Running From Grey Aliens & How I Learned To Wake Myself Up From Dreams

I do not know when I had this dream exactly (as in the date or my age), but I know that I had it when I was a kid; and so this dream is very old.

This dream was one possibly one of my first dreams to ever have aliens in it, I have had spaceships/UFOs in dreams before, but aliens are pretty rare or they were rare back then.

In this dream I was outside alone in my parent’s yard during the day, and two small Grey aliens (the common stereotypical type of alien) started chasing me around the outside of the house in circles; but I do not remember where they came from and I do not know or remember what they wanted.

Fortunately they were slow runners, in fact, they were so slow that I almost lapped them! 😀

I was very scared but when I realized that they were very slow, I started to hope that it was a dream, so that I could wake up.

I had time to stop and to try to wake myself up hoping that this was a dream, so I decided to try to lay on the ground/grass and go to sleep, and for some reason I thought that would wake me up in the real world.

I was still too scared so I could not get comfortable enough to go to sleep in the dream, so I kept trying to relax myself, and I kept telling myself to wake up out-loud and in my mind.

I decided to also think/imagine myself waking up, hoping that visualizing this would increase my chances of waking up, and before the two Grey aliens came around the corner of the house I woke up; and so I successfully woke myself up from the dream from within the dream on purpose.

Since that day I have used this technique/ability to wake myself up from dreams when I want to, and using this ability/technique got easier and easier to do each time that I used it.

After having used the wake myself up from a dream technique/ability maybe three or more times after that it became easier to where all I had to do was to close my eyes and tell myself out-loud and in my mind that I wanted to wake up, and I would wake up.

Later I started to be able to wake myself up by just blinking my eyes while just thinking that I wanted to wake up.

Now I automatically wake myself up on accident usually in the rare dream/dreams that I get too scared in or I just wake myself up with a thought/feeling of wanting to wake up.

This technique/ability usually works for lucid and non-lucid dreams, but there has been a few rare dreams where I possibly could not wake up.

The end,
-John Jr


  1. You almost lapped them!!!??? *LOL* Love it! It reminds me of some artsy show I saw one time. I can’t remember the name but the man had no long term memory and someone had killed his wife and he was trying to figure it out. So he had to do notes on he could remember what he was doing. Long story short he’s running from a man with a gun, he runs to the other side of the street…then suddenly forgets. “Am I running after him, or is he running after me”…needless to say he suddenly things “I’m running after him” and goes after the bad guy..until the bad guy shots the gun at him then he says “NOPE, he’s after me!”

    *LOL* I couldn’t help but picture that part of the movie. Was the best part of the movie but I could see you lapping them then getting confused thinking maybe you should chase them.

    I like your dreams.

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    1. Hello Seepurple,

      Yeah, it was terrifying when I had this dream as a kid, but it is funny now 😀 ; and it is how I learned to wake myself up from a dream, which is interesting, and I can still do this today but now it is so easy that it is mostly automatic.

      I wonder are you referring to the film called Memento ( by Christopher Nolan, which I have not seen, but I have it; and so I should watch it one day. 😉

      Thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

      -John Jr


        1. Hopefully I will finally watch it one day, if I ever catch up with my long list of films/television shows/et cetera that I still have to watch, thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

          -John Jr


  2. Interesting dream John Jr. Thanks for sharing. I may remember using this technique around the age of 23 when I was having horrible nightmares, but I’m not certain. When I was a kid though I was able to wake myself up often. I had terrifying nightmares and almost every night would eventually realize I was dreaming. It never occurred to me to not be scared or to control the dream. My only thought was on escape. I would close my eyes tightly in the dream and tell myself when I opened them I would wake up. I don’t remember it ever not working. Funny, I just remembered something while typing this. I had a dream almost 20 years ago. A time when I was an avid lucid dreamer, but I had a dream that was so scary, when I gained lucidity all I could think about was waking up. There was some killer clown in my dream. When I did the close the eyes trick, I thought I woke up. I went about my life and the clown came back. I gained lucidity again after a short time and again tried the close my eyes to wake up trick. I thought I woke up for sure this time, but again I had been fooled and the killer clown reappeared. It felt like this went on endlessly throughout the night, I don’t remember what finally ended it.

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    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      Thank you, and you are welcome.

      Interesting,so you can do it too, there was a brief period when I was a kid where I was having nightmares for maybe about two weeks until I got fed up and I started practicing trying to remind myself to stand up for myself in my dream.

      I did not know what lucid dreaming was back then, but I ended up lucid dreaming and I stopped the nightmares by finally facing a threat in a dream.

      I may not have that dream recorded on my blog because it happened when I was a kid, but I do remember some of it.

      A killer clown and false awakening dreams, a terrible combination, now I want to know more details about this killer clown dream and the killer clown. 😀

      Do you remember any more details?

      That reminded me of a dream that I had with a killer clown:

      Have you seen the movie Inception?

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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      1. That is very kool that you were able to face a threat in a dream. Unfortunately I don’t remember more about the killer clown dream. Just a building with doors and their were other people I was trying to help protect. I don’t have a fear of clowns, but I guess they have the potential to be terrifying in a dream.

        I had a strange experience overcoming nightmares as a kid, not dream manipulation, but kind of an interesting phenomenon I can’t explain

        Yes, I’ve seen the movie. I loved it. Especially the whole dream within a dream aspect. The idea to implant or retrieve thoughts from people is interesting to me. I wonder if these types of things are possible. Accessing the collective consciousness…

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        1. Hello Lost Truth,

          Thank you for sharing those extra details, I also do not have fear of clowns, but like many things they can be scary under the right circumstances like in my dream.

          Thank you for sharing that, I am not sure if I have ever experienced anything like that or not (for some reason I have this slight feeling or thought that maybe I have, but I just can not remember at this time), that was definitely an interesting phenomenon.

          Good, many people I ask have not seen Inception to my surprise, it was my favorite film of 2010 and it is one of my favorite films at this time; and I also wonder if some of those things are possible, especially shared dreaming.

          Thank you for replying,
          -John Jr

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