Disaster Map

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of my dream so I will try to put the pieces together the best I can, and so there may be errors & times where I will be making guesses about what I think happened. 😉

I remember being at my grandfather’s house in a bedroom in the hallway, and a woman was showing me a map and explaining a future event that was going to possibly happen and/or was in the process of happening; I think she had brownish colored skin with shoulder length black hair, but I am not sure since I was more focused on the map and trying to make sense of what she was explaining to me and my memory of the dream is not so clear.

I do not remember the beginning of the dream and I do not remember what happened to her or where she went near the end of the dream exactly; but she seemed to be getting straight to the point and explaining information to me that I needed to know so I could make my decision.

I think the female dream character said that They (as in, some other group of people, she was not part of this group), I am not sure who or what They are/were; I think, They were going to help create or worsen a disaster involving the sun and/or something natural and/or unnatural and/or a technology or something like that, but I am not sure, it seemed to be a combination of natural and/or human/maybe non-human made technology either creating and/or helping to increase/make/trap/etc some natural/unnatural disaster/disasters or something.

I think something was going to happen with the sun (but I am not sure) and They were going to use something (maybe a technology) to cause some energy or whatever from the sun to hit and/or temporarily be trapped in certain places on Earth and/or maybe a few other things; my memory is unclear since she was trying to explain so much and so quickly without giving me a chance to ask a lot of questions, and I was too busy trying to listen.

She had a paper map that she took out of her pocket and unfolded I think, that showed the spots where the energy or sun flares or whatever would hit and/or be trapped; along with maybe the locations of the technology or whatever that They were going to use in reference to this situation and/or other disasters that would also be going on .

On the map there seemed to be two big areas on both sides of the planet lined up with the equator that appeared to be where the sun or energy or whatever would hit and/or be trapped at the most, and the map may have shown where some of the devices were set that would either cause and/or make the disaster worse I think but I could be wrong; my memory of the dream in some parts is too unclear.

The map was colored coded and I think (but I could be wrong) the colors showed which places would be safer (not safe but safer, probably) during this time and which ones would be less safe, I am not sure which colors meant safe or which colors meant less safe, but I clearly remember Louisiana was in green, along with some other places on Earth; another color I may have seen is red, but I am not sure, and I am not sure how many other colors I saw.

She gave an overview of the situation but I can not remember what all she explained and it is very blurry but I am going to make a wild guess and say that I think she said something about an area on Earth and/or be that would be put on Earth that would either be un-melted or would rise or would land or something, and I think They (who ever They are/were), were going to make this Their headquarters / kingdom / safe place / secure location or something but I this is a wild guess; this place was going to be an ancient kingdom or country or continent or place or something, but that is a wild guess.

I think it was going to be either in the North Pole or South Pole or Antarctica or somewhere, but I am not sure.

I just remember the woman either leaving or being gone after explaining these things without giving me a chance to ask questions really, I think she said that I would have to make my own decisions.

I can not remember anything else, I just felt that I had to decide for myself what to do from the information given and maybe try to figure out more on my own.

I felt unsure of what to do and wanted to get as much information that I could, so I could make my decision; I felt that time was running out and I would have to decide soon.

Then I woke up during that period in the dream while I was trying to make sense of everything.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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