud, I woke up.

Even though I did not realize that it was a dream in the dream, I still found several parts of this dream odd in the dream, especially how Ms. Elfman knew what was in my bookbag even when I did not know; I think that is rare for a dream character to know something like that, but I could be wrong.

Also I found it odd that I was either in 12th grade again or I was in some new grade that was created, 13th grade?

In the dream I knew I had already graduated and when and I felt that I was at least the age I am now or older so that was odd, and WG seemed to be the age he is now or older so that was even more strange; also I am not sure why we had to go to this grade again or new grade, it did not make sense.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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