Something Wrong With The Sun?


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I remember having the first dream a few weeks before the second dream.

Dream 1

The first dream started normal and involved my brothers and I waiting in line in a video game store, while my dad was at a restaurant picking up some fried chicken; it was daytime.

After leaving the video game store we were walking to the automobile and my dad came walking with the box of fried chicken and handed it to me so I could put it in the automobile, and as I was trying to open the door with the box of chicken in my hands; I dropped the box of chicken, but none of it fell out of the box.

As I was picking up the box I heard my brothers and dad say something like: “look at the sky, the outside edges look like the edges on a pancake, and it is huge!”.

I turned my head a bit to look at the sky and in the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be the sun or something swelling/expanding/coming toward Earth and it was huge and the outside edges were like the outside of a pancake where the edges are lighter than the rest of it.

It was like the sun or whatever it was, was getting closer to the Earth or something, and you could hear this loud sound that sounded like the deep rumbling sound that an airplane or jet makes, but with a fiery (fire-burning) sound to it and it did not sound mechanical; the sound stood out to me.

It was scary, I told my brothers and dad to not look at it and to get into the automobile, and then I got into the driver’s seat in a panic; I did not realize that I was dreaming and I was very scared and I was starting to panic a bit.

The noise made it even worse and I felt like I was going to die, I felt that we only had hours until the sun or whatever it was would hit/reach the Earth.

My dad mentioned: “get to the Secure Location!”, but I did not know where that was in the dream; but I think I felt that it was somewhere underground.

I woke up in the real world breathing / gasping in for air and scared, I felt scared for part of the day, and when ever I heard an airplane or jet I would look up at the sky to make sure that the sun or whatever was normal for over a week after this dream; and sometimes even now I feel scared when I hear a noise that reminds me of that terrible noise/sound, it happened today even. :D

Dream 2

The second dream took place a few weeks later and in the dream I was walking with my dad back to the house on a cloudy day and it appeared that it would rain soon.

As we were walking up the steps to the house I noticed something large behind the clouds and some of the clouds started to spin like a whirlwind or black hole and I notice something bright and large behind the clouds; I instantly remembered the first dream and I felt that the same thing was happening but in a slightly different way.

I even said out loud in the dream that it was really happening, because I did not know that I was dreaming, I thought that the first dream was now coming true in real life but in a slightly different way of course.

I then told my dad to get inside as I started to get scared and I felt that I had nowhere to run, so all that I could think to do was get inside and try to figure out where was the Secure Location that my dad had mentioned in the first dream, which I still did not know the location of; and then I woke up breathing/gasping in for air and scared again, and mad/angry that I still did not learn the location of the Secure Location. :D

The end,

-John Jr :)

2 thoughts on “Something Wrong With The Sun?

  1. Wow! PTSD from a dream affecting your waking life. It’s usually the other way around. It makes me wonder how anyone could ever discredit a reality so powerful.
    Thanks for sharing these dreams John Jr.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      It is amazing and also scary how our thoughts / dreams / daydreams / et cetera can effect / affect us like this.

      Some people like me seem to be more sensitive in this area, which probably helps explain some of my problems with things like social anxiety et cetera.

      You are welcome, and thank you for commenting.

      -John Jr

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