The Invasion Of North Korea?

My last dream last night was short, but I remember all of it, it started with my dad, brothers, and I standing on a dock near some water.

With us was a man who appeared to be a politician from The United States and there were military security forces around us and walking toward us was The Supreme Leader Of North Korea Kim Jong-Il, and we were in North Korea.

It appeared that we were there with the politician to welcome Supreme Leader Jong-Il before he got into a small boat to head across the water to the other side, on the other side was a building that I believe was a checkpoint not far from the North Korean and South Korean border.

The atmosphere was very tense, there were anti-snipers in a few spots, and Supreme Leader Jong-Il’s bodyguards had their guns out and ready to use.

Jong-Il was greeted by the politician and Jong-Il passed by us without looking, and got into the small boat with his bodyguards; one of my little brothers asked where were the snipers and I cautiously showed him where a few were, and he tried to point toward the direction of one but my dad told him to be still to avoid alerting the guards.

I was uncomfortable and I stood there cautiously wondering what was going on and I was surprised that Jong-Il was going out in public like this and it appeared that he was going to meet someone at the North Korean and South Korean border; so I knew something big or serious was going on.

As Jong-Il’s boat got to the other side, the anti-snipers were very cautious and I could see bodyguards on the other side, and they were very cautious.

As Jong-Il entered the building or crossed it, an anti-sniper on the roof of the building noticed something in the water and alerted the other guards, and they started pointing their guns at the water; I started to see bubbles so they started shooting at the water.

Then I heard more shooting and it appeared that the guards were being ambushed by the South Korean military and probably United States special forces.

In the water I saw a missile headed toward the dock that we were on, so we ran, and the dock was destroyed by the blast; we ran to find cover as the fighting was still going on.

I believe that Jong-Il was kidnapped by the South Korean and United States special forces, and they had started an invasion of North Korea; I felt that they had kidnapped Jong-Il to use that as a way to stop North Korea from using nuclear weapons to defend from the invasion.

I felt that they were going to take Jong-Il to South Korea and use him as a shield so North Korea would not use nuclear weapons to avoid killing him and/or they would threaten to kill him if North Korea used nuclear weapons to defend against the invasion.

I was not sure what to do, I was afraid that we would get shot if we tried to swim to the other side and I was afraid that if we stayed we would get shot, and I was afraid that the South Korean and USA military would start bombing soon before sending in most of their forces so I was afraid that we would get blown up.

So I was trying to figure out a way to survive the situation, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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