The Flood | Finding A Cave In South America?

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The Flood

The night before last I had this dream fragment which is very unclear at the beginning and the middle so I lost the most important parts of the dream.

I think it started with me going over to a nice house that belonged to a man who looked like one of my old teachers Mr. G, and he had a wife & daughter.

I am not sure why I was going over to his house but I think I remember feeling like that was my first time going over to his house; I remember his family greeting me and at some point his daughter told me something while we were alone touring the house.

I think she mentioned that a woman in a painting or photo on the wall in the house was her dad’s first wife and she was my mother, she had died years ago, I was shocked; it seems that the daughter thought I already knew, but I had not.

The daughter went to tell her dad after realizing her mistake, and Mr. G came to explain the situation, he looked sad and told me that what is daughter had said was true; he apologized for not telling me all these years about who my birth mother was and I guess he was my birth father, I think.

He said that he had loved his first wife very much but she died and later he re-married, for some reason I was given to new parents I guess and never told the truth until now; maybe it was what his second wife wanted, but I am not sure.

I was shocked and confused, as I was trying to make sense of things the weather outside was real bad, so I looked out of the window and noticed that it was starting to flood outside; I warned everyone in the house and we started trying to decide if we should leave town before we were trapped.

We decided to put our coats on and Mr. G & I brought a shotgun & pistol with us, we all decided to walk to the main highway to see if it had flooded yet, to decide if we should drive or walk away from town or stay at the house.

We took a short cut through the woods and we saw that the main highway was not flooded yet, and some people were trying to leave town already; we turned around to walk back to the house, something happened but I am not sure what happened exactly, I just remember us not having guns and we were walking back to the highway instead of going to the house.

Right before we reached the highway a group of men on trucks stopped in the road, some with guns, and they came into the woods and started chasing after some women that were trying to run to the highway.

The men acted like bandits that were going to rob, rape, and kill people during the flood since most of the police would be gone from the town; Mr. G & I told his wife and daughter to run back to the house, and we ran to help the women that were being chased even though we did not have our guns now.

We grabbed some sticks or something and acted like we had guns, we stood at a distance and yelled at the group of men telling them to leave, the men stopped and stared at us; we held our ground and our bluff worked, the men started to leave, but I felt that they would probably come back later.

We then told the other women to try to find a safe place to go to or they could come with us, but I woke up.

Finding A Cave In South America?

Last night I remembered part of two dream fragments, I will start with my last one since it is the most unclear of the two, it took place at my parent’s house; I think my little brothers had just found a few sick dogs.

We were trying to give them food and water, as I watched them try to eat & drink, I noticed holes on certain parts of their bodies; one of the dogs had a hole on its head and it the hole I saw maggots.

I was disgusting and freaky, these dogs had maggots inside of certain parts of their bodies and the maggots were eating part of them; I felt that these dogs would die soon, I was so disturbed that I hesitated to tell my little brothers about it but then I woke up.

My main dream from last night is somewhat unclear, but it seemed to be inspired by a video I watched on YouTube last night, I was in South American maybe in Peru, I am not sure.

I think one of my little brothers was with me and I think we were looking for a cave or caves that were rumored to be places to hide during major natural disasters or something, but most of them were hidden or avoided by people due to rumors & legends.

We were out in the jungles I somewhat I guess near a small stream of water and we found something that appeared to be an opening into some rock, and some of the water went into there too; we tried to get closer, but something happened, I can not remember what.

I just remember wanting to keep a distance and then we heard children walking toward us, it appeared to be a group of school kids leaving school, I wanted to ask them about the opening in the rock and if they knew where any of the caves were, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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