5-6-2010 | Dream Fragment | John Jr And President Obama And Mrs. M In New York?

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Last night I only remembered part of my last dream which I think started with me at a college/mall-like place that has been in several of my dreams before, it is similar to one area of  the L College; with eating areas, studying areas, meeting rooms, and the building connects to a mall-like building.

I was walking around and I noticed that police, FBI, Secret Service, and other law enforcement groups were slowly checking the building and blocking off certain parts of the building; I guessed that the president must be about to come give a speech or something.

As I walked around trying to stay out-of-the-way of the security, a student got arrested for some reason, I then decided to try to leave the building to go to the mall-like building that was connected to the building I was in; so I went into the mall-like building and instantly felt that I was in New York.

There was a variety of security officers around and then I saw president Obama coming down an escalator with a group of mostly old women, children, reporters, and security; president Obama was sweating a bit but smiling and then I noticed blood on his forehead, someone handed him a napkin to wipe it, and then I wondered what had happened.

Somehow the dream re-winded like a movie and I saw president Obama before the blood appeared, I noticed a few super serious looking security guards scattered around the room, these guys were some of the toughest/coldest/meanest/serious/prepared looking security I have seen in a dream; they looked like special forces soldiers or something.

They had black knit hats, a bit of face paint, a bullet proof vest, compact assault rifle out & ready, combat boots, a black & maybe part camouflage military-like combat outfit, they had a green duffel bag on their backs that was big enough to carry enough gear to handle most situations, and they walked around with straight faces looking like they were ready to kill anything threat quickly.

They were patrolling the area and several seemed to be performing a anti-sniper-like role in the security detail, along with Secret Service, normal police, FBI, and others.

During the re-wind I still could not tell what caused the blood on president Obama’s forehead but it appeared to be a cut, there were so many people near him on the escalator and someone was blocking my view at the point where the blood first appeared; my guess was someone accidentally cut him somehow or a protester had hit him, whatever happened the security were there and so I kept walking.

In the mall-like area I saw people getting haircuts, waiting in line at a bank, eating, drinking, etc.

Somehow there were a lot of celebrities around, I even noticed the former governor of Louisiana Ms. Blanco waiting in line at the bank, I said hello to her as I walked by; as I was trying to find a shortcut to stay out-of-the-way of the security guards I heard someone trying to get my attention.

A hidden opening in a wall opened and a young man told me to follow him so I did, he told me that he knew an easy way around the building, and so I followed him.

Things were dark but the young man had a flashlight and there were light switches in some room, it was like a maze of many connected rooms, it reminded me of a school gym that has bleachers that can fold toward the wall for some reason and the bottom of some stadiums.

I had the feeling that the young man was leading me to some sort of trap so I started to be cautious, eventually we stopped at a larger room and he turned on the lights suddenly two other young men and a man older than me ran at me like they were going to attack me; but I realized that they were just joking and were just trying to have fun, so I did not attack them first.

They actually did not attack me, they told me they were just joking and then they started to wrestle and play football, and so I kept walking and found an entrance that led to the outside of the building.

I walked across a parking lot to a small house where I saw a line of people, some probably former classmates and some co-workers from my current job, I then walked inside.

Inside we each were asked to enter our names into a contest for the chance to win a prize, it seemed that a little work/school party-like thing was going on, and shortly after I entered my name into the contest the contest began.

The first name pulled was Mrs. M and the second name pulled was mine, I was surprised and Mrs. M and I went to get our prizes; we were each given a wooden board with our names written on it, mine looked like it was written by a little kid, and I joked that I may have done that back in kindergarten.

Mrs. M kept her normal negative-neutral facial expression that is very hard to read, so I could not tell what she was thinking, and then we were given our second prize which were several octagon shaped objects with dots on them like dominoes.

Mrs. M and I did not know what they were but I asked Mrs. M if she wanted to play a game of cards with them and she said yes so we started to play a game, without even choosing a game oddly, the game seemed to be I Declare War.

We each help our octagon objects face down in our hands where we could not see the dots, we would pull one from the top and set it down face up, and who ever had the most dots on theirs would get both pieces and who ever got all the objects would win and get to keep all the octagon shaped objects.

We only had about 5-10 pieces each, so the game was short, I was winning but I had to stop near the end because someone called me so I sat my pieces down and went to see who had called me.

During this time Mrs. M could have easily cheated, maybe she did I do not know, when I got back Mrs. M started to make a come back until  the game was almost tied.

Then we both put down a piece with 5 dots, so we had to do the I Declare War thing where we each put down a piece while saying I Declare War, so three pieces were put down by both of us and who ever has the highest piece at the end would get all the pieces that had been put down; I only had one piece left and Mrs. M had the highest piece at the end and so I lost the game.

Mrs. M then got all of my pieces, I thought she was going to give them back to me so I made a joke, but then I realized that she actually was going to take all of my pieces and did not care; she gave me a look that is hard to describe, but it was not a nice facial expression and then she walked off.

I was a little surprised and disappointed that she had not at least let me keep my last piece, I then shrugged my shoulders and then went to find the bathroom, but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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