A Computer And Human Virus?

Dream 1

Last night I remembered part of one or two of my dreams, I only remember one of the dreams possibly involving a classroom and Pauline Croze was there, and there was something written in another language that I think was French but that is all I can remember; there was probably talking and reading going on in this dream but I can not remember.

Dream 2

The next thing I remember is something to do with my computer or one that I was working on I think, but I was in some unknown place, and I think a Linux distribution was loading on the computer and I walked off to do something, but when I got back the computer screen was frozen on the loading screen; I found that odd and noticed small text on the screen that said that a device had been unplugged.

I then felt that someone had hooked a USB device to my computer that was loaded with a virus or something that was able to interrupt the loading sequence and hack through my security so they could steal data on the computer and/or infect it with some malware; this computer must have had some important data on it or something because I think I called someone and some police or government agents came to check out the situation.

One agent reminded me of FBI agent George Huang and he seemed to be in charge and I think they had video footage showing the person that had hooked the USB device to the computer and they managed to catch the man who was responsible, while they were doing that, I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the computer and what may have been stolen from it; but I think they brought in the man who was responsible for the crime and Agent Huang asked him to show us what he did to the computer.

The man walked to the computer and I think he seemed to not want to touch it, but Agent Huang made him, so as the man was doing something to the computer; something strange happened to him, almost like he got shocked by the computer or something.

We were in an interrogation room at this point with Agent Huang, the suspect, and I in the room; outside of the room were two guards.

The man started acting weird and panicked and started talking about a virus or something, I think he said that he had used some special computer virus on the computer earlier, but as he was showing us what he did to the computer I think he got cut on the computer, and he said that he was not feeling good; it was like the computer virus had infected him too.

Agent Huang and I looked on in confusion as the man started to change, and Agent Huang ordered the guards to handcuff/arrest him and sit him in a chair at the interrogation table; and Agent Huang told the guards to be ready to call a doctor if needed.

I then walked out of the room as Agent Huang sat down to question the suspect, the suspect was acting and looking weird, like he was sick and his skin was changing.

Agent Huang was trying to talk to him, but the man was sweating and changing and still acting strange; Agent Huang had an emergency button near his hand if he needed the guards help.

The guards and I were outside of the room looking in through a window in the wall, and I noticed that Agent Huang was starting to look a little sick and was sweating; at some point during the interrogation the suspect managed to get his handcuffs off without us noticing and tried to attack Agent Huang, but Agent Huang could barely move for some strange reason and pushed the button too late.

The suspect managed to bite Agent Huang before the guards could get into the room, but Agent Huang managed to push the suspect back and the guards started to shoot the suspect with their guns; everyone was in a panic and confused.

Agent Huang, who had already been acting sick and sweating, started to change after getting bit; the two guards were still shocked and confused about the suspect that they had just shot several times, and he appeared to be dead.

Agent Huang then tried to attack the two guards, they were so shocked that they did not even know what to do, so I ran into the room with a taser (I have no idea how I got one, but I had one) and I tased Agent Huang; he fell to the floor unconscious, and I told the shocked guards to handcuff his feet and hands.

I was shocked and confused too, and I felt that I had to try to control this situation fast so I told the two guards after they handcuff Agent Huang to handcuff the dead suspect hands and feet too just in case, and then they should come outside and lock the door.

As they were doing that I wondered if this computer/human virus had contaminated us too, and I wondered should all of us be quarantined; I was confused about how a computer virus could affect humans too, and I wondered who made it and why and what was the suspected trying to steal and/or do to the computer.

The two guards came to me for further orders after they locked the door and I told them to call a doctor, and to report the situation to headquarters and tell them that we have a major situation and that the building needed to be quarantined; and that this could also affect national security.

As I was thinking about what to do next, I woke up.

Then end,
-John Jr 🙂