Two Of My Longest & Most Stable Lucid Dreams

Dream 1

I had these two dreams maybe 1 – 2 months apart, so I will start with the oldest and shortest lucid dream first; since I have not been blogging my dreams for months now, I will have to rely on my flawed memory of each dream. 😉

I can not remember how the first dream started, I just remember being in a large old house with several floors/stories, and I was there with a group of former classmates of mine and some other unknown people.

The lighting was not very bright and I felt like it was night-time outside, even though I could not see outside since I do not remember seeing any windows in the house. (Usually there are not windows in my dreams that often and/or I can not see outside through them, and mirrors are rare in my dreams)

Me and the group of people were standing around talking in a bedroom on the upper floor, when at some point I started to think that I was dreaming, I have no idea why I started to think that. (Usually I am not sure how I realize that I am dreaming, it usually just happens 😀 )

I then asked several dream characters if this was a dream, and the first character looked confused and did not know what to say.

The second dream character said that she did not know and so I asked my former classmate AM, and she said that yes it was a dream; and then the dream instantly went lucid and I went to try to control the dream knowing that my lucid dreams usually end very quickly.

This time I did not get the usual very strong feeling of my body being in bed and that slight surprised/shocked/panic feeling, the feeling was mild this time, but the dream started to get a little unstable.

I noticed that all the dream characters started to look at me like I was in control now and they were waiting for my orders/commands, except for one woman with long curly red hair, and maybe two other dream characters.

Suddenly the woman with red hair seemed to nod her head toward the two other dream characters, and they attacked the rest of us briefly and then they ran away.

It was like the woman with red hair was controlling or leading the other two dream characters and she was not under my control like the other dream characters, and somehow she was controlling two of the dream characters.

She also looked at me like she wanted to kill me or something and her focus was on me as soon as the dream went lucid and I started trying to control it.

I felt that she was going to use those other two dream characters to lure the rest of the dream characters away from me, so she could sneak back and kill me when I was unguarded/unprotected.

I quickly ordered a few dream characters to guard the doors to the bedroom, and I sent the others to fight the woman with the red hair and the other two dream characters.

At this point the only dream characters that stayed in the bedroom with me were my dad and one of my brothers, who I did not know were in the dream until this point; they were acting weird, a little goofy & unhelpful, and they did not seem worried about the situation.

I had two dream characters guarding the outside of the door and so I decided to let my dream characters do most of the work, while I sit back waiting to fight the woman with the red hair if necessary.

I decided to look for a weapon, my brother found a sword but was playing with it, so I decided to look for another weapon; and suddenly I heard someone running up the stairs, and I felt that it was the woman with red hair coming to kill or attack me.

I heard my guards at the door getting knocked down and I saw one of them being kicked hard by the woman with red hair, and now she was in the room with me looking at me with the look of a wild animal about to kill her prey or something.

She was crouched like a tiger or something with a sword in one hand, so I jumped on a bed in the room hoping to force her to have to jump to attack me with her sword so I would have time to hopefully dodge her attack.

My brother and dad were still acting goofy and were not even paying attention, so I yelled to my brother to throw me the sword, and as he was throwing it to me the woman ran at me and she jumped in the air to slice me in half straight down the middle of my body; but I caught the sword in time to block her attack.

This left her open for a counter attack so I sliced her with my sword and she died.

Then my dream characters ran into the room to see if I was okay and they told me that they had killed the other two dream characters, and then they started to cheer & celebrate our victory very briefly.

Then I sent them to search the house one more time for any threats and then we would secure the area outside of the house, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream took place at a restaurant/cinema/apartment-type place that had a lot of my former classmates there eating, drinking, talking, watching a film, and just having a general good time.

The building had an odd design that had a gym-like area when you first enter the building, stairs leading to a loft-like area that was the restaurant, and to the right of the restaurant was a door that led to the cinema area and near there was the apartment area.

I went to the restaurant area to talk to some of my former classmates and to look at the menu, then I went to the cinema area to see what film was playing, but I can not remember what was playing.

The cinema area was small and was like a classroom with desks, and there was a small screen on the wall where the film was playing; and I saw a few more of my former classmates in there, and then left after a few minutes.

I then went to explore the apartment area, and I went inside one of the apartment rooms.

This is where the dream changed, the entrance lead to a living room that did not have much or any furniture really, and the apartment was quiet even though there were three people in there.

It was so quiet and no one was interrupting/distracting me, and so I had time to think and check my surroundings.

The three people in the apartment did not seem to notice me at first, there were two women, and one man.

One of the women and the man both looked like a combination of several actors & actresses, so I will call them the Actor & the Actress, and I will call the other woman, the Other Woman. 😀

The apartment had a lower class look to it and it had brown carpet which I could feel with my feet, which I thought was odd, because I usually can not feel in my dreams that much.

The living room, kitchen, and dinning room were all in one room; and on the left side of the apartment there was an entrance to a hallway, and so I went to explore in there.

The three dream characters still did not seem to notice me and they were acting a little weird, a little robotic/zombie-like, and they were not talking.

In the hallway I noticed a door in the middle of the hall that seemed to be the bathroom and it had a cockroach/roach crawling on the door, insects are super rare in my dreams, and so I thought that this was odd as well.

There was a door next to the bathroom that appeared to be the laundry room, as I looked around something did not seem right as I explored the place,  and I noticed that I could even feel the texture of the wall when I touched it which is not common in my dreams.

I then went to explore the bedroom on the left side of the hallway and inside I saw two beds and a baby crib, but I did not see a baby; and I assumed that this was the bedroom for the two women.

Another thing I noticed was that the bed sheets and decorations in the bedroom and apartment were not matching in color, things appeared mix-matched, which I thought was strange.

I then went to explore the bedroom at the right side of the hall but the door was closed so I knocked first, but no one answered so I went inside.

There was a bed, computer, and a few other things; and so I assumed that this room belonged to the man.

I was getting closer and closer to realizing that I was dreaming, because the quietness, and the lack of distractions gave me time to think and explore. 😀

I then decided to go back to the living room but as I was leaving the hallway the actress was coming into the hallway so we past/passed each other, but she stopped and she looked at me with an expression that is hard to describe; and it was like in the film Inception when a dream character senses an outsider in the dream, except in my case it seemed that she was scanning me to see if I was supposed to be there or not.

She then continue walking without saying anything, it was like she scanned me and realized that I was supposed to be there or that I was not a threat, so she let me pass; and for a moment there I was not sure if she was going to attack me or not, but I did not feel scared.

I was just confused by her hard to read expression and her robotic/zombie-like way, and that she did not say anything.

I continued into the living room and I noticed the actor in the kitchen, and the other woman was in the living room standing there.

I was curious and I was wondering if this was a dream, so I decided to do like in my first dream and ask a dream character if this was a dream, but first I asked the other woman who she was.

I think she told me something like: “I/we am/are you or I/we am/are part of you or I/we am/are a dream character/characters that is/are you or I/we am/are a dream character/characters that is/are part of you or I/we am/are you and you are me/us or something like that, I can not remember exactly.”

The dream then went lucid without me feeling my body in bed at all, and the dream stayed completely stable for the first time. 🙂

I think that I then asked the other woman if there was anything that she/they wanted to teach/show me, because I wanted to test out if I can learn things about myself by questioning my dream characters in lucid dreams; and this part of the dream is blurry, but I do remember her showing me how to adjust our heights (how tall we are) just by thinking it.

I made her taller, but that made me shorter, so I made myself taller but that made her shorter.

Then I noticed that the actor’s and actress’s height would change too, and so I guess the other woman was using that to prove her point that they are part(s) of me and/or we are one and/or whatever she had said.

I thought this was amazing and I kept adjusting our heights trying to return our heights back to normal, and after that the four of us started talking about something.

I noticed some musical instruments in the living room and asked them if they wanted to play some music, I picked the drums because I did not know how to play guitar, but I could at least make a beat with the drums even though I never learned to play drums.

The dream characters started to make a joke about how I could not keep a beat and that I would mess up the rhythm, they were just joking, but I decided to prove that I could do it.

So I told them all to get a drum and we would drum together, and I would prove that I would not mess up the beat; and so we all starting to drum in sync/unison/together.

We did this for a while without messing up, and it was fun.

I can not remember what happened next exactly other than that we were having fun, but I got distracted at some point and the dream characters started to act weird and goofy.

The other woman was somehow naked and dancing near me like she was trying to entertain me or something, I thought this was odd and she was approaching me in a sexual way but because she was part of me it did not seem right & I was not attracted to her anyway because it would be like being sexually attracted to myself or something :D; plus/besides I wanted to ask serious questions instead of goofing around.

As she was still dancing and I was trying to ignore her & get her to put some clothes on, I noticed that the actor and actress were behind me pretending to have sex, but they had clothes on and they were acting goofy. 😀

I was confused, shocked, and annoyed at the same time and all I could do was ask them what in the world were they doing & I asked them to stop and then I started to laugh uncomfortably; but they did not seem to hear me, so then I just sat on the floor trying to ignore them trying to just laugh the situation off and hope they stop acting weird.

I decided to not force them to stop even though I wanted to because they seemed to be trying to either entertain me or show me something, but I wanted to ask deep questions about myself, not watch them goof around; but I woke up as I sat there wondering what in the world was their problem, while laughing about the situation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

7 replies on “Two Of My Longest & Most Stable Lucid Dreams”

That’s just weird…interesting but weird. I think I’m gonna have to read up on lucid dreams. I’m unfamiliar with the different types of dreams. Mine are just dreams that I have and if they feel there’s meaning I remember them. Otherwise I forget them. Lucid dreams seems…like half in half out?

So neat you remember to ask questions. You’ll have to keep me posted if you find out more answers to your questions. Heck ask them to show you the future…that might be interesting to see if they/you can do it.

Liked by 1 person

Hello Seepurple,

Yeah, interesting and weird 😀 , and here is a short YouTube video on lucid dreaming that you might/may find helpful:

A lucid dream is simply when you realize that you are dreaming inside a dream, and most people then try to control parts of the dream because you now consciously know that you are dreaming so you often have the power to do almost anything you want (fly, summon and/or banish dream characters, control dream characters, change the dream world, teleport, create portals, et cetera); but realizing that you are dreaming inside a dream often causes people to panic and wake up and/or the dream becomes unstable and they wake up, but with practice you can learn to lucid dream more often and prevent yourself from waking up and learn to keep the dream stable.

It only took me a few days of lazily doing reality checks during the day and reminding myself that I want to lucid dream and remember that lucid dream and avoid panicking and waking up and to slowly control the dream to avoid making it unstable before going to sleep until I actually had a lucid dream, and so I imagine that you can do it too with some simple practice during the day and/or before going to sleep each night.

Oddly, I have not really been trying to practice or remind myself to ask questions if a dream goes lucid, and I have not really been practicing trying to lucid dream even though it is easy if you just practice/remind yourself before going to sleep each night; but either I am lazy and/or I prefer be surprised usually and/or something else.

I will try to remember to let you know if I do remember to ask some questions in a lucid dream again in the future, and I might even try to get myself to remind myself of this each night before going to sleep for a few days to increase my chances of having a lucid dream and remembering to ask the dream characters some questions (including about the future 😉 ).

Thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

-John Jr


I’d have to say you have one heck of a powerful mind. If that’s what lucid dreaming is..I’ve done it. Heck there’s many times I know I’m dreaming in a dream but I was unable to control any of it. When I try to wake up it’s like waking up into another dream, then another dream, then another dream. Gets kinda scary. And I’ve never been able to control dreams. Even when I realize I’m dreaming. Heck there’s times when I pray I wake up *LOL*….and can’t.

Hmmmmm, I’ll try to learn though. My mission as of now. Will see If I can learn what you’ve learned. But, I’m still betting it’s because you have a powerful mind. Your very good at memory.

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Thank you Seepurple, though I think that my mind is weaker than you might think, fortunately in the dream world we can be more powerful. 😉

So you have had lucid dreams before, great, and having dreams within dreams and not being able to wake up like that can get confusing and scary; but now that you know that you have had lucid dreams before you can use that to your advantage in several ways that will increase your changes of having them more often, and you can practice reminding yourself to remember that you have the power to do almost anything once you realize that you are dreaming.

Try to remember how you realized that you were dreaming in those dreams and try to remember to use that knowledge to help you realize that you are dreaming in the future, think about those dreams and imagine yourself taking control and doing the things that you want to do, and practice some of the other techniques mentally/physically/out-loud/type it/et cetera each day/night.

With practice you will remember what to look for and/or to test in a dream to realize that you are dreaming and once you do realize that you are dreaming you will remember that you have to power to do almost anything, and then you can try the things that you want to do in the dream (fly, ask questions, shoot fireballs, jump super high, run super fast, et cetera). 🙂

I think that if we remember to practice/remind ourselves each day/night, think/talk/read/et cetera about it until we train our minds to remember and to realize that this is important to us, et cetera that we will probably both end up having a lucid dream within a month. 😉

Good luck and thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

-John Jr


[…] had an interesting night of dreams last night and I almost completed Seepurple’s lucid dream challenge last night, I did a reality check in my dream and I realized that I was dreaming but I tried to […]


Hey John Jr. Your dream recall on the second lucid dream is impressive. I noticed that this dream seems much more coherent and with more clear detail then many of your other dreams I’ve read. I find this tend to be true for my lucid dreams opposed to non-lucid ones. Do you find this to normally be true for you as well? Your second dream made me laugh. Especially your commentary about the naked woman dancing and how she was really just a part of you. I also find the part where when you adjusted one person’s height another person’s height would adjust both funny and interesting. Did you ever have another opportunity after this dream to ask your dream characters questions? It seems like maybe they were trying to tell you something about your sexuality. Since you are looking for insightful things about yourself, and all the characters are acting in sexual ways. Seems like maybe there is some message there. Who knows. Thanks for sharing.

Liked by 1 person

Hello Lost Truth,

Thank you, I am impressed too after re-reading it, since I got my new job almost a year ago I have been on a temporary even earlier work schedule than my already early work schedule so I have not been getting enough sleep most nights so my dream recall and sleep and dreams and more have suffered as a result which also makes it harder for me to lucid dream I assume.

That is a good question, my lucid dreams are usually short and I usually wake up after they finish so that makes them easier to remember which is a bit unfair because my non-lucid dreams are usually longer and often I may have several dreams in a row before waking up, and so I assume that I am probably more likely to remember more details of my lucid dreams on average because of that.

I am glad that you got a laugh out of that, it was so silly but also interesting. 😀

That is another good question, I can not remember but for some reason I want to say that I did get to try this again at least once, but I am not sure unfortunately 😦 ; I did have a strange dream experience later that year but I am not sure if the dream went lucid or not:

I hope to get to try this again in my next lucid dream.

I do not think that I have ever considered that, you actually may be correct about that, well done. 👏

Thank you for commenting 🙂 ,
-John Jr


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