Shadows Attack & A Few Random Dream Fragments

I have not been remembering many of my dreams but I have remembered a few short dream fragments, but I have been too lazy to type them, so I will try to type them now.

One of my dream fragments involved me being in what I think was a fictional version of L, I remember crossing a field near a store parking lot, and I went to my aunt GC’s house.

I remember talking to her for a little while and then she left, I was waiting for her to come back and did not know where she had went, after a while I decided to leave.

Everything seemed normal and okay as I was walking across the field but then suddenly I heard something and saw a shadow figure fly at me from the side, so I dodged the attack and ran as two or more shadow figures flew after me.

I am not exactly sure what they looked like but they were shadowy wraith-like things with male voices that sounded how you would expect them to sound and they floated and did not seem to have legs, and they could fly pretty fast.

I was somewhat scared, shocked, and angry; it felt like another dream invasion or interruption, like some outside force was coming after me in my dream again.

I decided to power up real quick and try to fly away, to my surprise it worked but as I was starting to fly one of the shadow creatures grabbed my leg to stop me from flying; I then kicked it back and flew down to the ground.

I started to try to make my fear go away and I started to use my anger to help me power up and I yelled at the creatures, and then I ran at one pretty fast and punched it so hard that it flew backward and another one tried to attack me but I grabbed it and threw it into the ground like a rag doll.

As those two were recovering and maybe one or more were preparing to attack me, I realized that they were not going to give up and I felt like something was trying to trap me so I needed to escape; so I went to wake myself up from the dream, but something was trying to prevent me from waking up.

I fought it and slowly started to wake up but it was hard, which is very odd since I can easily wake myself up normally, and when I woke up I felt like something had just left the room; I guess I woke up in that odd way that makes you somewhat feel and sometimes hear things that are not really there, so I started trying to relax myself and it went away mostly but it left me feeling somewhat disturbed.

Another dream fragment which I had involved me at my job but Mr. L was there and it appeared to be night-time, so I was in the night crew again I guess, and we were talking about how our company was offering certification for us if we took a certain number of hours of a special class that they had; but then I woke up.

Well I can not remember any of the others at this time, so that is it for now.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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