Astral Projection (Out-Of-Body Experience) And / Or A Dream With Military Fighter Aircraft Shooting Missiles At UFOs?

I had this interesting experience/dream last year, and it is probably the closest thing/experience that I ever had to astral projection or an out-of-body experience, and it is an example of how I sometimes dream about what I am hearing in the real world as I sleep. 🙂

The beginning is unclear and I am not sure if I was dreaming or if I had just woken up, I just remember laying in bed in my dark bedroom and I started feeling myself float from my body but my body seemed to probably still be in bed.

I started to float toward the window and then I heard an explosion as I floated through the window; there is a power line that connects to the house by my bedroom window and the explosion sounded like it had something to do with the box on the power lines on the left side of our yard.

I saw the street light outside of my window go out for a second or two, and then it came back on as I continued to float in the air toward the middle of our yard.

Then I started to be pulled into the night sky and the sky had a yellowish haze to it and I could see stars in the distance, and I saw what appeared to be a few spaceships (spacecraft) / UFOs (unidentified flying objects) (about three) being shot at by what appeared to be a few military fighter jets (aircraft).

I saw one spaceship/UFO dodging what appeared to be a missile as I was starting to be quickly pulled straight up into the air, the spaceships/UFOs seemed to be faster and could move in odd ways that the jets could not; they were so far up in the night sky that they looked like dots mostly, but that is what I think they were.

I started to be pulled in the air so fast that everything got blurry and a reddish color like blood started to show in the blur of the night sky and stars, and then I felt that I was going to die or disconnect from my body or be pulled to whatever ever was pulling me (could it have been the spaceships/UFOs pulling me up?); so I either somehow woke myself up or I returned to my body or something, and I woke up and I leaned forward gasping for air at 4:Something AM.

The next morning I woke up and while I was on the computer the electricity went out for a few hours, and so I asked my dad if the electricity had went out during the night since I had a dream/experience about it, and he said that the electricity did go out during the night.

I asked him about what time did the electricity go out and he said it was at 4:Something AM (which was the same time when I had my dream/experience), because his alarm clock had stopped during that time and so he got up to see what was the problem.

I asked him if he had heard an explosion, he said yes, and he said that it sounded like the box on the power line on the left side of our yard that had made the sound (the same one that I heard during my dream/experience).

I asked him if the street light had went out and he said yes, that it went out for a few seconds and then came back on (the same one and the same thing that happened during my dream/experience).

We called the electricity company and they came to check the electricity, only our house was having problems with the electricity which is very strange because problems like this usually effect/affect our entire street, but it started working again magically so they left.

The electricity went out again later and so we called the electricity company to come check the box this time, and so they went to check the box and something was wrong with it; and it was the box that was in the same area that I heard the noise/explosion coming from in my dream/experience and the same area that my dad heard the sound/explosion coming from in the real world, the left side of our yard. 😀

The electricity company fixed whatever was the problem and we have not had any problems since then with the electricity, and I have not had any similar experiences like this since. 🙂

This was a very interesting and strange experience/dream that at least partly happened in the real world as well, it is even more interesting and strange how the electricity and the electrical box were damaged during this dream/event, and it leaves me wondering if the parts with the spaceships/UFOs and fighter jets was real as well.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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