1-18-2010 | Dream Fragment | The New Job

The Columbia Supercomputer at NASA's Advanced ...

Last night I remembered some of my last dream which I think started with me starting work at my new job, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do or even the name of the place.

The inside of the building was similar to one of my former jobs and was like a warehouse with no windows almost and the main work area was a big room with long rows of tables.

Some of the tables had computers on them with various old mouses in different styles, and many of the other workers were former classmates of mine; for some reason most of them if not all of them were the children of parents in the middle to upper income level, except for me.

No one told me what I was supposed to do, so I just walked around the room, and stopped to see what some of my former classmates were doing; I do not think most of them were working, they were mostly talking.

I remember seeing AM, BH, MB, WS, and many others; across the room I saw RB and MW.

I sat with one group of my former classmates and tried to figure out what we were supposed to be working on, but they were not working so I asked them; they told me that I needed to get signed up or registered in the computer system first or something.

I found a computer and was trying to figure out what to do, and I remember seeing TW walking around wearing a suit so I asked him what to do.

He seemed to be a team leader or something but as I asked him what to do but a bell or something rang meaning that it was lunch time, and he told me to wait until later & he told me to follow him.

Many of the others ate, drank, and talked in the main work area but TW led me to a small lounge or something either in the building or across the street.

The lounge was dimly lit and the seats were couch-like seats so you could lay down if you wanted to and I remember TW doing most of the talking, and he talked about how easy his job was and other positive stuff; but he did not talk about what was his job exactly.

He told me that every 5 hours there was a 12 minute lunch break, also I remember seeing MW and some of her friends there in the lounge area; I heard her talking and she looked at me a few times, and at this point I realized that I was wearing a nice white suit.

Once I realized that time was up I told TW but he was not worried and said just relax, but I went back to the work area anyway; there most of the others were still talking, and some of the computers were gone.

I listened to the others for a moment and then tried to figure out what to do on the computer again, and then CS came and showed me how to exit out of something on the computer but then a woman who was older than any of us came into the room; everyone got quiet.

She was not happy and started telling everyone about something related to what we were supposed to be doing, maybe what the deadline was or something, and then after she finished talking I walked over to her.

I told her that I was a new employee and she asked me if I had taken the training course yet, and I said no; she seemed surprised and told me to wait around until she could find someone to help me.

As I walked around the work area I thought it was interesting that I had a white suit on and it looked good, I think everyone was dress up a bit more than usual, but I was dressed up more than most of them; like a manager or something.

I walked around talking to a few people and exchanging a few glances with others, and then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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