1-22-2010 | Dream Fragments | Yet Another Kings Inspired Fragment And This Time With Robots?

3D visualization of Bathroom created by FMD 3D...

Last night I had several dream fragments that were connected to each other, well some of them, but I forgot most of them unfortunately.

My memory of these dream fragments are terrible for some reason, I remembered part of them each time I woke up during the night, but for some reason I have forgotten almost everything; I do remember thinking about something involving a person’s face changing to that of a wolf (an image of a wolf maybe) or something strange like that, I guess it was a face dancer or something.

Anyway, the parts I do remember were of me in some modern looking building that may have been that building that looks like a combination of a hospital and college, that is in some of my dreams sometimes but with a more modern look to it.

I may have had a book bag on and may have left class, I can not remember, I just remember walking around looking for a bathroom.

In a hallway I noticed another hallway that was sealed off by a glass wall and door, so I went through the door to see if there was a bathroom in that hallway, and there was.

As I was walking to the bathroom a woman about my age walked through the door to the hallway like I did and followed me toward the bathroom, I told her that it was the men’s bathroom, but she told me that she really had to use the bathroom and she walked in any way; I was somewhat shocked but then I realized it was the princess from Kings, I figured that she could do what she wanted and so I walked into the bathroom also.

The bathroom was one huge open room with lots of toilets and probably some urinals on the wall, I had never seen so many toilets in my life, I walked to the left side of the room and the princess walked to the right side of the room.

I had my back toward her as I used the bathroom, so she could not see me and I could not see her, and after finishing we both were leaving the bathroom when suddenly we saw her brother the prince (I think) and another man running into the door that led to the hallway that we were in; they were in a panic and told use to run into the bathroom quickly, and as we were getting inside the bathroom we saw a group of robots (or whatever) that looked like the robots on Star Wars The Clone Wars walking through the other hallway like they were after something or about to attack someone.

I think the prince said that groups of these robots were attacking the building, we looked out the door of the bathroom a few times to make sure none were coming to our hallway, to our surprise none had come our way yet; during this time I think I found something to use as a weapon, I think it was a Yo-Yo or something similar.

As we were trying to decide if we should hide in the bathroom or leave somewhere else, a robot burst into the room, and I hit it with my Yo-Yo-like weapon which broke the robot; they were easy to destroy for some reason.

We all went to look out of the door to see if more were coming and we did not see any other robots, but suddenly the man who had come with the prince turned into a robot; I am not sure if there was a puff or smoke first or if he changed like a face dancer or something, but he changed into a robot to our surprise.

I hit him and he was destroyed or disabled too, we were shocked, and even more shocking was that the princess was now gone; I had the feeling that she was really a robot (basically it was a robot impostor pretending to be the princess) but I am not sure.

The prince and I looked out into the hallway but did not hear or see her, I instantly confronted the prince asking him if he was a robot and he asked me the same thing; so I thought up a way to test if he was a robot or not.

I told him that I would hit him with the Yo-Yo-like weapon first to see if he is a robot and then he would do the same to me, we both agreed, and found out that neither of us were robots.

Next we started trying to decide if we should look for the princess or assume that she was actually a robot impostor that had left to tell the others where we were, and so we had to decide quickly if more were on their way; also the prince needed to find something to use as a weapon, but I woke up.

The other dreams may have been connected, but the only thing I remember is driving from a D-like place I think to a LC-like place, I remember the journey taking longer than usual for a dream and I even remember more of the journey than usual.

At some point I reached the city and instantly paid for a motel room, and left to go somewhere in the city but ended up driving back to where I started for some reason; something happened along the way there and back, but I can not remember what.

Finally I remember realizing that I had a motel in the other city so I drove back trying to figure out where and what my motel room number was, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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