The Planet

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which I think started with me and a group of people flying in a spaceship, trying to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet.

I think that we needed more supplies for the spaceship such as: food, water, etc; and we needed to make repairs, to make more ammunition for weapons, and make more weapons, etc.

We had no time to send a scout team or to scan the planet from space first, so we had to land quickly on this unknown small planet; I think we landed the spaceship in an abandoned area with green grass on a small hill next to some train tracks maybe or something.

I am not sure what our spaceship looked like or how big it was, but I do know that it was big enough for maybe 20-100 people to live on it, it was our home and spaceship; I know there was a lot more people with me than you would expect, more than I even expected, it was like a small neighborhood or community or village on the ship.

I seemed to be one of the people the others looked to for advice when making decisions, I think our community had no real leaders exactly, we seemed to make group decisions or the group would follow the advice of one person or a few people who often gave good advice or everyone would do their own thing; the others seemed to follow my advice often.

We had no information on the planet that we had landed on and I was very worried about the safety of everyone and the ship, so I recommended that some of us stay on the ship, that others would go look for supplies, and the rest of us would go exploring the planet and secure a protective perimeter around the ship and maybe even find a place to start a community on the planet as well.

We only had a few guns and limited ammunition, so we divided it up among our three groups; leaving only a few in each group with guns; our guns were an energy pistol-like weapon that shot a beam of energy or something, and we had more advanced technology than in our current real world; but our supplies and energy source were so low that we could not use most of our technology to explore the planet.

I think the spaceship had sensors that could pick up signs of life and resources, and the group on the ship would alert us of things as they found them.

Our spaceship had a protective shield/field and maybe it could turn invisible too, but we had to save energy and we would only use those features in emergency situations until we had enough energy for the ship again; the ship also had large energy based weapons like our pistol-like weapons, and even some type of artillery and cruise missile-like system.

Our spaceship seemed to have land, water, and air defensive and offensive systems; it could also probably move on land, air, on water, underwater, and in space.

But due to our lack of resources and the damage to the spaceship, we had to leave it on the ground, but we were ready to fly off in case of an emergency.

I think the ship also had a few small land, water, and air vehicles inside but those were being used to collect resources; and for emergency defense situations, until we re-supplied the ship and made repairs etc.

My team was the exploration and outer-perimeter security team, and we had the smallest team of the three teams.

We only had maybe 1-3 energy pistol-like weapons and we left to explore and secure the area on foot, our spaceship was actually somewhat hidden & protected by the small hills we landed on and near; so I felt better about our security situation, than when we first arrived.

The area around the small hills was mostly flat with nice green grass, it was afternoon and there was a slight breeze and the weather was nice and warm; I do not think we saw any animals as we secured a perimeter around the spaceship, and we found no threats.

The area was quiet and it appeared that not many living animals were on the planet, even though it looked nice and appeared to have enough resources to support life.

After we secured the perimeter we started to explore and either the team at the spaceship alerted us or we found them first, either way, my team happen to see two humanoids walking far away in the distance as we explored.

My team decided to hide, watch, and follow the two humanoids.

They looked somewhat primitive and walked scrunched/hunched over or looking down, at times, at some point we followed them until they reached the first artificial structure we had seen; I think there was an escalator connected to another structure, and as the two humanoids were walking another humanoid approached them but this humanoid was taller.

All of them looked human but the tall humanoid was well dressed and a woman, she wore a nice looking robe, cape, jewelry, etc.

She looked somewhat like a Roman/Greek-like royal citizen or Goddess or something with whitish colored skin with long dark brown hair, and then she started to yell commands to the two other humanoids; the two other humanoids were normal height like us, but they bowed and looked down as the woman yelled at them.

It appeared that she was a member of some élite class or something, and the others were in a lower class and probably slaves; I had my team split up into three groups with one group at a distance, one group going to explore ahead of us, and me and one other person were watching the three humanoids.

My new team was too close to the escalator hiding as we listened to the woman yelling at the two other humanoids, so when she sent them away she saw us near the escalator, and then she started to yell commands at us; the other person in my team and I started to act like the other two humanoids, and we bowed and looked at the ground and followed the commands of the woman, I forgot what she told us to do, but I think it was something stupid like clean her shoes/or whatever she was wearing or carry something or something like that.

Once she left, my team started to go in the direction that the lower class humanoids had went, as we talked about what we had seen and reported it over our special communication devices hidden somewhere on or in our bodies, to the team on the spaceship.

The lower class humanoids appeared to not be allowed to look at the upper class humanoid’s face and they had to look down and bow, and could not talk unless told to speak; I think they were barely educated, probably breed to be workers, and were probably kept in groups under watch like slaves or prisoners, etc.

Anyway, we walked to a field that had a small multi-floor/story building, and so my team snuck inside; inside were nicely dressed lower class humanoids working in positions like bartender, massage therapist, janitors, etc.

This building seemed to be a place were the upper class humanoids would come to relax, well one of the places, I felt that there were only a few upper class humanoids on the planet and they appeared to be bred to just give orders and have fun.

The population of the planet seemed to be very small with the upper class humanoids being the smallest, and there seemed to be very few buildings on the planet so far; and the few that we did see,  seemed to be for the upper class humanoids.

In the building we pretended to be lower class humanoids again and started to sneak around the different floors, on one of the upper floors we saw another upper class humanoid, a man this time and he was tall like the woman & well dressed in a similar Greek/Roman style/way with whitish colored skin and short dark brown hair; he appeared to be leaving a massage room and he ignored us.

All of the lower class workers acted like slaves and they did not seem to need many guards to make them work, so I think we saw only one security guard (and it was not like the other humanoids, I will just call it an alien even though my team were the aliens in this case, but the guard looked like one of the aliens from the video game Fallout 3 with the Mothership Zeta DLC with a one piece skin-tight body suit uniform) in the building; also the lower class humanoids did not seem to have weapons or armor anyway, so they were not much of a threat to the aliens and upper class humanoids it seemed.

We snuck into a room and looked out a window and saw a group of lower class humanoids playing sports and talking in the field near a cave-like structure which I am guessing was their home; they were being watched by a few of those humanoids that I call aliens.

These aliens seemed to be the police/security/military of the planet, and either worked for the upper class humanoids or there was an alliance between the two groups or maybe they were in charge; either way they seemed to be the only group that had weapons so far, only the high level aliens seemed to have pistol-like weapons (which shot darts or bullets, and their weapons were not more advanced than our guns to my surprise).

The aliens all wore a tight one-piece space-like suit, I think, and I think they communicated telepathically with each other and/or with sounds and hand gestures like some of the lower class humanoids (minus the telepathic communication).

After seeing the aliens and how they appeared to be policing the lower class humanoids and protecting the upper class humanoids, and how some of them had weapons; I started to worry even more about the lower class humanoids and our security situation, and I alerted the other teams.

My team, which was split into three parts now, decided to have two parts of the team go talk with the lower class humanoids in the field while the other part of the team watches from a distance hiding; so two parts of my team including me, went to talk and play with the lower class humanoids.

There were kids, teens, adults, etc.  and they were outside having fun; it appeared to be one of their break times or something.

I think a few of them could talk normally and spoke English, some did not seem to be able to talk but used sign language & sounds, and some could not speak English very well; but they were nice.

The younger ones spoke the most and we seemed to fit in pretty well since we were short like the lower class humanoids and not tall & dressed fancy like the upper class humanoids; the few upper class humanoids that we saw seemed to all be tall, look nice, dress nice, and have nice voices but all the ones we saw were mean & had bad attitudes.

It was like they were bred that way and that the lower class humanoids were also bred to look the way they were, like someone or something had a breeding program to control the planet; probably the aliens as commanded by the upper class humanoids or something, but I do not know.

Anyway, I think we started trying to learn as much information as we could about the planet, especially about how many aliens and weapons there were; and I wanted to help the lower class humanoids get out of the slave-like system that this planet seemed to be under.

I decided to have my team focus on finding weapons, armor, and other supplies to help with our defenses and possible future battles with the aliens and upper class humanoids.

Also I wanted to slowly help the lower class humanoids escape to join us and build a new community and defend against the aliens and upper class humanoids if necessary; at some point while we were still getting information from some of the lower class humanoids, one of the alien guards got suspicious and called for some higher level alien guard to come.

I think the higher level alien guard wore a different color uniform than the other alien guards, and he brought a small group of guards with him/it/her?

They had pistol-like weapons and started looking for us, my team and I started to run, and the aliens started to shoot at us so we had a short shoot-out with the group of aliens; our weapons seemed to be more advanced than theirs but we did not waste time trying to fight them, and we escaped instead.

I sent a message for all teams to be on high alert and I started to send my team on separate missions to prepare for future conflict if necessary, and to start a plan to help free the lower class humanoids; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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