4-15-2010 | Dream Fragment | The Undercover President And His Body Double

Official White House photo of President Bill C...

Last night I remembered part of my last dream but it is very unclear in some of the important parts, I think it was inspired by the TV show 24, and I think it started with news reporters in a hallway taking pictures of the president of the USA (which was not Obama or anyone I have ever seen before) about to enter a building/room to have a meetings with UN members from different countries or something.

The president was shaking hands, saying a few things to different people, and then gave a very short speech and went inside.

I was not in the dream yet but I could see things like a camera person, as the crowd of news reporters started to walk off to take a break and/or talk to each other and/or leave, there was an old man in the crowd that looked like an older version of Bill Clinton; he was wearing a short blue jacket with tan pants I think, he just looked like an average old man.

A few Secret Service agents said a few words to him and he said a few words to them briefly, he was actually the real president of the USA and the man who everyone else thought was the president was a body double; also I think the real president was also in disguise and that is why he looked different and older than his body double.

He told the few Secret Service agents that his body double was doing a good job and that he wanted them to go back to the command room, and he was going to go walking around alone; he also said that the body double could handle the meeting because nothing very serious was going to be done or talked about, and so they all went their separate ways.

Then I became the president and I walked past some of the news reporters to see if they would notice me but they did not, I wanted to walk around for fun to see how long it would take for someone to realize that I was the president; I thought that it was risky having the real president walk around with no security, but know one except a few Secret Service agents knew who I really was so I was not worried very much.

I walked down the hallway and found a room that led to a place that had a diner/arcade/cinema, and there were mostly kids under age 18 there; they were talking, eating, drinking, playing games, using laptops, playing air hockey, playing pool, and some were waiting in line to see a film.

I walked to the diner part to see what they were selling, the diner had a tropical theme, and they were selling smoothies & stuff like that; I am not sure what happened exactly but next I remember walking back to the entrance to the room where the body double president had went.

The security in the hallway and in the parking lot was not very heavy/good, just a few Secret Service agents and police officers standing guard and patrolling; only a few news reporters were around so I guess not much security was needed.

For some reason I was going to see how the meeting was going and to see if any of the diplomats would recognize me, at the entrance someone told the two Secret Service agents to let me through (the message was sent to their ear pieces, by the command room I guess that had cameras watching certain areas); the two agents did not seem to know who I really was but they followed the orders of the command room and let me through.

As I was entering in the hallway a diplomat with two or three bodyguards were cleared by the Secret Service agents and allowed to enter as well, inside were several hallways with doors and a few security guards here and there; I walked to a room with two guards and walked in.

Inside were all the diplomats and maybe a few security guards, and I saw the body double president, and I went to talk to him; but before I could do that on the outside something happened.

The diplomat with a few bodyguards attacked and killed the two guards in front of the door to the room where I and the other diplomats were, and then they came into the room and shot the few guards that were inside, actually one of the guards in the room helped them.

I think 2 of the attackers went outside the door to pretend to be guards and to make sure no one comes in or out of the room, and the other two came further into the room with the diplomat along with the 1 guard that was already there; all the attackers I think were from a country in Asia somewhere in the so-called Middle East.

The diplomat walked up to a podium that was in the center of the room and started to talk about something, I am not sure what their plan was, but it seemed like a suicide mission; so whatever their goal was they probably knew or expected to die.

The diplomat singled out the president of the USA (the body double, he did not know that I was the real president); I was standing in the middle of the room somewhat near the podium and on the left side of the room was one of the attackers, next to the diplomat at the podium was another attacker, and on the right side of the room was the last attacker. (Attacker sounds weird, I will just call them guards)

The diplomat had a pistol and his guards had Uzis (submachine guns), the room had no windows, no cameras, no one had cellphones, and it appeared that none of the guards in the hallway knew what was going on yet; the diplomat was targeting the president of the USA (body double) but before he could say what he wanted to say he realized that an alarm had been triggered somehow.

He thought that it was something the president (body double) had done so he got angry and started to get his pistol ready to aim at him, I decided to make a move so I started to talk out loud to the diplomat and slowly walk toward him; I told him that when his men shot the guards and they stop communicating with the command room, and that an alarm was triggered and that soon someone would come to see why they had stopped responding.

I told him that it was his fault and the fault of his guards, not the president, I said it in a loud angry voice as I walked closer to the diplomat; to my surprise his guards did not stop me as I walked closer, they were all distracted by what I said and believed me, and were trying to think.

I then got close enough to grab the pistol from the diplomat and I shot the guard next to him before he could shoot me, and then I yelled for all the diplomats to attack the other 2 guards; a big panic started and two diplomats attacked the 2 guards.

The diplomat that I took the gun from was on the ground because I pushed him, the guard on the left was being attacked by one diplomat that was holding his hand down as the guard shot his Uzi at the ground, and on my left side a female diplomat was choking one guard; I decided to help the female diplomat first so I gave my pistol to another diplomat and told him to make sure that the diplomat on the ground did not escape and I told the president (body double) to leave the room to warn the command room about the situation so they could send medical help and a Secret Service team to handle the situation.

I then ran over to help the female diplomat and I put the guard in a head lock, I could not get a real chokehold on him, but somehow he started to lose consciousness, I told the female diplomat to choke him to knock him completely unconscious but she seemed to be shocked or afraid now so I had to try to do it myself.

While I was trying to knock him out I yelled for more diplomats to help the one diplomat that was fighting the last guard, to my surprise a few went to help him, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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