The Hotel Room Outside

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which took place mostly outside of a hotel, and for some odd reason our hotel room was outside of the building with no walls or roof. 😀

It seemed that I was on vacation with my family in some fictional city, and we went to a hotel; I remember part of a scene in the dream where the police were after a group of people inside the hotel, and they escaped down a secret tunnel in the building, that led to an underground hideout/bunker. 😀

My family’s hotel room was outside of the hotel against the wall of the building and near the entrance, and all that we had was a tall & long bunk bed. (I am surprised that I did not realize that it was a dream) 😀

The bunk bed was very tall, about the height of a house, and it had a very weak & shaky ladder that led to the top bunk, which was my bed. 😀

Every time that I had to climb the ladder, I would get a bit nervous and I would take my time/move slowly climbing the ladder to avoid falling. 😀

I remember having my favorite painting, The Young Shepherdess, hanging on the wall next to my bed, oddly; and the bed sheets were my bed sheets from in real life and I also had a few more things of mine on my bed.

The bed was very long, probably almost 14 feet long, so there was enough space to store stuff on the bed.

Since all that we had was a bunk bed next to the hotel wall outside, anyone outside could see us and we could see them, and we were next to a lake or something with a dock. 😀

There were people walking around, jogging, and even fishing near us. 😀

We went to watch an old man fish and we saw a large alligator, and it came on the dock; so everyone moved out of its way and I climbed on the top of the dock to avoid it & to get something.

After getting whatever I had went to get on top of the dock, I was about to jump back down but first I asked my brothers if the alligator had gone back into the water yet, but one of my brothers said that it was right under me; so I am glad that I asked before jumping down. 😀 😉

The alligator went back into the water and so I jumped back down on the dock; but I can not remember much of what happened after this, I just remember my family and I packing up our stuff.

I had a hard time, since my bed was on the top bunk, it was a scary experience; trying to get my stuff down from so high with a weak & shaky ladder. 😀

My memory of the dream gets blurry again at this point but I remember something to do with the people who had escaped from the police earlier, I somehow knew them and/or was with them; I knew that they were wrongly being pursued by the police, and I was going to try to meet up with them.

I went down into their secret tunnel to their underground hideout/bunker, and it was a nice room with a variety of basic survival supplies; like food, water, ammunition, weapons, bedding, etc.

There were bunk beds, kitchen, bathroom, dinning room, etc all in this somewhat large room; I think I remember seeing a large poster or painting of The Young Shepherdess on the wall. (Which probably was a sign that it was a safe location) 😀

The people had already gathered some of the supplies and had left to pre-arranged temporary hideout locations, until we could decide on a last meet-up/meeting location.

I felt that the hideout/bunker may/might be/have been safe enough, but they seemed to have left if/if the police had found the hidden tunnel in the hotel, so I tried to decide if I should stay & wait; hoping that they would choose the hideout/bunker as the last meet-up location or if I should leave to one of the temporary hideout locations, but I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

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