3-9-2011 | Dream Fragment | Sleeping In A Dream

blood, human, splatter, drops

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which I think started with me being in a dorm/apartment-like building, and I remember a part with a woman with straight shoulder length orangish/reddish colored hair & whitish colored skin being in my room; but I can not remember anything else clearly except the end of the dream.

This part of the dream that I am about to mention, seemed to be re-playing something that had happened in the dream while I was asleep in the dream, and I was seeing everything from a view like that of a camera person.

I saw myself sleeping in a bed and slowly I could see the path leading from my room down the hallway, and then I could see inside of another room.

This room was darker, probably had a rough & dirty look to it, the room appeared to have blood stains all around it (in the walls, floor, the mat, maybe even in the fur of the creatures that I am about to mention), and laying on a mat on the floor were two humanoid-like creatures that had what appeared to be fur instead of skin; I have never seen anything that looked like them, and I can not really properly describe their appearance & my memory of their appearance is not good.

But I think they had two arms & two legs like humans but I think their feet were like a goat or horse or something non-human, I think their fur was mostly a tan color, I think they looked like a combination of a human/goat/horse/feline/& maybe a few other things, and they might/may have had some human-like hair; like I said, I have never seen anything that looked like them & my memory is not clear, so it is very hard to describe their appearance.

I can not think of any aliens, mythological creatures, film/tv/game creatures, or anything that I can compare them to/with exactly.

I do not remember feeling fear or evil or anything negative coming from them oddly (even though there appeared to be blood stains around the place and the fact they did not look like any beings that I have ever seen before), I was seeing a re-play of events that had happened earlier in the dream, and so it was like watching a movie or something.

One of the creatures was a male and the other was a female, they were taller than your average human, they appeared to probably have thin athletic type bodies, they appeared to be a couple, and they were sleeping on their backs.

The female creäture woke up and appeared to have smelled something that she liked and she looked over at the male creäture to make sure that he was asleep, and then she sneaked out of the room to find whatever it was that had caught her interest.

She walked down the hallway and entered my room, while I was still asleep, and I was the source of the smell that she seemed to like.

Oddly/Strangely I noticed that my leg was broken at the knee & I could see the bone sticking out with some blood next to it on the bed, but I was still asleep (In real life, my knee was bothering me after jogging that day 😉 ); I am guessing that the female creäture had smelled the blood and/or my scent.

She smiled and she seemed to enjoy the smell of a human and/or human blood, and she walked over to my body as I laid/lay there asleep; oddly/strangely she did not seem to be a threat to me and she did not seem to want to hurt me or anything negative like that.

I think she smelled/sniffed my blood that was on the bed, she smelled/sniffed my body, she licked my body, and she maybe even licked some of my blood that was on the bed; and I was still asleep surprisingly, & I did not wake up to realize what was going on.

I think that she then healed my broken leg, either before she shape-shifted or afterward, either way she shape-shifted into a human woman with shoulder length organgish/reddish colored hair & whitish colored skin; then she laid next to me in bed, seeming to enjoy the warmth of my body and/or the smell of my body and/or something.

I was still asleep, surprisingly, and she just laid there holding me and she seemed to rather be with me than with her partner or who ever he was; either way she was happy.

It seemed that she stayed with me as long as she could, and then she returned to her partner or whatever; before he woke up.

I think the re-play stopped there, and then I think that I thought about what had happened after this point on the dream.

I think when I woke up in the morning, I saw her in her human form still, but I am not sure if she was still in bed with me or if she was just about to leave my room; either way, I think we briefly talked and she quickly left my room without finishing answering my questions or our conversation.

I do not think that I knew who she was and I probably was asking her who she was and how she got into my room, before she left.

I then saw a re-play of what happened once she left my room, she turned into her original form and she went back into her room, and laid next to her partner or whatever.

She seemed to rather be with me still and then she pretended to be sleep, as the male creäture started to wake up; then I woke up (and in the real world, my knee did not hurt/bother me when I woke up 🙂 )

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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